Prophet of the Mind

This was my first collection of my aphorisms. It is not proofread or edited yet but still I am publishing it here to keep record my growing up. I believe that every beginning is insignificant but the end results, for sure are majestic :) .... I hope you enjoy reading it. thanks

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"Own your Mind rather to have it"

Logic is the game of the conditions.
Wisdom depends on one’s abilities in finding the relations.
Always and never are two very limited expressional words that expressed most.
Regular practice makes it feel that one has born that way.
Elysium is the expression of the global emotions.
Let Goths invade the Rome, as the citizens are too civil to take part in the empire’s matters.
Nothing is more laconic than self explanations.
History gabbles to those who take it as a series of the events, jargons with those who view it as a series of cabals and edify those who view it as an evolutionary process.
Wisdom’s zenith and nadir is always out of the sights as the meditations are very thin.
How much cynical news is there which make people to visualize a nation as a super nation?
The stubborn could be changed by mild love and attentions but immodest never.
The most honored contempt is the contempt of savage in the name of the civilization.
Ideal is the idol of the imaginations.
The worst kind of the tragedy is the use of the strengths in vain.
The best strategy is that, never challenge the facts but always challenge the explanations of the facts.
A savage is more individualistic though he lives in the masses and a civilized is more social though he lives in loneliness.
It is the belief that makes significant progress not reasoning. Belief rules the reason and reason proves the belief. Belief brings the results while reason seeks the results.
Math is a good tool of judgment not a good judge.
Migration from early organic life was a key factor in evolution but in virtual evolution it took a unique new way as term “brain drain” come on face of history. Brain drain is really a key factor in virtual evolution but as in every stage of evolution there are great hazards to existing populations same is here in virtual evolution, the confusions, abstractions that are growing, invested and designed to make this evolution a controlled and designed to not disturb the present hierarchy. Meaninglessness is as much great barrier as much brain drain. Selective investment and support of selective fields are some of the other barriers that do not designed to fulfill the genuine needs but to fulfill the designed needs. In this situation the greatest service would be of courageous moves of those minds who can read the minds and roots.
More dependence of the artists on their unconsciousness make them read easily what commonly ignored so they mostly influenced and inspired from amazingly ordinary or neglected things and these inspirations are deeply rooted in unconscious that have been neglected by consciousness.
Unconsciousness is not dustbin of emotions but it is unawareness of us that make up mess of understandings.
Though math is concrete and solid but it will never find a complete truth because it is purely based on reasoning and rationality which is half of the mind and brain.
It is commonly believed that all efforts and hardships are related to conscious mind that require concentration and all sorrows and joys to unconscious mind who work without thinking and this is the reason that hardships of unconsciousness burst out as anxiety…etc.
Sorrow’s deep colors absorb more of life to affect more deeply.
The greatest service of mathematics is to economy where an ignorant customer also multiply and subtract but economists are more concerned with money than mathematics.
The greatest and largest sorrow that I have is that there is no consistency and fluency to creativity.
Most of the people reject faith without knowing it all and similarly most of the people accept faith without knowing it at all.
Probability is what left quantum mechanics uncompleted and depleted of the great scientists.
Most of the people do wrong by sake of science and proving themselves by reasoning, “science is a process of disproving itself so we are living most scientifically.”
Avoidance can’t be reasoned a truth, false.
Conspires can’t be a nation as they always search the flaws to intrude.
History can’t be switched off as it is based on lives than on wills.
“Let fools make fool each other”, that is what liberty means now a days.
All fools strongly believe in truth of the foolery.
Fools make fools more foolery, that is the business of liberty now a days.
Fools are confused with their foolery but still claim them the most righteous people.
To put one in struggle is not putting one in trouble but making him able to handle the trouble.
The barrier between the miserable and satisfied life is confusion.
When heart start listening to truth then it is never afraid of criticism based on false theorems.
Avoidance is rooted in ignorance as ignorant believe more strongly than wise men.
Individuality is not directionless in guidance of prevailing situations but objectivity in guidance of self recognition.
The worst use of creativity is creating differences that are also known as conspiracy.
Differences are normal in evolution but creating differences are the abnormality of creativity to the hands of greed.
Objectivism is what fulfills the personal shortcomings.
Differences in evolution are for understandings and creating differences is for making confuse to snatch the ability of the required true decision.
Confusion is the root of ignorance.
Criticizing all times leaves no time for improvements.
Those who addicted with criticizing will remain no more of hollow proud men.
Improvements get meaning after mistakes but still modifications have room for more improvements as mistakes are still on the way.
What bound us are all around us and what can liberate us are in our eternity.
Theories are the organizational forces of the events.
Results do not that much shapes the events that the perceptions of the results do.
Social structures are the foundations of the economic and political structures. Social changes would result in ultimate changes in political and economical changes of any political or economical structure. It is why the same system works quite differently in different nations due to different social structures. Based on this historical fact we can deduce that equilibrium is the wisest way of saving evolution of men out of deviation of modern men that made hostage minds of modern men through meaninglessness under name of liberty and capitalist democracy.
Consumerism in present sense is designed to broad and increase individual’s weaknesses to make individuals compel enough to adopt life styles based on market policies rather than individual’s owned potentials.
The most simple wisdom to evaluate and guide in every situation is equation between opposite forces, processes and trends but the knowledge of opposite forces are necessary to make equation a valid and valued tool of guidance in ever rapid increased changes.
Men of struggle burn their blood at the expense of their minds to raise the issues and address them to solution from hidden movements in ignorance but opportunists and ignorant burn the issues to raise the slept blood.
The real cruelty is deceiving one after wining his complete trust.
The relation with sorrows gets deeper as conspiracies and deceiving raise higher.
Sorrow’s world is colorless as it is painted by tears.
In passion values raise, sorrows get deeper, touches become cooler and heart get hotter.
What one absorbs if purified by sorrows then colors will lose their meaning to heaviness of heart.
When I fall down I saw sorrows ruling the hearts.
I found the unity of universe in depths of sorrows.
Heart knows the immortality of unity and mind knows the mortality of diversity.
What I have lost rains in cold terrains of sorrows to wash out the fooleries.
What I have counted till now was fake wishes to understand what I have understood.
What I did was not of my abilities but of losses.
I was a thought that I have never thought.
A falling man has only the story of heights.
Beauty in glory makes fool wise men to depths of thirst and heights of desires.
People make countless deceives and make countless drinks of tears to the depths of our souls for what never worth to what have been deceived.
What I never know is to bow down to the unknowns.
When I fall down then I found that the emotions of defeat never less than emotions of victory.
What I found in bottom was that valued never collapse though values change.
The only syrup of the broken hearts is tearing but value of tear comes from compassion and resistance to the injustice.
A victory that snatches the reality of solitary is not a real victory.
Solitary mean moments of insights by revealing what really is in.
Solitary reveals the warmth of passion that makes foundations of values.
Yes I don’t know the tricks the market economy but feel and can understand the effects as an affected one and experience is what judge best ideas.
We cry of the pains and they are saying you are growing healthier because we better know.
We say, we have bitter experiences of worst tricks of market economy but they are saying there are only requirement of experience in deceiving people by innovations of market economy.
I really felt sham when I saw innovation in service of conspires and civilized robbers.
I melt myself in sorrows to melt the glory empires of vampires.
Glory of sorrows is values by which we can judge the tricks by name of welfare.
Sorrows can work as an institution of resistance common to all men.
It is time to reveal the potentials of arts as tool of unconscious mind to equalize the deviations of meaninglessness.
It is really true that conscious mind in absence of unconscious mind will lead to the meaninglessness as we already have evidence and opposite of this process is also true.
Gambling reasons to deny reasons.
What I avoided or neglected, wished them strongly when I was in trouble because of them.
What I know is not based on what is known but on what I want to know on the basis of the passions gifted by nature.
Too much ethical is impressive to influence but not competent enough to compete.
Music talk more deeply to emotions than to words expressed for.
Failure of experiment is discovery of a mistake.
The base of uncertainty is in attitude that we seek perfection in evolving systems.
The certainty is too large than uncertainty, that is why we are proud and classified.
The soul of words is ideas, which are dwarf in dwarf soul and great in great souls.
Desires of the parents are more influential than advices of the teachers.
Post modernity is the shift of history form paleo-ignorance to neo-ignorance.
Neo-ignorance’s chief characteristic is the profitism. Considering the profit is the sole and core virtue it measures all other virtues with profit.
Real is close to ideal, hence one without the reality can’t be ideal.
The conflicts, controversies can’t be the reason to reject the ideologies, as they are the doors of logical and analytical reasoning. They are the platforms to express the identities and without them all quests go abstraction, where nothing is definite. In abstraction, there is no creativity and identity and hence no individualisms. Yes the meaninglessness and abstractions is an easy way to escape the hard struggles that creativity, identity and open competitions require maintaining your position in a never changing situations. Abstraction is neither goal nor a methodology. Neither it can be a solution nor can it bring peace. Peace and solution lies in evolution of perceptions about the identities. An evolved mind would accept others identities without any prejudice and make his identity acceptable beyond every resistance.
Master words can’t exist without the master fascinations and master fascinations can’t be expressed without mastering in wisdom.
The main attractions of the physical aesthetics are cleanliness and balance.
Punishments in justice are much romantic as love in peace.
Crimes are the weakness that has been aspired for strengths.
Social, Political and economical collapses were never sudden. There were always growing forces at work against the existing one. Once the dominant force collapses, the other forces rapidly grow to replace it. Growing forces are key in studies, Predictions and strategies. One point that requires concentration and special attention is that growing forces always do not have a pre-designed culture and identity but instead they develop and acquire, as they grow.
Everything asks for a loss of something but the real loss is loss for nothing.
One can learn more than what one can explain. What one explains is not all that one has learnt. Not all that one explains or has learnt are real and true. One explains more for himself than others. One’s more explanations are for convincing himself rather than others. One asks more from himself than others. One is a harsh student for himself rather than others. All what one explains can’t be understood by others. Others understand more than what one explains or expresses.
Timing is key to the success and key to the timing is discipline.
Information without keys are the characteristics of neo-ignorance.
Creating characters are visualization of the future and how the characters, presented are shaping the future.
Yes timing are the what matters in the success of one plan but how one maintain the timing is key to the success.
Under influence of the capitalism, countries of the world are moving from democratic manners towards the executive manners. The transition from freedom of the thoughts and actions to directed moves of the market is a naked fact of the capitalist globalization. The nations are transforming into multinational companies that are doing business with other. All the countries in the world are potential multinational companies, with large labor forces, natural resources and production capabilities. There is only one identity of the employees and that is profit. The national identities are going to be replaced with this new identity.
The people of this kind of the world is incapable of bringing revolution as there are rapid changes in the moves of the profits and losses that people totally become hypnotized by profits. There will be no spare time, energy and vision for revolution. An elapse of the moment can widen the economical gap so much that one wouldn’t be able to recover it easily. By every passing day the rate of the migrations are increasing. The people are changing their nationalities and their identities. The chief factor of these migrations and changing identities are economic than social, educational or political. The political and social aspects are just shadows of the economic aspect.
This feature has also vanished the chance of the revolution. The people are no more bounded on racial, lingual, cultural, religion or national basis. The economical bonds are going to become stronger than these bonds. Democracy is no more a political tool but a corporate tool. Democracy is a tool that employed technocrats and managers, manage the employees, workers, assets and deal with politicians just as corporations deals with labor unions.
Progress! Yes it is the instinct of the human. It doesn’t make an identity. What distinguishes you is your destiny.
Small and negligible virtues grow into stable behaviors.
Management takes real meaning in specializations that coordinate the specialized.
Ideals make nations and determine their value of their actions in the history.
Detailed thinkers can think much bigger than big thinkers.
The best administer is one who always administers his knowledge.
Taunting vanishes the ability to judge.
Creativity does not mean that nature is false but it is the ability of one to express through nature.
There is the misconception that avoiding nature is the basic requirement of the creativity. Nature is the principle which creates facts. The grasp, management and use of these facts require creativity.
Excellence in itself is not a principle but excellence for the evolved perfection is a principle.
The most obvious sign of the creativity is the clarity of the vision and strategy.
Yes creativity also serves the luxury but it can’t survive in the luxury.
Ostentation vanishes the ability to judge the great visions and greatness.
The creative people are the evidence of the evolving creation.
Tradition of the nature never change and traditions that influenced by the nature were the most suited traditions that could survive against the changes of the time.
Traditions that fail to subscribe to the nature soon leave the space for other traditions.
Nature is an ideal teamwork of the specialized units.
Specialization in the nature is quantified to the levels of the organizations.
Evolution is no more than excellence of the specialization with increasing levels of the organizations.
Sociology, politics and economics are the organizational forces in specialized units of the human phylogeny.
Religion and theories are the ways specialized units struggle to organize themselves in the human societies.
