Awareness costs time and money but it may earn you back time by saving further losses of time and money.


Loving from bottom of heart makes you loveable.


You can deny evolution for whole universe but you can’t resist the desires of changes in your life.


People smile but that doesn’t mean agreements and people yell and that does not mean disagreements.


When you are successful and happy people may be jealous of you and you are in failure people may pity on you so it is better to go to your own way and with your own emotions.


People like to be perceived as great ones but live like rich men.


Ideas may grow slow but they make you out of the row.


Everybody can think but few sit to think.


Individuals and groups of individuals need ways to drain out their anger, tiresome and energy. Governments deal these either by keeping people in poverty, divided by promoted differences and busy in entertainments.


Try to reason about love and you will love your reasons.


Try to reason on justice and you will justify your reasons.


Matching of minds is necessary as you haven’t much time to convince everybody all the time.


Similarity of opinions save your precious time and facing oppositions earn you precious opinions.


If arguments are primitive method to attack and agitate the opponents so is objective reporting that dominate all modern Medias.


It is objective reporting alongside without objective education that denies firsthand knowledge and information to people.


It is the inaccessibility of firsthand knowledge and information that corrupt the judgments of people and make them biased.


Any template for thinking alienates one from him and corrupts the originality.


Society is the pool of opinions where only creative people contribute to its productivity.


Society is a pool of opinions where all overfish except creative people.


It is not necessary that brilliant people write brilliant books but it is necessary that brilliant books are the products of brilliant people.


Words are not only carriers of knowledge but destructive ideas that ruins lives and societies so every written words is a not source of knowledge.


Adjectives change by performances.


When positives don’t work then working negatives become positive.


Birds migrate in hard times because they got wings and human shifts paradigms because they got imaginative brains.


Business is the tests of ideas and politics is the tests of performances.


Additions do not make things complex but oversize them. Downsize to the basics and simplicity is there.


Love is rediscovering yours.


The only people who really live their lives are those who think of life as an art. Thinking, speaking, writing, cooking, dressing, managing, socializing, working and everything that is part of life is an art. Thinking activities of life as an art make you a real artist.


A real love makes you an artist though may not a conventional artist.


If you invest time to discover truths then a time will reach that people invest their time to discover you.


We all learn from mistakes but who knows which mistake become fatal.


As freezing winter limit you to warm circles of heated areas so is the case with relationships, it limits you to circle of respects and care.


When you start writing the book of life then you will find a lot of individuals contributing to it.


Two organs are cruelest in torturing one, heart and brain.


Testing all the ways at the same time weaken the judgments.


Entering in lives of people create unpredictable situations as emotions rule over expectation.


Ego is venom of mind and heart.


Wise in appearance and idiot in actions are frequent in modern fusions.


What most escape of saying is easily done.


Dreaming to change the world from comforts of homes were greatest entertainments of elites that is spreading to masses by influx of social Medias.


The world has changed from independent nations to integrated societies but words of great men are still greatly appealing.


Too small has become the earth that everybody has lost in themselves.


Time is a measure of evolution and it only makes sense in evolutionary lines of thinking.


Love is always fresh either in words, ideas or in feelings.
Evils are not there walking in darks but living safe secure in hearts.


Powers are living there in shadows and emerge when they see peace is more profitable.


If you don't have the gut to pay the price then don't expect recognition and glory.


If you are keeping your identities intact, you will face opposition and mocking but it is what you have pay for earning recognition and glory.


If you follow shadows, you will never be able to see the real height.


If you do not stand for some principles then soon you will lose the sight of distinguishing between your enemies and friends.


Keep your enemies busy with themselves otherwise they will keep you busy with themselves.


Until you haven't lost spirit, you have not lost anything but if you have lost spirit then you have gained nothing even if you have a lot of material gains.


If you follow people, it means you are not ready to lead them.


It is not individuals but titles that suck blood.


Those people are losers who want to gain out of pains.


Once you lose pride in your identity then you are vulnerable to all harms you are afraid of.


If you have no morality then you have no shelter.


Yes I know money is power but it can't buy you dignity if you don't know how to use it.


The only logical intolerance is intolerance for intolerance.


Enemies can't harm a society that is tolerant for each other’s beliefs.


I respect your culture but please don't mess up the neighborhood because we also living here.


There is no mistakes in math but what we calculate and what we don't.


Few live for truth. Most live with them.


Life is deeply twisted between meaningless and meaningful thoughts that sometimes it becomes difficult to what attach and to what not. Life is certain.


It time of loss, most logical strategy is to pacify others even if you are angry.


Digital world is colored shadows of us, sometimes become too colorful that make it hard to make judgments.


If traders become rulers then people has to pay twice for each service they get.


Glory melts hearts.


You may have heard that if you give gold cup to a child, he will fill it with dirt. It is how civilizations have filled with ignorant.


When ignorance is too proud to see anything then it is time to destroy it at any cost.


As black color of wool doesn't turn white by washing so the animosity that you inherit by birth will never wiped out by adapting your enemy's culture.