Quantum mechanics was an effort to find the structural units of the nature rather than the organizational units. As all the efforts to deduce basic structures were based on the indirect observations hence we trapped in the limitations of our senses. Unfortunately we have been busy in deducing the quantified units. It is why we have never been successful to put our deductions towards the organizational dimensions. The limitations of our senses in the structural world have lead us to uncertainty and structure of an unimaginable world. Now this unfortunate move has become more a psychological matter than a physical matter.
Calculated discipline has two basic principles, specialization and organization.
Success is not a specific point but a move from present point to next evolved point and failure is the inability to move from present point as well as move from present point to next devolved point.
Post liberal democracy is the era of the corporate democracy.
Logic is the judge of the intellect and creativity is the evidence of the intellect and wisdom is the product of the intellect.
Logic is the raw material of the wisdom.
If we accept nature as a guide book through logic and experientialism then there would be no contradiction between physics and metaphysics. We can re name them as inferior physics and superior physics.
The greatest cruelty is to make one out of responsibility despite his ability and liability.
“- I care about the purpose of everything but not myself.
- I search hard to know about the cause of everything but not myself.
- I concern about everything’s origin and classify every piece of data to know their phylogeny but not myself.
- I worth more than anything and I consider everything that is purposeless is worthless.
- I deduce and induce about everything, whether is the data that I gather is from direct observations or indirect observations but I consider most of the data about myself as unrealistic and imaginary.
- Yes imaginations and feelings are part of me but not part of the reality.
- Yes I know that my experiences and senses are limited but I accept them as the most reliable source of the knowledge.
- Though in my judgments I also rely on my intuitions and also most of the time on approximations but I only accept the facts.
- Perfection..?...standards…? or achievements….Aaaa….. I think, it is the achievements that are the best judge.
Not bad. At least I got the point. Yes! It is the achievements that make a way reliable. What is my purpose…..? Maybe my achievements have answered you that best.
He said and smiled like a wise man.”
Wisdom does not depend on logic and personal methodology.
Knowledge of the laws does not make one wise but the ability to understand through laws make one wise. Hence a wise has stronger tools of the knowledge than the knowledge itself.
Though a wise may be not a frequent reader but he is must a frequent observer.
Observations depend more on state of mind than physical states.
A thinker’s desires float on his ambitions.
A heavy wishful man has very limited space to place the thought process.
History is a mess of puzzles to academies and a source of inspirations and experiences for organizations.
Characters are always there but performers not.
Civilization does not mean a care a surplus of the good or careless expenditure but it means an excellence of the surplus and expenditure.
Modern men are more economical animal than a social animal.
Creativity in business does not mean to find new ways to improve the service and growth of the people but lout out with new and newer methods.
The best customer is the addict of the product; hence the addiction is a powerful market maker.
I love the sunset as it well comes the night. A night that has the peace of the sleep and the pleasure of the self revealing. Here in the dreams where the consciousness interact with its imprisoned brother, unconsciousness. Every sunset knock the conscious to meet his brother and learn the language he speaks to understand him. Hence I love these moments of self revealing.
Some individuals are that much lively that others inspire from them to love the life.
Those who love the change, never find the time to get bored or become hopeless.
He asked me, “What is the positive change?” I replied, “Evolution”.
He asked me, “What is the life?”…I replied, “Struggle for completion”.
He again asked me, “What is the truth?” I replied, “The right way to struggle”.
He asked me, “What is the right way?”… I replied, “Calculated discipline”.
He asked me, “How to evolve?”.. I replied, “Just practice them”.
He smiled and didn’t ask anything else.
Most of grieves are injected by grieved people.
Globalization can become the process of liberation, if it succeeds to absorb the cultures instead of ruining them.
Experiences are the museums of faults.
Slavery of the mind under name of the broadmindedness is the largest intellectual foolery.
Values are not the of jewel of the civilization but they are spirit of the civilization.
Peace has no face without the satisfaction.
I learnt easily how the heart function to circulate the blood but I never learnt how the heart circulate the feelings.
Achievements are home of affections where there is only images not any shadow.
Humanity is a square, whose equal sides are knowledge, wisdom, courage and justice.
When one learns how to benefit others, then he has learnt how to achieve.
Duality of the nature is evident from two complementary forces, which we know as positive and negative. All the structural and organizational aspect of the nature got the existence trough these two complementary forces.
We are not uncertain in the nature of the things but it is only our fault of our methodology that we can’t get that certainty; hence the name principle of uncertainty is a misleading name.
There are choices in the observations and methodologies that is also the sources of the uncertainty. These choices have roots in the imaginations and creativity of the mankind or in other words, the uncertainty is a characteristic of a creative mind. The calculated discipline is a logical methodology that guides a creative mind to deduce the best results out the choices.
A good example for understanding of the uncertainty in certainty is the coin, which is also used for deducing probability. It explains that how this is a choice of the mind. Coin has two faces; no doubt we all are sure it has only two faces. It is called certainty. But when it becomes a matter of choice then we become uncertain that how much tails and heads would result?
The choice due to uncertainty put us towards relativity. Relativity is the stage of the choice. Hence there is no contradiction between the uncertainty and relativity.
How many times are there, when the courage change the pattern of the wisdom.
Wisdom grows the courage into achievements. Most of the time the wisdom define the goals and the courage, achieve them and sometimes the wisdom puts the courageous results into a successful consequence.
Swords and hearts of the cowards are best to be decorated by impressions of the courageous people.
There are a lot of the achievements and impressions related to skyscrapers but with no directions.
Yes it is right that politics is a perpetual conflict but it is also noticeable that the all things and processes are evolving. Hence the conflicts are also evolving. We can’t say there is no peace when there is perpetual conflict. Yes there is also perpetual peace but after the conflicts evolved to a level of civilization and realization.
The division of the societies into the three class system is just a partial reality of the economics. Men also could be divided into the imperialists and oppressed. The culture of the imperialists is based on the “profitism” and the culture of the oppressed are based on the justice or “calculated discipline”.
The evolution of the globalization soon or later diminishes all local and regional cultures of the west and east. In this stage the global world will redefine itself and new cultures will born. There will be two major cultures in conflict with each other and these cultures are: a- The culture of the imperialist and the b- The culture of the oppressed.
The calculated discipline or the culture of the oppressed are not against the profit but it just ask the profits to be logical and consistent, that is disciplined and calculated profit.
The concept of the clash of civilizations is in reality the clash of the profits that is existed from the birth of men on the earth. There are no real civilizations involved in the clash, as there is no civilization n apposition to engage in the clashes. All the so called civilizations are just struggling for their survivals. The evolution of the globalizations will open a new field for the conflicts. Here the newly organized forces of the two main new civilizations come into conflicts and that is the, “oppressed” and the “imperialists”. The conflicts of these two new civilizations are based on their mechanisms rather than the technological advances or economical or political positions.
Yes history is not visible but impressions on the visions. All we consider are based on our visions and pattern of the thinking. Museums have language to interact with. All they have are the ways the historical remains are arranged and presented. Similarly the ruins and their pictures can’t say and explain anything. It is all our imaginations that are mostly hallucinated and injected that we perceive of the history.
The visible history that can be seen, heard, analyzed and talked to, is our perceptions, beliefs, customs, traditions, methodologies that we are accustomed to. Unfortunately we are much satisfied and proud of our history as there were always dominance of the human desires over personal desires. No Sir! There were always the personal desires which have ruled the history.
Desires that digest ignorance for a good health.
Divisions which gave birth prejudices that grew conflicts based on ignorance.
Kill to be called and ruin to be right.
Grow bigger to increase the beggars is the principle of the superiority.
Discard on the principle of the discrimination to prove the inferiority.
Confuse to fuse the ability of the decision making which the foundation of the peace and development……etc.
These are all we have inherited from our prideful history. It is really a dustbin of the achievements and we are in debt of the history makers…….men of the power….decision makers……????
Utopian visions are all the dreams of the weak thinkers which had no role in the history as history is always sculptured by swords. Logic and prophecy are all pitiable under the slavery of the swords. Globalization is the best chance for us to make the inks thicker than the blood. Thick inks can drain the divisions that have been colorized and distinguished by blood.
It is only possible if the globalization is driven on the mechanism of the calculated discipline instead of the mechanism of the profitism. If the conflicts are reduced to conflicts between the imperialists and the oppressed then our history could be proud on, as it will pace towards the human excellence.
Calculated discipline re-define the struggle for the survival as it is not only struggle to survive but it is the struggle for a more evolved survival. It also divides the struggle for the evolved survival into two categories. Greater struggle is for evolved survival and lesser struggle for the evolved survival. The greater struggle for the survival is a consistent and systematic struggle to wipe out all the personal weaknesses that one have that is slowing his rate of the evolution. It is systematic because identification of the personal weakness needs a set of the standards to which we have to measure our abilities and characteristics to know the rate is normal or the progress is to level of our potentials.
The lesser struggle is a systematic struggle of more evolved survival of the society/world in which one reside. The weaknesses and strengths of a society in which we live directly affects our strength and weaknesses. Hence it is necessary for everyone to struggle of the removal of their societies also.
From the mentioned introduction it is obvious that the greater struggle is the foundation of all struggles, as only a strong one can take part potentially in the lesser struggle. Though it is advised that both struggles must carry out parallel but the greater struggle is the first priority for everyone in any stage of the evolution.
Love is a natural process. Its initiation or sparking may be either due to differences or similarities but its maintenance depends on acceptance of the both differences and similarities. There is neither total difference nor total similarity. Yes there is a process of the completion by acceptance and exchanges of the strengths and weaknesses.
Love is a instinct of the returning back to his entity.
story merge the times to explore one time.
Generally it seems that the “profitism” is the only practical mechanism and “Humanism” is just an imaginary and “Utopian mechanism”. Despite the dominance of the profitism there is also a conflict between humanism and profitism. Though these conflicts are not very evident but no one can refuse that there is no conflict. The conflict of the humanism and profitism is even inside individuals also.
Conflicts are the source of the inspirations and hope. The conflicts are also the tool of the measurement. We can measure the rate of the civilization from the conflicts between profitism and humanism. If the humanism is the dominant force then one or a society is civilized but if the profitism is the dominant force then one or a society is an uncivilized nation.
Human is not a term of a particular discipline. Human is the discoverer of the all the disciplines.
Love washes out the tiresome and mess up of the life.
Relations are the spider web. Coming too much close make it heavy, messy and loose and going too much far make it delicate to break down.
How many questions is there that are more creative than answers.
Creating questions are like creating new eyes.
Hopeless wishes are the signs of the weak egos, which make the self slave of the wishes.
I would like to use the evolution instead of the progress as each indicates towards a particular mechanism. Evolution indicates humanity and progress indicate the profitism.
Wisdom dwell between two questions.
A poor self is one who can’t produce rich thoughts.
The greater struggle is the way that the poor self improve themselves to enrich their self.
Fear can’t be the guards of the liberalism, as it can’t be the guard of any ideology.
Fears can’t be secured by uncertainty and tight security.
In calculated discipline there are no exceptions as it absorbs all the variations just like algebra. It is an evolutionary logic, which on the basis of the calculated discipline reveals the values.
Social welfare is the blood of individualism.
The most pleasant pain is a pain with gain.
Human instincts are according to natural laws but it requires knowing the natural laws to use and express them accordingly.
We classify because we want to make our observations more conscious and to reveal the details of the uniqueness and individuality.
The conquering self is the only way to conquer others.
Conflicts are windows of opportunities or destructions depend upon the visions and wisdom of the participants.
The real test of one’s logic is when, one is in conflict and the test of one’s wisdom is when he comes into conflict.
How many nations are there which nations are?
The false notion of the nations are indications of the transitions form racism and regionalism towards humanism and globalization.
How much a nation is poor or rich depend on the depth, vastness and visions of the ideologies that they are based on.
Geography shapes the unity and beliefs arrange the unity.
Geography makes barriers to the populations not to the nations.
Nations are the evolutionary expressions of the humanism.
The voyage from self prejudices to the acceptance of the others with all their similarities and differences is called nationalism.
Geography expresses the ethnicity and the ideology expresses the nationality.
Ethnicity is an adaptation to a restricted part of the nature and can’t answer the depth and vastness of the human consciousness. Human in true sense are the universal citizens, with visions suite for the whole universe despite their physical limitations.
Human eyes reflect the lights that are from the start of the creation and his imaginations reflect the completion of the universe.
Cultures and languages are the selections of the history. They are the indices of the human history not the division of the human vision.
Conflicts are the expressions of the fear. The people with no visions fear most.
The universal vision is justice. If there are differences regarding the justice, it is because of the premature expressions. The men still need much to evolve to express correctly. All the prejudices and ill mindedness are due to ill expressions.
Creating opportunities are the most tested and reliable way of reshaping societies.
The Social sciences without the natural sciences make judgments weak and natural sciences without the social sciences are purposeless.
Developing abilities without mentality is all in vain. How many professional and creative men are there who serve others purposes just for wages or positions?
Difference in techniques can’t be the source of the difference in the purpose but difference in the purpose can lead to different techniques.
Yes there are different values for human skills and labors but differences in the human behavior due to the difference in positions and pay scales are totally uncivilized and inhuman.
An ideology or a belief fruits best when it is adapted by the people with an evolutionary culture. Conflicts and shortcomings are ultimate when an ideology or belief is adapted by the people with an inferior or a rigid culture.
When one fails to convince, then he doesn’t right to impose.
The most obvious characteristic of an ignorant is that, he can’t distinguish between imposition and the defending.
If innovation and research become the integral part of a culture then it can absorb a superior ideology.
In capitalist societies, there are levels of the freedom in practice. As the mechanism of a capitalist society is based on profit, so the one with more profit is more free than the one with less profit. Here in these societies the freedom is related to one’s buying potential. Hence we can say that the capital is the real liberty by which one can buy as much freedom as much he can afford.
Yes! Disorders and shortcomings have taken as opportunities but it is not the approach of the all. Those take disorders as opportunities, who believe in justice. They take disorders as challenges to their understandings, approaches, visions, judgments and skills. What they lose in these struggles and resistances make them learn their shortcomings. How one deal to overcome his shortcomings really defines ones all abilities. All these are what they consider as opportunities which make them able to pace towards the perfection.
Commitment is the measure of the personality.
Those who misjudge the history, consider making oppression, as a value for rule.
Making fear and oppression are two totally separate strategies that most of the decision makers make mistakes. The oppressed is the most feared force when it rises to ask its rights.
Service is the most experienced and reliable strategy that has the power to rule on both hearts and minds.
Participation as what make services meaningful.
The first sign of the defeat is the appearance of the differences.
Differences are the measure of the defeat.
The most extensive and diverse differences are between the most defeated nations.
Victories make the hubs around which a peoples gather to make a nation and move in a direction.
Visions provide common fields for the conflicts, which lead to the victories.
Victories are the forces of the history which create nations, who are ready to be guided and energetic enough to lead.
Potentials always need the fires of the vision burn the deficiencies.
Today’s vision is tomorrows glory.
Visions are the most splendid courts where only the blood of the courageous men are accepted and the wisdom of the Wiseman is praised.
Wisdom’s sweat is brother of the courage’s blood.
Social engineering is what globalization requires to benefit from its potentials.
Genius depends more on inductions and Wiseman depends more on induction however intelligent rely more on memory.
Harmonizing of the expression with the frequency of the nature is an art that requires the most conscious senses.
Encouraging the critical criticism works as a fuel to creativity and rise it to excellence.
Five freedoms are the ultimate need of a true globalization and harmonization of the humanity.
To be heard one needs to be unique.
Uniqueness makes you professional but it is not necessary that professionalism make you unique.
Uniqueness is a strange simplicity and the professionalism is a strange complexity.
Success is an acknowledged achievement.
Achievements make difference in the life whether it is acknowledged or not and it is important for more achievements.
Certainly mind works graphically as it has adapted a graphical environment. Hence imagination is key to human understanding and explaining. Though the imaginations are the fastest ways of the learning and teaching but it is not comparable to quantitative and verbal expressions in the deductions.
Inductions rely more on graphics and imaginations. It requires more creative ability than deduction but at last we have to depend on the deduction for our understanding and futuristic visions.
The intelligence is there, but it requires a way to be drained in a suitable direction, hence guidance is key to intelligent expression and discovery. There are thousands of the ways that intelligence could be drained. If it is not guided it may lost in these ways and could not express itself. Discoveries, inventions, innovations, business, leadership, games, education…etc is usually thought as ways through which intelligence express itself. But unfortunately there are very less efforts and attentions are focused to how manage the mind and thinking process to express the full potentials of the intelligence.
Most of the intelligent people get their ways through practice. How they practice and manage their minds they also don’t know.
Deliberate actions are both leader of experiences as well as tests of wisdom.
No doubt an interested one can create interests.
Education systems must be based on the competitive nature of the natures. It means the students must become habitual of the competitions especially in the objectivity, which is essential for existence. Take an example from nature. In Jungle the Lion, teaches her children preying by bringing them alive small prey. Her children compete with each other and also with the prey to become prepare for real competitions that are essential for their existence. Human societies are much evolved and complex than the jungle. Here competitions need much complex preparations hence education system must not struggle to adopt the competitions but lead them.
Luxury has the attraction but not the constructional stimulations.
The competitions in the human societies are the co operational. If it turn into oppositions then it will lead to frustrations, disorders and wastage of the energies.
Harmonizing or convincing the most influential tool in the human competitions.
Law is not excellence but it is the minimum requirements of the human societies. Crossing this requirement is considered crime or sin and punished.
The sacrifice of the beloved one purifies and strengthens the ambitions and beliefs.
Constructions of the visions, ways and mechanisms are what lead to excellence.
The civilizations are constructed though enriching theories and ideologies by experience and knowledge.
Theories and ideologies are not knowledge but the consciousness of the knowledge. One can’t use the knowledge without in a purposeful mean but the theories themselves must be tested through the knowledge.
When ice melts then it becomes universal solution.
It is the great visions that grow the small means into great achievements.
There may be many claims for love but one really loves you who love your visions.
A fool feels easy in foolery.
Yes inspirations make us to act but it is also judge of our personalities. What make us inspire more those are the definitions of our personalities.
Beliefs and ideologies are the mind of a nation and the culture is its dressing. A nation without the ideologies and beliefs are mad and without culture is naked.
Leadership need a set of standards, through which it is trusted and recognized.
The sources of the standards of a civilized nation is calculated discipline.
Standards are directly proportional to capacities.
Children are always in mode of the playing even when your honor.
Playing or testing what lacks consciousness is taking undermined risks.
Humanism is an evolutionary theory so it stress in process of completion and not claims as a complete theory. Its subject is human and human is still evolving.
Religions main topic is human and it defines it in the contexts of his instinct and logic.
Culture is the expression of an evolutionary state.
The scholars listen with peace of the tolerance and speak with confidence of the knowledge. They have high visions and deep understandings.
A great deal of the homework lessens the labor of the field.
Imaginations are fascinating and productive but logical imaginations are what innovations are deep understandings need.
What we experience is not what nature behaves. We experience through our natural tools of the measurements, that are our senses. What we express is also not what nature expresses as our expressions are based on our measurements. If we could experience that how nature behaves and also express what nature express then our volumes of problems were less than mental levels.
Nature is logic. The real freedom is living naturally.
The facts are always challenging me and the biggest fact is myself.
All are, all alone but their thoughts not.
Simplicity is not avoiding facts but it is not degrading the facts.
Weak are divided on dead prides.
When poverty collapses the ideas and ruins the ambitions then people think it is easier to be divided to solve the problems.
When hands are empty then the minds are filled with confusions.
A full hand buys the earned ideas.
At the end one is alone though his abilities bring crowds to him.
Pen is the tongue of the immortality.
Legends are the imaginations of the determinations.
The hardest fact that one accepts hardly is that, there are desires of the others that shapes and lead his life.
It takes very long time to learn and realize that, poverty, loneliness, hate, divisions, disobeying, hunger, war…etc all are part of the life. Acceptance of these facts makes feelings light and close to life.
Do not take serious the individuals but their time factors.
Politics is really a lie for those who treat it as a way for the gaining power and politics for those who believe in an ideology is the way for the freedom and excellence.
Abstraction is a bridge between observations and learning.
When one starts to think and act uniquely then he has started recognizing himself, as everyone is unique. Until one thinks and act just as others he had failed to reveal himself and hence need to follow others to express himself.
The mechanism of the natural laws and the wisdom is the same. Yes imaginations are beyond the natural laws but still they also can’t escape its mechanisms.
Yes theories may be proved wrong and they also make the imaginations restricted but they prevent us to get lost. At least they make us to know the false and truths.
The unique doubts amaze.
Life is a story. History is the episodes of this story. People are the actors of this story. If one got enough wisdom to understand the story then he can choose the character for himself. Even one can create a character for himself. If one fails to understand the story then he may act any character that is provided to him by the director and that is the society. If one is provided the role of the extras then he may perform a significant role in this story.
Love is the struggle for the recognition of the self.
In a situation whether good is bad or bad is good, the best judge is truth. What is truth? Calculated discipline.”
Too much honesty means too many tragedies.
Tragedies are for the honest and the punishments are for dishonest.
One is the most fortunate that history puts before him great tasks and he gets wise companions to do the tasks.
A Wiseman surrounded by the fools is the ocean of the tragedies or better saying becomes a tragic soul.
One who loves free praise and appreciations soon grow into a proud and angry man.
Helpless is one who is creative but hasn’t proper knowledge to express it but more helpless is one who has both creativity and proper knowledge but has no resource to express them.
Success needs the sacrifice of the leisure.
Those who want a productive life style never considers about the troubles and leisure in the way.
Too many people come to you to work for the common purposes but select those who are consistent and had consistency.
Common interests bring people together but as no two persons are same so soon new versions come out of their work.
Reason must be empowered by continuous injections of the reasonable thoughts in the minds of the people. It is the popular movement which can make reason a culture.
Leadership is not always required to be on the power but it also requires to check the power not to deviate from the objectives.
No doubt growing experiences require more investments in terms of the time, space and energy and hence more struggle.
Reasoning turn the experience into wisdom.
A creative work itself is a reference, as creativity builds the base of the reasoning and existence.
There are to types of the arts in the politics. Deceiving is the art of the imperialists and the service is the art of the oppressed.
Confidence is in belief that one have.
A nation with a poor culture and no means of producing knowledge is a disable nation which is unable to observe and describe.
Service, just like gravity only attracts. It is unable to repel and others are unable to resist it.
He told me that, “ When you treat others respectfully, they feel themselves to be respectful. When treat others with some rude manners, others think that you are respectful. This is a general conception in our society and is widely practiced. I think I must treat others respectfully that they think themselves, able to be respected. This may help them to grow confidently. Others confidents ultimately force me also to grow confidently. Am I right Sir?” “ Yes why not my good boy.” I replied.
Theories and beliefs do no die but they grow with growing tools and methodologies and knowledge.
The ability to dream logically give the courage and confidence to struggle for the dreams to bring them into reality.
The most difficult thing to learn is, how to absorb pains. Once one learns, how to absorb pains then life looks to him as a mystical phenomena.
The strongest technique of the psychological warfare is the truths and facts. The best political strategy is the service.
Absorbing pains without cry is the measure of a character.
Karbala is the manifesto of the resistance. It teaches humankind, how to be dignified while you are oppressed.
Trust is the key of the lockers.
Creating events and presenting the created events in such a manner to bleed the souls as a psychological warfare will ultimately will ultimately lead to the embarrassment of their creators by appraisal of the great souls, who are strong in patience and clear crystal in visions.
Laziness is no saving but is too much expensive in terms of the non- renewable time.
Math is a logical test of the imaginations to distinguish between logical and illogical imaginations.
The most fascinating characteristics of the meditation and thinking is expansion and deepening of the human senses.
Refusal and denial is not logical as logic reasons.
Peace cannot be traded but it is only earned.
Science is not judge but it is the evidence on the base of he which should be judged.
It is the last point and science is the beginning point.
One may argue very good but fact does not run by the explanations.
If a culture fails to absorb the events then the arms come in to exploit it.
Energy rules the states of the matter.
Right information depends on the methodology.
Right judgments depend on the right information.
Right decisions depend on the right judgments.
Right decisions is key to the success.
The restlessness of the young generations were always the source of the change once they were guided to the proper mechanism and platform.
Media addiction is medicine for the activists and poison for pleasure seekers.
One is normal whose imaginations are equally connected to the spiritual world and physical world.
The scientific methodology is the machine of producing knowledge. It only requires that one know, how to operate this machine and recognize the raw materials.
We are compel to believe as we can’t understand all. Yes we believe but on the authentic professionals.
How you finish your show, shows the success or failure of your vision and the art of your strategy.
How one starts to get attraction and how one ends to put impression.
Sure, the experience helps to have a good start and the creativity helps a successful end.
One who make indulge himself to an immoral and illogical persons soon become victimized of their fooleries.
The perfect music that gives one total satisfaction, is self revealing.
If one declares himself superman then he can’t declares other’s beast
Without a general wisdom, even a professional is s second order naïve.
Those who wash their tears of inexperience with consistency soon become guiding masters.
Using opportunities of the actions for the theoretical adventures is an invitation for the failure.
Negotiation with your enemy is a wiser strategy than remaining unaware of your enemy’s potentials.
Mind never accepts restrictions.