When you are alone, do as others do and when you are in group, do as you want to do.


Beauty reaches at its climax where two cultures meet. It is not because they learn with open minds from each other but also because they compete with each other.


A generation fills the chest of their parents with happiness and another generation fills them with pain and grieves. What is the position of your generation?


I will happily serve if you happily abide the law. That is what makes a lot of people unhappy.


What if you know the causes of disease and also have the medicine to cure it but no willingness to take medicines. Nothing, just continue to suffer.


He knows where fishes are but don't know, how to fish.


If speaking skills is backed by power of swords then no resistance find a backbone to stand it.


Those, whose secrets are out of their hearts, do not need enemies as they always put themselves at risks.


When you have important task you may miss a lot of events but they are sacrifices for the main event.


Players look on ground but they are a plot of real game.


There is no better guide than nature because nature has lived for billions of years.


Weak may be your body but determinations make it do surprising things.


Before some natural thing useless, check your knowledge level about it.


Everybody does mistakes but evils get attention.


Celebrities and historical figures that were hurt by women were extraordinary to achieve extraordinary goals but emotional enough that could love greedy women.


Greedy persons are dangerous but greedy woman are too much as they get access to your privacy.


In order to keep away dogs, you need to keep and tolerate a dog.


If you are a determined hard worker, either you will attract right time and right place to you or right times and right places, attract you.


Hard working is like those extras that make human dominant over all other organisms otherwise there are astonishing similarities.


It is right decisions, at right places and at right times that construct ninety percent of success. Ten critical percent is of hard working.


Location is one of engines of success as are times and most importantly, right decision.


If you think that by using force you can secure the future then you must also know how long you can keep using force.


Darkness is friend of watchman.


Earth is destination from where we begin our journeys.


Force, money and deceptions are what called magic.


Where power is there, you will find some to manipulate it by misjudgments.


People can see the effects but professionals see both causes and effects.


People who invent, build and develop, do not mock on others. Parasites on other hand mock on others because it is an alternative way of feeling good.


If you want to see, how much one is stupid, look, how much he hates others?

When you are facing a snowball of troubles and looking when slope will end, you may need a big enough trouble to end all troubles.


If a failure makes you to do serious efforts and clear vision and direction, it is not a failure but an inspiration.


Power is like snowball. It gets bigger while rolling down but it will stop once slope ends.


We spend a lot of time about nature that looks unrelated to our personal lives but they are what make us, provide essential for our imaginations and reasoning.


Insects and grasses are our ecological relatives and are closer than primates.


Unless you are not separated entities then how could speak of unity.


What for you get up every morning and plan every night before sleeping is you, whether you like or not.


Nobody truly knows how old he is? If you asking of a particular individual? Yes you may know but if you are asking of substance he made of? No! Certainly no.


From where all these ideas, came? All these didn't born out of necessities but most are the results of passions to know.


The same leaves that feed trees in spring and summer are shed in autumn when weather becomes harsh. It is economy of nature that rule human societies also! Jobs


Power acts when other powers are unable to stop it.


Imagination is the only tool that can break the chains of time.


Death is not a escape from yourself but a start of understanding that who really you were.


Silence is the best answer to inquiries that you are not sure.


Time does not spare anyone so let do not spare it.


The nights that you spent alone, were beautiful that you spent in beauty.


Stars may laugh on out times but wonder on our imaginations.


What makes mathematics sad is its failure to speak the language of hearts.


What unites dark and cold world to sunny and warm place of world is the fact of sadness that hearts get most of their weights from them.


World laughs to those who seek to live in its pleasures.


Spelling is very important in judging people and people misspell a lot when they judge you.


If you believe that world I'd not static that you should be always ready for rebirth.


If you look for change, times come when devils lose sights on you to grab opportunity.


Poverty is the smartest punishment of history that choose who have to suffer most.


Facts, speak at themselves by neutral investigation but if investigations are objective then it is investigations which speak on behalf of facts.


Politics do not domesticated yet. It is wild and loved to be.


If you miscalculated life by avoiding positive or negative sides, you will end up too soft or too rigid.


Any betrayal to you is a new beginning for you.


Empty souls make loud sounds.


Your enemies may be best but they will no more if you put your potentials at test.


Doors are not closed however they are without guards.


Hello! Door is open.


I look into thousands of eyes, so I could see in your eyes. I give smiles to thousands so I could see smile on your lips.


Fortunes are wild birds. You have to feed them continuously so you could attract them and make them visit you regularly.

Majority yes is a political truth but not intellectual truth.


Truth is not yes because yes is consensus. Truths are undeniable.


Loss is a natural process that avoiding accepting it will generate the biggest blow that is disastrous.


Gaining has become so pivotal to human thinking due to competition that there is no room for losses while loss is a natural process that we can't stop.


If you wants someone to solve your major problems but do not want to give authority, will not work.


In case boasting saves your life, it is OK otherwise it is a theft on your credibility.


We don't eat spoiled food but do not stop that our mind doesn't feed by negative thoughts.


Poet fantasizes because feelings are special and everybody has his distinct feelings.