Evolutionary selections of the values or the tested options for the actions makes one’s world.
poverty does not mean poor resources but poor visions.
It is the visions that make values rich or poor.
The most visible value is order and organization.
When one becomes able to conceive his world then logic becomes his slave.
One source of the neo-ignorance of the modern men is, “ A student asks to be i) Be confident ii) Express yourself, but to these students only taught skills and provide them masses and messes of the information. Students really lack ways of the observations, analysis, deduction or inductions. The students lack self opinion. What they have are all messes of the misjudged information they have. They lack visions. All they have are all a mess of guidance. Hence these students have the tools and technologies to express but they lack knowledge.
Students think, stubborn stupidity is confidence.
Students think, uncivilized behavior is individuality.
Students think, Strange actions are self expression.
And modern men pay high fees and hope a bright future.
Serious men are more satisfied as they more achievements due to their high levels of the concentrations.
An angry man is not serious. He is sick.
Individualists conceive the reality through their own visions but the selfish do no care about the reality. They only concern about their profits.
We have two basic foundations of the knowledge: a) ideas/data b) methodologies.
Hold the time till end as time lives much longer then you.
Most of the problems are because people judge too early. They judge before knowing.
When ones vision become clear but again follows a blind way then he is better to be called a neo-ignorant.
Historical events make enlighten the visions to depth that logic normally unable to get in.
No doubt that, alertness is the fuel of the success.
Indigenous authority is the foundation of the development, if the indigenous people have a just system of justice.
Understandings have levels, so observations and experiences are keys to make the methodologies work properly.
The specialty must change its achievements into common understandings to gain proper results.
All human knowledge is aimed for the welfare of the human being and hence every discipline struggle to evolve a particular area of the specialty. The job of the philosophy in this context is: a) Creating and setting natural visions b) Devising methodologies and c) Supplying new ideas.
Ideas are the visions that suite most the methodologies.
There are countless ideas but a few methodologies. Ideas are categorized according to the methodologies to form a discipline. Hence new methodologies new disciplines and new ideas means enrichment of the disciplines.
a) It is an accepted fact that our senses, instruments and experiences are limited and hence our knowledge is limited.
b) As our knowledge is limited, so our judgments are also limited.
c) We can judge to the capacity of our knowledge, imaginations and experience. All beyond them are beyond our judgments.
d) All the philosophical systems are based on some facts that have been judged by them and they have ignored many more facts. Hence we can’t totally discard any philosophical system.
e) Impressing from a philosophical system is only a function of the time.
It is the large achievements of the Science and the technology that caused the philosophy to analyze itself. From the analysis it became evident that, what were parts of the philosophy, are now parts of the other disciplines. The hands of the philosophy were found to be empty. Those with weak visions started to falsify a discipline that have served men for thousands of the years and have put the foundations of the modern disciplines.
It is now the responsibility of the new breeds of the thinkers and intellectuals to rethink the whole process and put new foundations for the philosophy to make it a modern workable discipline.
I suggest that as every discipline is giving birth to newer disciplines and professionalism and specialization is making visions more narrower so it is the responsibility and the ob of the philosophy to make a web of the these visions in manner to put all of them into one nest, with one vision and purpose and this nest is, “Elysium”.
When one’s eyes become able to see the reality then they can’t see the fears.
Sorry, is a good answer for the fooleries.
Personality lies between preparations and adaptations.
If mystery is the name of the change, adaptability and creativity then yes, life is a mystery.
How one survive out of his adventures, is the real tests of his intelligence.
If the rejection of one’s planes put him to more planes then he is more successful.
Beauty could be felt only from the perspective of the balance.
Psychologists and philosophers are good in their adjectives.
Everyone respects himself for his some characteristics and disagrees with himself for his some characteristics. One is really great in the terms of the humanity, who remains conscious of these self-respects and disagreements.
Of thousands of the wise sentences, one can distinguish that much wisdom, as he has.
Liars see all truth and wisdom and fools none.
Love is more expectations than hope.
Most sources of the earnings are from fooleries than cleverness. If the people stop to do fooleries then most of the clever would no longer be clever.
How many wise men become fool when they socialize according to their customs.
Customs are the most effective tools of the fool making.
All praised knowledge but few have distinguished it.
The source of recognitions of the history makers are what history concerns most.
Society measures one with his position and time measures one with his source of the recognition.
How many aphorisms is there that worth many books.
A book of the aphorisms is a life time companion to the intellectuals.
There are many learned people who can’t teach and there are many under learning people who teaches very well. One with best exploring and expressional abilities is the best teacher.
Nature do, what humans are unable to do.
One is divided between his heart and mind. Poetry supports the heart while aphorisms support the mind.
Philosophical poetry helps to resolve the conflicts of the mind and heart.
Heart always praises the lover and the mind always praises the self.
Poetry opens the locks of the heart and logic opens the locks of the mind.
In the conflicts of the heart and mind the battleground is the pitiful body.
The mind empties when heart is filled with desires and heart empties when mind is filled with logic.
How strange is it that we can’t disconnect ourselves from desires.
Humans are mysterious because he hides his sorrows.
What mind fails to listen, heart succeeds to hear.
Poor is called savage because he can’t afford the expanses of the civilization.
In arguments both truth and false are degraded.
It is the knowledge that forces one to occupy the minds that are occupied by ignorance.
Cultures are designed and fitted to the pockets.
Civilized are the sons and daughters of the savages.
The truth does not worn out but emotions.
The human relations re much stronger than cultures could express, as everyone is something to offer your emotions even fools.
Those who concern about results do not disgrace the redolent of the sweats.
Life is like water. When it travels for long distances, it becomes brine and by evaporation it purifies to clarity of the colorlessness, tastelessness. This time there is tsunami that destroys all things. Next time it is that much calm that it seems nothing had happened. A vast and peaceful body that sparkle with every rays and absorbs all movements in it into the peace. You can’t see the change but you can understand and feel its changes.
Very often people follow the illusions in the name of pragmatism.
Meaninglessness is an example of the public pragmatism. Although theoretical confrontations showing the partial realities but are more convenient than abstractions of the pragmatism.
Abstractions of the ideas are an art but can’t be the representatives of the wisdom.
There are more brain powers used to suppress each other than to convince each other.
Peace is equilibrium. Disturbance of equilibrium is an invitation of the violence.
Everything is recorded here. What we don’t record as our loss or failure, others record them as their profits or success.
Don’t bother if your enemies are liars but it is really concerned if one true man stands against you.
Acumen is the aesthetic of the conversation.
Wealth and health are the seeds of making celebrity.
Be always with yourself or take yourself with you that is a rule of the success.
An intentional offensive mode may make an opponent to behave illogical.
Homogenization of the foods is also a strong tool towards global culture and behavior.
When we settle a set of the achievements, and declare ourselves successful then we resist every fact that is possible to harm our achievements or slow down them. We start to deny the facts by explanations. It is the historical mistake that is often repeated.
Most of our conversations and speaking are talking. We tell less and say very less.
One’s taste is more reliable than a cook but a cook can describe and express better than all others.
There is a general division of the formal, informal and normal. Too much formal and informal is unreal. They are ostentations and imitations. A composite of the formal and informal is more real, what we all have.
Home is institution of the family and homeland is the institution of the societies.
How strange is the new types of the economical progress that people are compel to sell their future for loan?
The civilized nations judge on principles and uncivilized nations judge on personalities.
If the democracy favor a mass of mess ups then who will be ready to become fool under the rule of the mess ups.
It is really strange that a nation rely on the recycled values while the mind has no boundary to cultivate and no seed to copy the past.
A logical value is the heritage of the humankind that will pass from heart to hearts rather than minds to minds.
Once a principle is accepted by hearts then it become belief.
Belief is a super aspiration.
When believe with a set of principles through his logic and consciousness then he becomes superman, a man whose ordered-thoughts and actions are quite strange for others.
A fool hears to the mouths and a wise hear to the facts.
The clean definition of the dirt and evil can’t stop their dangers.
Most of the time it is wise to let an immodest slaps another immodest.
A successful teacher is one, who makes his students believe that they are driving the knowledge not the knowledge driving them.
The employee’s thoughts are limited to levels of their salaries.
Passion and compulsion both change. Passion changes to the excellence and compulsion change to the disturbance.
In real life we make stories out of the assigned characters.
If we can do business everywhere then why we can’t educate everywhere.
Sometimes, time raises one to the success. Then if he rise himself to meet the times requirements, he is declared great. If he fails to raise him to his time then he left forgotten just like most of the people.
Oppression is the worst kind of the ignorance that defeats even the great minds and hearts.
The greatest treasure of the resistance is ideology and belief.
The social welfare is the foundation of the scientific and technological advances. Social movements and awareness is key to social welfare. The five principles of the freedom and liberty is the ultimate way of the human excellence.
Good manners is to respect others dignity.
Works make its way working even in total foolery but the discussions and arguments make their ways more sophisticated even in total wisdom.
One evidence of the mental shallowness of the human is that human still like toughness in debates rather than wisdom.
Middle class is the blood of civilization as they are the source of the complexities and organizations.
When there is degradation, the people buy smiles.
Character is to impress not to be pressed.
Romanticism is expressed in different forms. Conflicts are the main source of the romanticism. Even a peace is romantic if it exists in the shades of the conflict. Commitment in the form of the self sacrifice is expressed under the name of the spirituality, love, heroism. The manners of the expressions of the commitments create symbols that are adapted by the people as their attachments to the romantic movements. Visions that drain their desires into strengths of justice. A dare to be patient in the differences and frequencies. Eloquence of the expression in the silence that are understandable by the rhythm of the heartbeats. All these forms of the romanticisms have one thing in common and that is success. Here the success is not physical but is spirituality and mentality that is capable of influencing the minds and hearts. Romanticism is a movement of conquering the hearts and minds through force of the justice. Romantic people have one thing in common and that is self sacrifice to prevail the justice.
In resistance and struggle, the thirst and tears are the tools to improve with.
Creative opposition creates new channels to erase the naïve imitations.
Aesthetic can be a guide to the unconscious mind, if looks to the positions of the evolution from which they got their existence.
Creativity is the consensus between unknown and passion.
The unknown that men interested more but have revealed less is the human himself.
Those will dominate who always change to acquire the principled excellence.
The economic stability is the only force that has saved the modern societies from collapsing.
Awareness can’t cause much difference to modern men as they became too much weak to stand for the truth loosing what they are totally rely on and live for.
When the prejudice becomes guides and sources of the inspirations then no one will stop the prevailing of the ignorance.
I don’t know what I own as I didn’t discovered myself.
Eyes of the nature are not what one look through but are what passion wants him to look through.
Faith test the honesty through consistency and persistency.
Yes trust comes after successful testing but some don’t know how to test and others don’t know how to trust.
How much one can invest to buy the trusts? It is better to earn the trusts.
Discipline grows with growth.
Jealousy is the taxations of the evils on the lives.
Hard is to be broken down. Easy is to be molded but all to the nature.
Passions need to be recharged at regular intervals.
Wisdom grows to be mature and aesthetic grows to be young.
Changes are the steps of the growth and the consistency is its selection.
Art is the fossilization of the creative movements.
Every wise is creative but every creative is not wise.
Those who refuse the evolution, struggle to prove their perfection.
Abstraction is the reaction of the hopelessness of the perfection.
meaninglessness is the blood of the abstraction.
Conspiracy is the biggest intellectual tragedy.
Logic with all its glories are embarrassed to the unique revolution of the Imam Hussein ( P.B.U.P) that never stop to an end until it succeeds to global justice.
Ignorance makes more strong the bones of the pride.
Ignorance is expensive than needs.
Only faith has the capacity to absorb the life.
Clues are the sources of the approximations.
Provide him everything to make him nothing.
Peace at expense of the truth is too much expensive to live for.
Ideologies are titles that followers add unrelated details to them.
In nature beauty is an invitation to immortality.
Others understand us very less because we understand others very less.
Intellect is not masking of inner self by bookish words.
Security is a sense that always bulldozes the home of peace.
Concerning probabilities develops the futuristic trends.
The art of suitable disintegration and integration is a distinguishing feature of an expert.
Aims are magnets of abilities.
When wolves come people praise dogs.
Too much sensitive and senseless men are hosts of problems.
Criticism on base of knowledge is purification of wisdom and on base of habit is contamination of ignorance.
Greed steers need.
Process is the most reliable index.
Trade is free when you and I have benches to exchange.
Prosperity will remain prison until labor considered as raw material.
Men capture by arms and then captured by charms.
Friendship cannot untie the goals but a common goal can initiate friendship.
Every quick has a quake.
To cope modernity it is necessary to be modern in our terms.
Humanity is the hub of all true knowledge.
Nature does not have a single finished product but have fantasies and mysteries.
Frequent appreciation is not appreciable.
A wise tries to make wise others and a fool tries to make fool others.
A butcher is a good thief in beef.
The best place for collection is mind and the best collection is knowledge.
If the donkey kicks its owner, again its owner does not hate the donkey, as the donkey is the source of earning.
The place of birth makes no difference but pace of minds make preference.
In era of information, if a mature mind does not find a single workable idea a day it means that this mind hungry in kings mess room.
Patience is the pray of wishers.
Thanks to economic needs that a handicapped donkey goes to work and a handicapped man also.
If money becomes judge, majority of mankind are criminals.
A businessman takes the breads of others, by showing breads.
A real master introduces you with real masters.
If an intelligent mind does not find a meaningful way of expression, it will create puzzling problems for others.
People’s interests are scattered fortunes.
Reason is the tranquilizer of a burning mind.
Usual conflicts run the history and evolutionary revolutions turn the history.
Nothing can cut the ego more sharply than reason.
If politics means persuasion of people, then the real politics is commerce and education.
Wild nuts break very hardly but there is nothing or very less inside.
Cities are minds of the human civilization.
Determination is the eraser of confusion.
Foolery is a word that people in caring not to do, do many.
The assets of home are never burnt to warm the home.
The distance between activation and persuasion is trust. The on we trust activate and the one we do not trust, persuade.
The movements of abstract means loosing grasp on genuineness.
Fortune born in a new ways.
Content mean to stick with purpose.
Manners are molds of virtues. Even ordinary men by casting themselves into them feel themselves civilized.
A man of good morality have always in mind that a spot looks more obvious on white and clean clothes.
People are mind of history. Invention and discoveries are the heart of history. Trade is the blood of history. Wars are the face of history. Ruins, cultures, customs and religions are the home of history.
In empire of knowledge, the curiosity is the greatest conqueror.
Special days make more evident the differences of personalities.
Life is what you think it is.
All need reasons for their works but beauty requires no reason, as it is the reason of all.
Dizziness respects no cloth.
Cultures are wearing of history and artists are their designers.
Roots in simple can digest fast the complex.
Poor earn the choice and rich choose the choices.
Criticism without innovation is like a scrape-collector’s balance. Is it justice to weigh gold and diamond with balance of scrape-collectors?
Those are unforgettable who give sweet pains.
A pregnant mind may burn its owner if he does not give birth to its ideas.
When one becomes aware of his own powers then he will not fear anymore more than himself.
Splendid are splendid as they make tastes splendid.
A wise man fears from nothing but passing times.
The slave nations while becoming happy of their master’s compensation work why forget that the predators also become happy when they see fat preys.
Creative people are like flowers of a society that produce seeds for future.
The relations on the base of the ideological harmony or disharmony are the most unpredictable relations. Ideas change with expansion of knowledge and awareness.
Philosophy makes the structure of thoughts. Arts and literature decorate them.
All things grow with time. When we speak of freedom we must consider the picture of its growth also.
Uniqueness first punishes and then labels great.
Creativity is the tool of uniqueness.
The untold wisdom is the sweet heart of intellects.
What we call passé now, would be amazing for others in future.
All the systems try their best to bring equality but practically they are compelled to keep inequality to run their systems.
The biographies of the great men are maps to the greatness.
Our concept of corruption is limited, as we do not consider our feelings and behaviors as an authority.
Parliament is the market of promises.
Wisdom is odd but it is never alone.
I found no one wiser than history.
Where advices can’t knock to minds, comedy and jocks break locks of minds.
Human history is indebted more to passion of immortality than to anyone else.
Specialization in matter is a matter of practice but specialization in nature of matter is a matter of intuition.
Those thoughts are part of reality, which have the ability to mobilize the ambition.
Scattered thoughts weak the ambition.
When one is silent, he is in vastness of silence but when one speaks he becomes limited to knowledge and experience he is gained.
In world of man live characters but in world of men live men.
A lover can betray but love does not.
Doubt is a hammer that cracks wherever used.
The purpose of definition is to untie the grades of perception into a single grade.
The weakness of logic in morality indicates its relation to intuition.
People digest sentences more easily than books.
Literature is the expression of awareness.
Expression is sign of awareness.
The difficulties of good works become easier by appreciation and ease of bad works become difficult by opposition.
Egoism leads to solitary.
The phyla can be changed but the game of hunting never.
Hunters peruse line of prey’s life style.
Hunters are more cooperative the hunters.
Economy is the red line of people.
Questioning is the pacing of mind in awareness.
Logic is the daring of in infinity.
Revolution disperses every field of life. Absence of a system of thoughts increases the dispersion.
A movement needs regular enrichment of new thoughts to be alive.
Without thinking simple and simpler ideas are un-understandable.
Being without expression is mortal.
Creativity is individual inequality, which serves mass equality.
When advices fail to knock the mind, comedy and jokes break the lock of mind.
Worship and believe in Allah does not make one wise but makes spirit balanced
which is capable of carrying a wise mind.
Democracy and Capitalism are two clashing ideologies that west have managed to be ruled by.
Telling lie is cheap but outcomes are expensive.
We deduce from characters in history, not men.
Wealth without knowledge leads to dark ways, and knowledge without wealth leads to harsh days.
People with small aims become soon followers and soon become tired of.
One’s ability is suspicious, when he claims that he is able but situation is not suitable.
Too much thinking creates confusion.
A miser spoils his own fortune in hand.
Disorders in organizations lead to revolution, and disorders in families lead to destitution.
Indirect is a great shield where force is involved.
Those who do not make swords for their defense, others make chain for their deference.
Where mind easily get onto, there is necessarily a general truth.
People out of race are out of glance.
Those are called progressed, that world is running because they run. Those that run because world is running, hardly save their positions.
Don’t aspire for face but inquire about race.
Induction on base of deduction is most wanted trend of perfection.
Tail waves and paws tear.
Lack of trends in thinking developed play of hands in speaking.
The distance between prey and hunter is fear.
To begin avoiding discipline means to begin taking dispirited.
The cause that trees of wisdom flowers more and fruits less are that Lord of wisdom, persuade and guards of wisdom invades.
Until homes of savages do not burnt, they don’t feel how it feels the burning of other’s home.
Kings of bravery give sacrifice to save weak and off the hinges of bravery of ask for sacrifice to enslave the weak.
Life is like a bus stop, where you are free to take on any bus of any rout.
Professional criminals are slipped bolts that either you tie with wire, thread or put glue to it, it get again loose by a single shock.
Laziness is the eraser of fortune.
The one below can see up but the one up hardly sees below.
When one closes his eyes, he feels free himself. When opens his eyes he feels to make free himself.
If you accept, whole earth is yours and if you don’t half your body is not yours.
The bitterness encrusts rapidly where desire flourishes and courage vanishes.
Great potential is in patience, when one is ambition.
Lazy and timid can never are just because one who cannot be just to him, how can be just to others.
One who expects other to serve him cannot serve other.
A change which colloid with inner truths is retrogressive than progressive.
Intuition is blind if there is an assessment of inner truths.
Adaptation of an artificial normality is itself an abnormality.
Time is not to share with everyone. Time is to do works, which share everyone’s time.
Intuition is a bridge between insight and foresight.
Nothing can be more fatal than the improper handing of forces that govern the nature.
A man filled with chicanery finds ways filled with naives.
When imaginations capitulate to infinities, numbers come to help imagination.
Roots in simple can digest fast the complex.
A good reason is appeal able and a good action is imitable.
History is an all time readable subject as there are facts of defeats and victories.
Understanding is the foundation of all skills.
Those have right to enjoy the triumphs of history that make history.
Ideologies do not require passports.
Boasts are the over thirsts of wishes.
New lands handed over fortunes to people’s interests.
Anything, which leads to truth, is known as reason.
Antiques are the wine of the passionate hearts.
Ingenious individuals quest for the flaws of systems to handle the paws of power.
Mostly those people bellow at each other, which haven’t any reason to convince each other.
Artists save their plights as sighs of beauty.
The one who scorns is more petit than one who scorned.
A fool jeers and a wise make correction.
Knowledge commended the education of masses intellectuals.
No one is more pathetic than those whose contents become poor.
The ashes of destruction on derelict homes asking the painted homes their faults.
Books are excellent access to best minds of mankind.
Although mankind proud on their civilization, still the peals of the mortar fires and bomb explosions dominating over peace talks.
The danger of economic losses played great role in pacifying the world than the sense of civilization.
The equality remains meaningless until the minds are filled with malice.
Poet is the architect of beauty and sentiments.
Honor needs the shelter of sacrifice.
Jealous must realize that, he has a standard of life because others have progressed.
For men who had hands in land, myth was obedience to nature and for men who have hands in land myth is to escape from nature.
Weak blame and mighty change.
Nature makes its products different, that nothing looks old.
The name of owner of sword is not written in the heaven’s board. Sometimes sword is in the hand and sometime head is under sword.
If the road is unpaved, then either cart runs or a car both will make dusty the air.
The value of a field of knowledge is determined by its methodology.
In one consider himself “axis of virtues”, he will earn a lot of ease behaving.
We live to lead, not to rule.
Saving is a desire for immortality.
The real saving I the turning of mind.
If the people are against the evils and are trying to finish it then why it still exist?
Facing difficulties is earning experience.
If interests are changing to compulsions, it is denying and if compulsions are changing into interests, it is trying.
Progress is related to awareness, which influence the systems.
How is it wonderful that a crowd feel safe under the shelter of a person?
The leading persons in every profession are in minority.
When asked for cooking food no one was hungry, but when food cooked all become hungry.
Some have the habit to hind their meat and look for dry bread of others.
The real expressionists are mothers, as their every action affects their creatures.
Is it possible to search about the truth, while your heart is filled with prejudices?
The great obstacle in way of learning is lack of interest.
Ideologies are to change people and people are to change ideologies.
Shadows of fear started dwelling in men instead of nature.
In global village, the communication is cheap and bread is expensive.
If we enter from results into happenings, the deductions will be more valid.
Principles are right indeed but might gives speed.
Water is life but it has no color and taste.
History has no role in competition.
When money is in hand, spend it for the best works and when is out of hand, work best for the money.
Knowing is bind by un-known.
The greatest generosity of a miser is his criticism.
To be poor with a rich mind means a non-stop struggle but to be poor with a poor mind means a prey for hunters.
Repetition makes possible the acceptance of existence.
Understand, do, learn. Search, do, earn.
Exposure makes insecure.
The peaceful way of demanding rights is achieving might.
To do respect is easier than to ask respect.
To save with passion means love.
The desire to absorb the fascination means love.
When confidence comes, smile makes its nest on lips.
If men are really interest to pour life in machines, then ignoring the already existing lives?
Those discussions caused prejudices and partition that didn’t occur between persons who know the matters of the required discussion.
If one by less suppression of ego can win the hearts then it is a beneficial deal.
To convince your people is more difficult than to fight against your enemies.
The un-armed community itself calls the hunters.
The biggest enemy of men are those, who want to rule on others.
The difference between a leader and a ruler is that, the leader sacrifice himself for others and a ruler asks sacrifice for himself.
When content finishes then nothing can convince.
Too much importance declines the importance.
Societies are in process of transition from social symmetry to market symmetry.
To earn for earning is the real earning.
For social robbers customs are useful tool for making people fool.
Over-flexibility is hypocrisy.
The hope of one good day force the people to work hard six days a week, but for promise of an immortal happiness very less hard work.
The modesty is the reflection of internal beauty on face.
Interest attracts more interests.
The comments after incident are more fascinate than the incident itself.
The thief is often more active than the watchman.
If the men were not a mixture of affections and wisdom then the wisdom have always kept men in grieves.
We feel insult to advise each other while the advice is part of teaching.
The extensive wait without compulsion is love.
The purpose of all institutions should be to strengthen the position of individuals in society.
If one can afford to rent the public eyes, his abilities will get a place, otherwise he has to put his abilities in ability pocket.
Science means solution of super natural ideas into natural.
Economic freedom is the root of freedom.
When people become ready to cooperate in your works then you are no more free.
A creative may be solitary but not alone.
The believe of a speaker on his words affects the listening.
Cooking is in every home but some have cook.
Un-aware needs awareness and aware needs content.
The longest distance between men is hate.
One born completely when he dies.
Music is vibration and it vibrates.
When people feel insecure they try to get arms and when people armed then no one is secure.
The chain of slavery needs to be break, as it has not get a key.
The angry man cannot insure his and others safety.
The honesty builds the trust and poverty causes it to burst.
Lack of connection in abstraction makes it boring.
The most confused aspects of modernity is abstraction.
Profit is like ball, around which game moves.
Confused minds are best to be ruled, so rules spread confusion by hostility and hospitality.
The one who laughs on other’s fool acts and forget their foolery is also foolish.
The most beneficial side of foolery is that it is the treasure of laughter.
Hidden dangers are more dangerous than known dangers.