If you are not fit in both wild and city then believe me or not, you are a human.


Despite of knowing that nothing and nowhere is ideal, we still do wrong mathematics. We always count negatives and forget add positives.


The rules that affect poor will have to be broken any way.


Unfortunate is human ignorance of their knowledge and ability. They take nature's tolerance as their skills and pay the prices when it reaches to breaking point.


Rationality and reasoning is not required consensus but evidence and explanations.


Darkness has all colors but you see what you want.


If somebody thinks that he will have the rights to rule others because his father was a ruler is like setting higher price for bicycles than cars as because bicycles precede cars.


Using game to learn human psyche is like taking exam to test one's creativity. Creative people fail in academic exam to get an A but still create masterpieces.


The worst greed is to use rationality for show up rather than to for love of truth.


Digital world facilitates you and traditional physical world secure you so it is wise to use or invest the amount that you need in each.


When somebody or group of people start intimidating you then listen carefully to them because they are expressing their fears and what they are afraid of.


When you take pen, people who fear reasoning, escapes and those who believe in it embrace it.


When you take arms people do not fear you but face you with arms. However, when you take pen people divides in two groups, one embrace and other one escape.


If imagination was a teacher, he couldn't teach punctuality.


If you want fortune then you need to be like spider that web and wait.


Silence is the biggest truth that I haven't got its meaning yet.


By passage of time everything becomes boring except himself and that is the miracle of imaginations.


It is not important much whether you can think or not but whether you do think or not.


Nobody can claim that knows beauty more than others because beauty is created and felt.


Hey I want to tell your positive sides but it takes me twice to write positive than negative as positive is twice the size of negative, look at them- +


Cells are replaced regularly but soul never dies. Pains are overcome but soul's wounds never except with good souls.


The importance of prayers are not whether they are accepted or not but are on whether they touch your heart or not.


Millions hate you even without knowing you so what if few more started hating you?


If you think of emotions as bugs to rationality then there is no rationality.


Even death become easy when you know others will also join you.

Plants need sun and so dark clouds. People who fear pain or sadness forget that they give meaning to joy and happiness.


No one value the value of ideas than writers.


No one knows better the true value of penny than a business giant.


Time is the biggest fact and we are judges to interpret it differently.


Success is a perception of your achievements. You can conceive it small and big.
It hasn't been the fate of a single person to walk from worst to worst so it doesn't make sense to be fearful of expected worsts yet to come...
Not all patriots are also proved to be democrats....
When spirit becomes larger than life then it doesn't die, even after death...
The only time machine available to us is writings (Records and interpretations of events; even of fossils and ruins)
I look to Muharram as "Spring of Humanism" as its processions are aimed for waking up calls to our humanistic instincts ... Tears are protests to hegemony of inhuman instincts....
Knowledge is classless and it is perhaps why …it is suggested that don’t look who is saying but listen what he/she is saying…..
Likes are kin in minds...
Why we love hypotheses more than reality? (Reality is boring...it is why human either creates fictions…supported by “logic” or hypothetical realities…supported by “evidences”)…….
I think, "what is the meaning of life", is asking the wrong question…the right question would be, how to make life meaningful and that is a personal pursuit that everyone has to figure out for himself/herself…..
Humans wanted to be good and found themselves divided between conservatives and liberals,…wanted to have good life and found themselves divided between skinny and obese,…. Why “good” doesn’t really turns out good?...Isn’t because we start with facts and end with ideals?...and ideals go out of reach...
Under a petrographic microscope, an ordinary looking rock shows all the visible colors...Nothing is ordinary to eyes that can see what is ordinarily invisible :)
A lot of people remember their childhood as the sweetest times of their life….but I don’t know if they also realize that it is because…… for a child, the world is something to be discovered rather than to be wandered between choices…(Adults are mostly troubled on the judgments of others on their choices)…..
There is a general belief that the kid inside us is always there….. For a kid, even a dying culture is the magical world of unseen to be discovered….I believe that only times that we see something for the first time (we discover), the kid inside us is awakened…….
Under an expert eye, it is really difficult to perform bad.
I am really confused whether insanity is singular or plural; When an individual is in severe pain, he cries out of pain and yet refuses to see doctor or take any medication we may call him insane but I am not sure if we can call a nation insane when it is in pain and cries loud out of pains but refuses to do anything, hoping that the pains will go by themselves?
Every quest leads to a form of victory ;)
Though I am not good at math but at least I know that in order to solve an equation, one has to add/subtract or divide/multiply at both sides of equation with same amount…. But in real life, we see the “smarter” is one, the harder he tries to solve the equations by multiplying at one side and dividing at other side….
It seems like devil is reading my mind; whatever I think, just opposites are happening.... Atleast devil is there to blame...
I am proud of my Erglish (english with errors) as it is of much higher quality than Uglish (ugly english: abusive slang language)
I never made myself to value abstract ideas as they look to me like void checks….
I like night as it makes all equal by hiding equally weak and strong, ugly and beautiful, rich and poor...I like it as it make us realize that falling is just a break between rising...
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