Consensus out of created conflicts is a new trend of colonists.
Politics is the blood of civilization that some want to drink it to last drop and some want to donate it more blood.
Unity in diversity is the significant character of knowledge.
Truth is not obscured but approaches are confused.
Allah creates chance, man makes choice.
The human civilization will learn smiling, when people start enjoying the thinking and re-thinking.
Yes I believe on perfection and immortality but not from view of etymologists.
The change in volume does not provide relief to deaf.
I don’t like to left behind me bones, on which others fight but I like to leave that unit the men.
Good ideas are amusements of mind.
For poor people this world is mysterious, but for mysterious people this world is not poor.
Knowledge makes ways for interests.
A shell is shelter, if provided shelter.
Fairy land is imagination’s desire.
As much you let free fly to a kite, it may cut from that much string.
In an ignorance dominated society democracy means rule of ignorance.
Not be that much wise that all look fool.
Passion’s desire is un-discovered beauties.
Wisdom with choice has no price.
Do not stay, as shades walk with sun.
It is very rare that followers depict the real ideology.
Loosing money is not that much a matter of concern than loosing customer.
Passion is a real master that introduce to masters.
To application of science require arts.
Where there is doubt, there is no passion.
Evils appear when weakness prevails.
Those who consider the nakedness as a symbol of liberty, must know the sentiment of a prostitute that has lost her beauty and youth.
Clear mindedness is a step of success that gives an order to efforts.
Unfamiliarity increases the chance of mistake.
Passion needs no style, as it cannot be contaminated.
The history that is waiting to be written requires actors.
Invitation connects and conversation binds.
The food of wish is life.
Men have found ways of life but not life itself.
A poet without love is dumb.
Majority and minority is a matter of participation.
One tastes life when he is laughing and weeping. All other times, he is preparing for these two moments.
Quality is an axe, which cut the idols of prejudices into pieces.
The greatest imperialist the world ever has seen is poverty.
A society with great diversity absorbs the desires.
Morality is a tool of union, but it needs to be genuine.
All efforts are to change the ratio of sorrows and joys.
From practice comes patience and from patience, passion.
The cheapest, but most effective medicine is belief and certainty.
Yes! No one born experienced and expert but born curious.
The prime aim of wisdom is to find an aim for life that worth to live for.
A proud man fear more than a humble.
Every feeling does not get the chance of polishing thoughts.
Interests dissolve more rapidly in ideology than ideology is interest.
Problem means ways to answers.
The first gift that every civilization present whole heartedly is there ethics.
Most understand by what taught them to see and hear and some understand by trying seeing and hearing different are called creative.
Soliloquy guards from mono-polarity of personality.
In bank history sound echoes.
Nature of wisdom is the biggest cause of its restriction.
If un-educated people respect the educated people, then its their right to be respected by educated people.
Anyone who pace in land of thinking, he is gifted by something. He necessarily thinks, ”I found”.
Un- certainty is the desire for certainty.
What men can’t understand, they give to sleep.
The most exhausted desire of man is attention of men.
Mind searches its food. If you don’t provide it positive thoughts it will fill itself by negative thoughts.
Description of the hunger increases the appetite.
Wisdom is the morality behind events.
Ideas never stop, but we became irrelative.
Ignorance is a real excuse to invalid.
A man of appetite without knowledge is more dangerous than a man of appetite with the knowledge.
Unity in diversity is the real guarding of sovereignty.
Difference is a fact. Liberty is assured if you accept it.
Every experienced is not creative but every creative is experienced.
The growing number of dictionaries is not just a function of branching and growing new fields of knowledge but also of the differences in level of perceptions.
Searching for money is a need and spending money for searching is the need of need, indeed.
Time is the ruling aspect of maturity.
Lions roar, Dogs bark and men exaggerate.
Liberty is not happiness and success but liberty is to save truth.
The ability to make failure is to cope.
Justice is the core of wisdom and truth is the core of justice.
A movement or revolution, need not a leader but series of leadership to achieve its goals.
The faults of others are as important as my truths.
No one can realize the facts than enemy.
Soft tongue with a hard punch is more effective than a hard tongue with soft punch.
The one who has the ability to be rich never remains poor.
Markets produce salesmen and businessmen produce markets.
Universities produce qualified men and intellectuals produce men inside men.
To stand against disciplines is itself discipline.
Boundaries are secure walls for ordinaries and curtains for extra ordinaries.
In impure world, the efforts of purification is nothing, but exhaustion.
Business is what that all discipline search their application in it.
Without an application, a discipline is myth but there is no myth without followers.
A man of vision does not smell the hurricane in shiny days but he blows out hurricane from his inside.
The most careful is the most fearful.
Life grows to diversify and diversify to grow.
Growth means constant supply though it may be narrow.
Business is a peaceful war.
When a meaningless thing becomes meaningful the life becomes stranger.
Luxurious life and luxurious thoughts both cause laziness.
The true beauty of colorlessness is in water.
Hijab is an effective tool against spiritual insecurity.
The most disciplined man is the most free man
It is easy to understand, but you have not included it in your menu.
Here and there is beauty to sustain the impatience.
A society’s main dissatisfaction is a quest for balancing between economic growth and social justice.
One who feels danger screams.
Business is an art than can carve the future.
It is the trade that wounds the society and fills the wounds.
When trades become dirty then society becomes dimensionless.
Welfare is not characteristics of the greatness but greatness is the characteristics of the welfare.
War never vanishes but it changes its fields, soldiers and manners.
Values and virtues are in reality, the definitions of humanity.
The main aim of arts and literature is to highlight the humanity beyond existing laws.
The un- slept eyes and land covered with snow is itself a live dream. 30/31 December
Faith raises the ideas to recognition.
Faith works like a selective membrane to the mind.
One who enters in confusions does not remain safe out of it.
The fruit of ignorance is injustice and justice prevails by wisdom.
Coward ness erases one’s fortune.
Telling truth sweeps the confusions.
Professions keep their workers in their bosom to sleep and Arts and Literature calls them back to the awakening.
Experienced wash out the sorrow of vanishing time.
Desires force men to step in unknown worlds. Large desires force men to step in such depths of unknown that they forget the ways.
An enemy that always stands ready behind men is forgetting.
Men have two types of eyes. One type is bodily and other is mentally. The ignorance is the curtain for bodily eyes and forgetting is the curtain for mental eyes.
Absolute is simple and relative is complex.
Neither a wise man is wise everywhere nor a fool is fool everywhere.
Wisdom is not absolute but it is relative.
Division of foolery equates multiplication of wisdom.
Desires grow by eating the satisfaction.
How is one rebellion that accepts his desires and how one is free who is enslave to wishes?
Ignorant is not one who is not abilities but one who has deviated his qualities.
Qualities make users of abilities in their own ways.
What is beauty? Beauty is the equation between opposites.
The best way to promulgate the wisdom is to refine the qualities.
The defeat of modern men in morality has decreased the blessing of science and technology.
Islam is a way, which familiarize the men with qualities that make abilities to reach the wisdom.
Sexual liberty in West is to exhaust the liberty of thinking power of Western people, and in East there is direct prohibition on liberty of thoughts. We can say that that there is indirect prohibition of thinking in West and direct prohibition of thoughts in East.
Intellectuals bath with dreams and wear facts.
Courage comes from two things, passion and need.
The life of a leader is always on trail of qualities, like courage, honesty, passion, to serve and wisdom.
It was the courage of Moses that shook the Pharoses not its tongue.
Wisdom looks its reflections in past, guides out of troubles and confusions in present and design the future on the basis of prediction.
Future is the dustbin of desires.
Too much familiarity with psyches makes one drop down of his level of gentility because knowing of weaknesses makes one weak in his determinations to not exploited the men.
The bitter nesses followed earthly pleasures influenced men to take the safety of spirit.
A lazy man has no good reason other than refusal.
Hypocrisy is the effort of solving a problem with problems.
Science is the collection of particulars that have general acceptance.
Too much simplification de value and too much complex calls for ignorance.
A man with abilities who has not courage will serve a courageous man.
The life saviors are not that much proud than killers proud.
History starts speaking when men start recording.
News papers are mediums for immature expressions of prejudices and literature is the medium of mature expression of prejudices enveloped by feelings.
It is hard to face the trouble in the way of success but it is harder to face the defeat.
Justice is a sword, which cut the prejudice.
History adds in courage of courageous and fears of timid.
The importance of courage is due to opposition.
Without the meaning the events are stories and with meaning, lessons.
Quality of the subjects chooses quality of minds.
Progress is a force makes its own ways but bringing it to welfare, needs wisdom.
Cyclic events put the designs of thoughts on trail, so wisdom can’t be petrified.
Ideas are simple but they need a sequence that is characteristics of philosophers.
Entertaining ideas are the hardest lived and easily adopted that is characteristics of all but uncover by some.
Needs make waiting; burning and all are needy of something.
Emotions ate the weakness that all share in common.
Silent beauty speaks more than speaking beauty.
Those who know the meanings, for them meaning have importance, so those things that we don’t give importance to very extent, our unfamiliarity to their real meaning plays an important role.
We think because we need the truth.
Technology made life easy and frequent as well as death.
Trade is the magnet of conflicts, out of which thoughts are generate.
The most active part of societies are traders but very few of them are related to the meaning.
Needs and problems are on the surface of mind.
Human minds are the pictures of universe that are different from each other’s.
With better explanations the level of learning increases. It is why modern men think of themselves wise.
The difference between sin and mistake is that much, as much the difference between suicide and accidental death.
Sin is not considering the good and the mistake is doing good while one is not able to do good.
Success has four interdependent parts: - 1. Familiarity 2. Courage 3. Hard working 4. Patience.
Situation is never normal but people conceive them normal.
Honor is close to those who always remain prepared.
Love of luxury is the start of declining honor.
Laziness is sickness in peace and curse in conflicts.
The importance of advice is due to the differences in level of perception.
The satisfaction of one is greatly related to his passion and attitude.
In democracy participation of people brings progress but ambiguities and un certainties degrade its results.
Democracy leading by guidance of wise men is blessing and leading by conflicts of clever is curse.
Adopting simplicity is as hard as waiting.
The greatest blessing of wealth is its freedom of action.
Economy give shape to the civilization. Policies give shape to the economy. Organization gives shape to the policies. Leaders give shape to the organization. Ready nations give shape to the leaders. The interactions of a nation with other nations give shape to the nation’s readiness. The interests and ideology of a nation gives shape to its interactions. The trade and knowledge gives shape to the interests.
It is a fact that those who have courage, vision and wealth and ability are in minority.
They must use their abilities as reward of their greatness in ways of helping themselves and others by helping the majority to improve.
Equality asks for generosity of powerful and strengthening of weak.
Ethics need power that awake after strength.
Love is partial reality.
A just man must struggle for power, because if he leaves the field empty then unjust will rule unjustly.
A man of moral needs to know the sources of power to strengthen himself that could give meaning to his morality, similarly a society that wants to establish on the basis of justice and liberty must make clear the channels of power to strengthen itself that its justice and liberty get a meaning.
Satisfaction is not in the petrifaction, as world is never stationary.
Following truth is vital, as by following truth we perceive ourselves true that is the real triumph.
The capacity of a man is related to his approach to the meaning.
Life has given that much time that I just could say, how I want to live.
The rich colors of life appear in large families that co-exist.
Theory of relativity made visible an angle to reveal the same facts.
The real success is in seeking truth and effectiveness.
Considering the degree of effects increase the level of better selection.
Willingness to the old moralities and hesitation to the adaptation were the source of miseries.
Discussing politics and doing politics is as much different as making shoes and on shoes.
In the field of thoughts prejudice is the start of failure.
Doing shorter is curse and doing nothing is worse.
Tribes are natural organizations and nations are intentional organizations.
Men’s real ownerships are their skills, works and effects of them.
Intention of becoming healthy is the real protection of health.
Food provides energy and respiratory practices give flow to it.
Virtue is beauty and beauty is virtue. Discipline is virtue, which has the touch of beauty. Order is beauty which is the expression of beauty. The most evolved beauty is justice, which is complementary of order and discipline. Justice is providing suitable.
Borders and L.O.C are jails that have custodies of a whole nation or people of region.
If the difference between beast and human is the force of thinking then the difference between men is also the force of thinking, so it is close to wisdom to nourish the mind and use it at level of best.
The best method of self-assessment is to ignore all existing ideas, and think about the matters and then compare your ideas with existing ideas. You will find the originality of your ideas as well as the place of ideas. Maybe your ideas lead the existing-ideas.
Cultures and traditions were always influenced from the sources of earnings of an area. Now a day’s research quest and creativity became the leading forces of the economy, so it is suitable that research, quest and creativity become formally part of our traditions and cultures.
It is vital to a man to be logical because we can’t stop doubting.
Trust is like belief. It is neither influenced by reason nor reasons can generate belief.
Trust comes from results that are repeatedly appeal your perceptions.
Blind actions are like thoughts, which don’t act.
When we have nothing to describe proudly in present, we often describe the splendid past. The tells of history must be for learning purpose not for filling empty spaces of present.
The sign of a promising man is that he has the force of thoughts that fly beyond the theories, which enforce his passion for actions.
It is become fashion to discuss on fashionable objects whether there is reason or not.
The scarcity of women in fields of unknowns, creativity, meanings, discoveries, inventions and victories are due to their lack of courage. They have abilities but lack of courage stop them to pace into the depths of realities. Why they lack courage? The suitable answer maybe, because they have natural tendencies towards affections. Maternal affection, which is the most pure and great affection, is the root of other affections. Affections are the home of fears, especially fear of losing, what is the hub of their affections? These fears shorten their courage to their affections. They show their courage when they perceive their hub of affections is in danger, but these kinds of courage is very less effective in pacing in fields that change the human trends and ways, though they are affective in saving such men that change the trends.
It is very common thing to understand that every fields and discipline has its own method and techniques but it is very amazing that philosopher try to explain the spirits and God. The tool of philosophy is logic and it is unsuitable for them to pace in field of spirit that is more based on practice than logic.
Natural laws and natural phenomena are invitations to creative people and challenge to the courageous people.
The soul of materialistic beauty is gravity.
Natural laws are fate, and fortunate are those who are prepared to take advantages of them.
Bad temper is invitation to hate.
Avoiding natural laws is scratching the face of fate by paws.
Imaginations expand the quality of minds and economics expand the authority of minds.
Ignorance make the exploitation as beautiful as triumph.
Ignorance make satisfy the touches of changes.
Justice is the true face of liberty and equality.
Intentions the order of intuition.
One who has not see the face of peace and terrible fields of war, he can’t realize nature of emotions.
Pessimism is to realize the dangers and optimism is to seek the opportunities among the dangers.
Mechanism of thoughts shape the personality as much as the thoughts itself as the mechanisms of thoughts shape the ideas.
Creative people are lords, selected and honored by nature.
Great spirits can feel the same thing extent nut express it in different manners.
Shake hands but shock the hearts by changing minds.
If an object can’t be measured directly and indirectly then it can’t be a subject for scientific studies. Unfortunately when we teach science, we have no scale to measure the learning capacities of the students. Despite these we make syllabus for a time limit. This is the most unscientific method of the teaching science. All we have to do is to put the required information into the skull of the students without knowing their capacities. It is a common experience that, the students learn more speedily the sensible objects, then deductive subjects and lastly the inductive subjects. At least this provide a guideline for the teachers to make planning for the subjects by classifying their syllabus into the common sense or sensible subjects, deductive subjects and inductive subjects.
Love is bound to respect. The highest level of the respect is called love.
Emptiness is not cleanliness but silence in strangeness of the full visibility.
How naïve is the planting of the evils for the sake of the security.
Modern men are free to act but are not free to understand.
Mind is the canvas of the life.
We don’t choose the way but find the way.
One can help others by explaining what others didn’t explain.
Knowledge is the raw material common in all productions.
The highest form of the zeal is in curiosity. Success is the curiosity of the hopes.
Challenging sorrows are the doors of the glorious tomorrows.
The real helpless is the hopeless one.
Patience could be learned by self sacrifices.
Though the acceptance of the mistakes are very hard to be made but those with the strong ambitions of the change accept openly their mistakes as want to be changed for sake of changing. Change wash out the mistakes.
The pains of the heart is the architect of the ego.
Slow moves due to high concentrations goes beyond the fast moves that are due to sustained impressions.
Water, wind, temperature are the brushes of the nature by which she paints.
Hard works are the bench marks of the glory.
The richness of the faith leads to the respectful content that has root into unity through excellence.
One who forgives is the real healer as the sin is sickness.
visionary men are more important than sectors as they create sectors.
Time is the building blocks of the history but requires a master to work with.
Expressing self is the door o recognizing the self.
self awareness attracts the life
purity of the emotions are what history lacks.
A novel is the intuitional experience.
We claim to love the truth but also like to make confuse.
Too many adjectives are only senses but facts are the sense makers.
Those who value their men more than profits are profited more.
The real creative is one, from whom everyone has to get something.
Leaders don’t prove but they make proofs.
All those who interpret are not great but those whose interpretations are influential are great.
Majority of the students study the chemical composition but very few are there who dare to study the mental compositions.
Yes the experimentations are the way to live a lively life but experimenting with only chances are gambling.
Gambling is the most illogical experimentation.
It is a real curse for the people when their leaders are clever and people are ignorant.
Life is few pages of politics, economics and social behaviors.
Psychology is the knowledge of internal struggle between one’s wishes and natural laws.
It is our intended ignorance that we are pleased of temporary joys, while they have preceded and will proceed by sorrows.
Prejudices make smaller the capacities.
Scientists play the most un-scientific football.
Making life artificial is purchasing tensions very costly.
Closeness to nature ascend the spirit like spiritual practices.
Men’s source of happiness is men and nature but both have hidden dangers.
Most political problems are created rather than raised.
Loans work like pain killer pills.
The real problem is not the redistribution of existing wealth but the real involvement of all men without distinction in the production and trade.
No economic system can provide equality though they can finish naked indifferences by good organization.
Mass production serve well men if a just political system save its blessing.
Self making raise one to the visibility of leadership. The suitable organization and administration make it possible to maintain and grow the leadership.
The laws must not the restrict but the applications must be restrict to be effective.
The lands of mind will always remain calling for conquer and discovery.
A working political system can be spoiled but can’t be ceased until it does not left.
An interesting recognizing factor of the people is in distinction of agreements. Some people disagree in what they don’t know and agree in what they know and some are exactly opposite of this.
Civilization is not a discipline but a process.
Expertise increase the sense of the beauty.
The effects of the hardworking is directly related to the approach of the aim.
The nature never make slave but it is we who enslave us.
Responsibility is the value of the law.
The conscious acceptance of social responsibilities is the sign of the civilization and social responsibilities that did not designed to exploit but to achieve excellence is civilization.
Everyone is divided by his time and it will named after him if could succeed in earning the name for his time.
Logic in its real sense is cyclic as it is coordinated by similarities and differences.
Men do not need equality but justice.
It is really strange that those who accept that mind is greater than heart but again give sacrifices for those who fill their hearts but not those who fill their minds.
Discovery is nature’s gift to the conquest of the men.
Prejudice make a loss acceptable for the loss of the enemy.
Memory is the stock marked of the human emotions.
Evolution is the struggle for the getting equation between homeostasis and fluctuating external environment. This means evolution is an instant process.
Creative understanding depends on the rate and level of the thinking.
The most resistant obstacles of the abilities is habits.
Passion of the luxury swallow the passions.
Carelessness is the conscious hallucination.
Understandings the elements of the equation is the base of the understanding of the equation and the understanding of the equation is key to the understanding of the functions and characteristics of the elements.
There is an equation between creativity and activity in history. The disturbance of the equation between creativity and activity will result in change in either in replacement or disturbance of the equation between input and output in un desirable manners.
Creativity is an agent of the globalization. Globalization’s greatest obstacle is lack of the justice and justice is lacking due to incapability of the masses to maintain equation between creativity and activity to keep their identities.
The clash of civilizations is in reality the failure of the modern men to create a real civilization instead of the abstract civilization.
Men’s largest tragedy is the gape between their dreams and the reality.
Creativity and activity that spin up by spirituality is the real daring of men towards perfection.
The source of the physical energy is respiration that strengthen by the stretching and source of the mental strength is the creative thinking that strengthen by the concentration. Mental and physical strengths are complementary that in equation they are perfect in instant.
The perfection of the morality is in spirituality.
A normal man do not ignore spirituality as the men have dual nature of the spirit and the physical body. Limitation of the sensation make men limited even about their own nature and hence the equation disturbs. There are two ways of the equalizing the disturbed dual nature of the men. One is emptying and the other is filling. Filling the strengths and emptying the weaknesses. Filling the intellectuality, physical fitness and good deeds and emptying prejudices, hatreds, appetite of the lust…etc.
Intellectuality with consciousness of the reality is the appetizer of the soul.
Mind is the door of the soul.
The increasing needs is the basic cause of the decreasing loyalty.
The expectation of the loyalty without morality is an illogical behavior.
Experiences spread and the awareness raise.
Crowds scatter the individual and the solitude concentrate the individual, and the equation between the concentration and scattering suite men as men are social organism and the organized entity individuals.
The real locks are our ignorance.
There are two types of the ignorance, conscious ignorance and unconscious ignorance. The most dangerous is the conscious ignorance because it can’t be enlightened.
The beauty becomes visible when it beautifully reflected.
Admiration is the expression of the rate of absorption.
The rhythm of the love is its soft shocks of the sweet pains that make the soul uneasy in restless sadness.
If we see that majority of the people are shallow (even if are educated) is because majority of the people are weak in the expression.
Feeling of the delicacy is more delicate than the delicacy.
The beauty is not abstract but it is the limitation of the consciousnesses that visualize it abstract.
Men are more energetic in the moments while they are wild, as wild rooted in emotions.
The most interesting abstract is the word “you”. “You” is mostly the seeking of the self, that what we know as expectations.
Emotions are wild.
It is may be the sense of the extinction of the wild that modern men expresses their emotions in the wild manners.
Fashionable philosophy do not exhibit the awareness.
It is the fashion of the philosophy that attract the most not the essence of philosophy.
The closed doors lead to the upstairs.
The opportunities never cease but raise to upper levels.
Invisible changes, change the visions.
Men are more men when their hearts are heavy, and more wild when their hearts are light.
The triumph of knowing is rooted in the unknown.
Passion is the soft and consistent hurricane to the mind.
The awareness of the emotions and sensations is the material that convert the creativity into the art.
If the literature is the mirror of the life then it is still undefined.
The size of the problem is related to the level of the understanding.
Partial understandings by more intensity are an obstacle to the diversity.
Sensitivity without understanding is fear.
Habits determine the population of the problem.
Creativity and activity are the complementary forces that seed a civilization in equation. The equation of them need guidance which determines the direction of the disturbance of the equation will lead to pseudo civilization.
Everyone loves but few follow the truth.
Love is truth if it has root in justice and is lust if it is unjustly rooted.
Presenting the pseudo love as essence of the emotions just for cause of the attraction largest conspiracy of the pseudo civilizations that has uprooted the purity of the relations.
Emotions are the strongest detergents for the brain washings.
The limits of the love are the real stuff for the prejudices.
The value of the love is related to the objective of the love.
Creativity is basically imaginary experiences.
If we could manage to learn when mind is hungry we could learn and teach better.
Imaginary experiences are livelier than physical experiences as they fascinate.
What is reality depends upon the experiences, sources of the experiences, needs and interests. Hence we can divide the reality into the popular and the individual reality popular reality is the everyday life, the economics, politics, social step and social activities. People influence these realities greatly directly and indirectly, means grow to change from people of one time to other. What we mean of direct and indirect is the conscious and unconscious experiences. Individual reality differs from person to person. For a scientist what experiments and evidences are allowed are real. For a spiritual what his spiritual experiences and beliefs are allow are real. For a creative man his imaginations are real, as they lead the existing realities to become real.
Liberalism in real sense is the liberty to persuade the truth not the liberty to persuade the emotions of the split men.
The distinction between the true way and the correct method is like the distinction between the men and the robots.
Philosophers mostly create the utopia because they follow the logic not the nature.
The division of the functions of the mind into sub consciousness, unconsciousness and consciousness is not complete as creativity is a function of the super-consciousness.
For men the unearthing of the events is not that much interesting that creating events by acting on imagined events.
Events are limited in time but unlimited in effects.
Feelings get more meaning when they wear the events.
Memories get zero mass but their existence is not erasable.
In common terms the meaning of “zero is equal to infinity” gets real meaning in form memories and imaginations.
Words are abstract in common and definite in instances.
Most of the miseries of life is the production of the human relations and interactions.
Matter is same but at different situations show different kinds of properties. For example the same object above zero is matter and below zero is energy, and it is called dual nature of matter.
The power of truth lies in its way. It does not struggle for survival, but it is the essence of the survival.
One may know but don’t understand.
If one can’t forget a mistake, he must forgive to keep himself in normal track.
The most obvious mistake is to avoid either similarities or differences.
To understand the humanity one need to human.
Experience is in real sense awareness.
The institution of the love is family.
Family is a state of love as it is the institution and constitution of love.
Wisdom is the equation between logic and nature.
The nations do not destroyed physically to vanish but they dissolve to vanish.
Answering satisfy while questioning alert the attention which is the basis of the quest so it is better to question before answering.
Without emotions logic can’t reach to the degree we believe on and make intention solid and solid real.
Wealth’s flow is directly related to the events and events shape the values.
As wealth make event the opponents bearable so ignoring the values is nothing except living for nothing.
Men struggle not just for survival but survive for the values.
Values are the only guardian against abstraction.
Insisting on values do not mean returning to the past but saving them to evolve them by creativity.
In physical world the only constant is change.
Negative ways can be shocking and effective but can’t be prevailing for long.
Superstitions are not only born out of the ignorance and fears but also of the endless desires.
Evolution is more a set of principles than set of the facts.
Evolution is a large structure of principle that use facts as raw material.
Facts can be fit to evolution as well as they also do not fit the facts but can’t be wiped out on the basis of facts but it could get grew new shapes instead.
Looking evolution as a principle is a historical mistake that gave born many differences rather it is a set of principles characteristics of the ever changing world.
The changing levels of the absorptions indicate the instant capacities and it is what shapes the values in an instant.
Changing capacities is what make justice and equation two separate things and the biggest difficulty in assessment of justice and equation is the assessment of the changing capacities.
Needs differ according to positions and aims but an essential need can’t be get in single dose it is what give meaning to struggle as well as savings.
Simple is the raw material for creativity.
The wisdom is densely rooted in ordinary facts.
What we call routine is the thick coat of our ignorance.
It is the rarity of the observations and perfections that make rare the imagination and it is the rarity of the imaginations that make fantasy more real than real.
The nations two times more accept external influences in their history. One when they newly establish themselves as a new nations they do not select and recreate and another time when they decline but this time they do not select but just accept.
Dream is a part of the nature as sleeping is natural and it is why there is no nation without art and culture.
Modern men had infected their dreams by the conspiracy in values by the name of facts and fake liberty while dreams are rooted in truth rather than design facts.
Dream and guidance has only sun that is truth.
Truth is not abstract but it is the designed facts that confuse modern men to truth.
Nature grew its children brave by teaching them struggle.
In nature beauty and delicacy means struggle not symbolism.
Equilibrium is the greatest facts that require knowledge and deep approach and it is what modern men have been directed to be bored of.
The understandings which expands to the explanation is normal understandings but understanding which goes beyond the explanation is creativity.
The organizations at every level show that creation is not abstract but it our misunderstanding that is abstract.
The consciousness of the time is the heart of the history.
The repetition is the base of the reassessment.
Consciousness of time make thirsty of skills for expression of existence.
Impression of the existence needs the expression of the consciousness.
The level of consciousness of other’s positions is the real consciousness of the self.
Nature is beautiful when really comes fit in it.
Heart for Allah and mind for fellow men or love for Allah and service for people.
Men do not adopt the environments as the evolutionists say but they alter the environments to their needs and desires.
Artificial selection is the acceptance of the evolution as designed creation.
The aesthetic of the logical art is in geometry.
As creativity is not always logical so it start from abstraction and later on shape in definite by shaping of the understanding.
What is inconvenient in abstraction is abolishing values by name of creativity and making space for directionless persuasions.
It is more suitable in studying nature to comparison the entities of the nature separately and then coordinate them as it help to clear up the confusion of the perceptions we erected by name of the nature.
Men is half rooted in nature and half in his guidance.
To live lively in present is attention.
The consciousness about morality is the adventure in spiritual world.
Aesthetic is the equation between the guidance and the diluting of the sorrows.
Sorrows under the guidance dilute the difficulties.
Arts and literature’s main aims are diluting sorrows, making new ways and consciousness of the time.
World looks less how much books one have collected than how many books he has written and consider less how many books he has written than how many subjects he has created or enlightened.
Father’s most precious lesson to his children is what they must be and become.
Helping in recognizing the pseudo sorrows are real success of the arts and literature.
Morality’s beautiful gift is strong shield against the pseudo sorrows.
A great majority of the sorrows are due to misinterpretations and misconceptions.
Searching roots of the sorrows guides more better to happiness than searching for the happiness itself.
The sorrows that come from struggle are triumphs of the courage.
The abstract wishes are the parasites of the definite desires.
The roots of the sorrows are in abstract wishes.
Forgive as you can’t forget.
Living from other’s imaginations is the sanctuary of the sorrows.
Organization is the mold of the discipline.
Curing differs to the intensity of the cause. Vanishing of the desires, living just for himself and living just in present work like pain killers for decreasing the intensity of the cause instantly or simultaneously. When pains is in extreme and unbearable or the shocks are extreme, the patient helped by sleeping pill to become unconsciousness to provide him simultaneous relief, but for a normal man these doses are un suitable because he has a goal to achieve an aim to complete. For this purpose pains are like stairs, like light in dark or like signs in the way. A man with an aim does not reach to that unbearable extremes as his desires are definite and he is not confused by abstract wishes that lead him to the pseudo sorrows.
My childhood’s innocence was beautiful but was not valuable because it was a product of unconsciousness and a product of the emptiness but my aged stands are valuable as I earned it by immense struggle with consciousness. I re tasted the beauty and pleasure of the innocence with consciousness. This is valid as it is full of consciousness. Here pain has a taste as pain is the sensor of the relief and the sensation of the triumph.
One is more happier who has the judgment of the doses and the consciousness of the cause and doses relative to the time and magnitude.
The use of the same in different manners related to the consequences give meaning prefixes of the negative and positive. It is what put on trail the truth.
Large is shorter than more.
Large quantity is more stable than large size.
Less without quality is mess.
Cultures and traditions are one of the relative influential factors in creativity and activity of nations.
Struggle for survival is in real sense is the force of equation of the nature.
Profession is an eye guideline to see the world differently.
Words are more creative than photos, as words allow the imagination of any level to flow.
Some may excited from a strong inspiration but does not necessarily match with his abilities so these kinds of inspiration is an instant inspiration but inspiration match with abilities then it cause evolution.
One may inspire from an athletic but not become athletic himself and another one does.
Super consciousness make the weaknesses our strength.
Democracy does not means abstraction while in modern world democracy is the root of abstraction as the decision making goes into hands of non professional individuals who have the resources to influence the people. The real democracy is a lot the decision making to professionals of those fields in which decisions are to be carried out with an equation to the desires or attitudes of the people.
Care free attitude is a real sense is the sense of care of others and absence of expectation to be cared.
Organic evolution is preceded by the inorganic evolution so the evolution in real sense is the continuation of the creation as the creation is the appearance of the new things out of the old and old out of the nothing.
In every instant of the evolution there were combination of the driving forces that are different from the other instants.
Society is organization and democracy is de organization driving by the forces of the persuasion.
When we study the history we concentrate on physical development of the other organisms but in case of the human, religion, ideology and cultures are concentrated on, which is a line of evolution absent in all other organisms.
To forget the great men is to forget the visions.
Burning pages in not to burn the rages.
Happiness is the outcome of the completion not perfection.
Evolution is an equation between negative and positive forces. A force has dual impact. For some it cause evolution and for others it cause extinction.
Curve is the essence of the awareness as awareness is the journey start from self to outer world and again come back on basis of the outer experiences to explore self.
One who looks self from self is called realist and another who looks from outer world to self is called experimentalist while both are same but at different stages.
We are only able to observe, sense and study light oriented facts but fully ignorant of the dark oriented facts. Light is knowledge but what is dark, ignorance?
Language binds a nation and beliefs show the destination and ways to be destined.
A fool love harm regularly under the good wishes.
Considering life as sorrows and joys are just the emotional faces of life.
It is the truths that keep my hopes alive even to depths of troubles.
Facts are too bitter to hopes.
Facts are partial truth. The truth that make hopes alive that is the true way one may follow. The true way make enough ambitious that bitterness of facts look too ordinary to the greatness of the aims.
Our perceptions need other’s expressions. Other’s performances ignites our imaginations. We can sense others but we can’t feel others until they don’t express themselves.
Professionals seek the abnormalities while to the laymen that are curse.
Description is more difficult then expression but expression is more original and impressive than description.
An expression influence expression and a description influence descriptions but expressions become part of the describer.
Men get more and analyze less so individuals more influences is more original and impressive than description.
Every great news is the descendant of the countless small news.
Nature is rich but minds are poor that most remain poor.
It is the nature of the nature that mixes up the richness of the something with deficiencies of some other things.
A richness is blessing that fits one’s capacity.
Men sense order more than equation.
A beauty with much capacity is mostly depend on one’s desires, is his performances.
Economics has connection with all disciplines but its connections with spiritual practices are more economical.
Life is a voyage of perfection and travel is to live more lively.
It is the people who make time running in one place of world and make time crawl peacefully in order place of world. It is the people who make you feel a place of earth your homeland and refugee in other place of the earth.
One who can understand the nature of things can sense and feel to its true nature. He can guide to bind the people who can act but are confused due to involvements. They are too much involved in things rather to think. Their strength need guidance of one who thinks by making himself out of things to the nature of things.
People are like mobile libraries. One can read them but by opening them through conversation and interaction not just by observing their faces. Face is like the title page of a book. The title may be very attractive and boosting but inside the book may be emptiness and confusion in rich words. And vice versa, the title may be hard, straight, not appealing one but inside the book there may be fluency, charm, discoveries, experience and boldness to simplicity.
Hunger shorten the desires and richness expand it to directionless expansion.
Desires alone can’t reveal the desires but the direction of the desires are the roots of the identity.
Every form and expression of the life make events. Passed events and their impressions are what we call stories. Stories were and are the sources of learning and teaching to all kinds of the men as they are rooted in events that are common to the experiences of the all. Stories follow life and life is not limited to we sense. Its diversity extend beyond the common sensation. Same as stories extend beyond the common sensation to the imaginations, but as a rule those stories remain alive which could appeal to our common sensation. Stories are source of the learning because it touch the senses to appeal the imagination and it is what the stories commonly aimed, burning the imagination for the creativity. The stories we create, though they are not essential to match facts but they essentially match our desires. Desires do not bind themselves to facts but they like to create the facts.
Other’s mistakes make one’s belief more stronger on fates.
System organize forces in a manner that they get more than their shares.
Cities are live treasures for the trades.
to a pupil questioning is key to the success and silence is key to the safety but both require sense of the timing.
The most precious treasure is time and the best way to utilize it following the true way by molding our nature in casts of the way.
An old men’s treasure is his memories that very few like to share with them.
The real art of a man is his character. Character is not commonly perceived as a set of the principle that thick the abilities as much as it become fully resistant to flow. It does not stop the creativity and also does not stop one from adopting or creating a profession that suites him. It also does not limit the freedom but it gives a vision and strength to follow the true way and avoid the false way by all its attraction. It liberates from all that make one weak. Modern men have skills but lack character. They need to understand the strength of the character to liberate themselves from the abstraction with true nature of liberation.
One’s strength lay in his acts.
Real power is to influence because rule or control is secondary powers. The tools of influence is same as the tools of communications so the real strength is in the tools of communications, including manners of speaking to behaviors to skills of doing work.
As the source of the skills, character, communications, body….etc, all and all is your mind, so one always needs to be aware and remain alert that his mind remain organized that his all functions remain organized. Anything that can spoil the organization of the mind must be avoided. His mind must get a continuous food for thought. A mind with a mechanism digest the thoughts and data in an organized manner which same him from contradictions which is the source of the abstraction. A working and organized mind is the source of the strength of one.
Formulation is logic to check the observations.
Civilization is the reflection of life.
The difference between men and beast is that, beast follow life by instinct and men follow life by instinct and reflection of life intuitionally.
Love is a word and ocean of feelings. Men have sung and narrated its forms from prehistoric time but still could not define it because love is life and life always grow for the completions.
We buy our needs and pay for our desires.
Super creature is an instinct thinking, it is why men with their pure aspirations happily fail or die for truth but not agree to be successful in wrong.
The object is same but the level of concentration make them different to the perception of the beauty.
Tiresome dims the beauty but not make ignore as becoming habitual.
The investment in beauty for splendid would result in splendid beauty while investment in beauty for exploitations result in abstraction.
Competition is driving agent and product of human diversification. The positive competition is the appreciation of the human diversification and negative competition is the egoism born out of the fear.
Fighting conspiracy with conspiracy is struggling for nothing as it disable the minds.
The hygiene of the mind is a continuous process which mostly nourishing mind by uncovering of the facts and realities.
Fantasy is like brackish water that make thirsty at shallow levels.
In capitalist democracy, political and economical statistics is the logical conspiracy.
Political investment is capitalist democracy has just one aim that mass exploitation at negligible levels.
Advertisements are the largest source of the mind pollution in the modern societies.
In abstract situations, peace is also an abstract and modern men moved too much in abstraction.
A system handles the situations systematically but exceptions are what Lords perceived as source of their superiority.
The four freedoms are necessary but the capitalist democracy handles them are conspiracy.
High level skills and short perceptions are what meaning to abstraction.
One is in danger even if he struggles for the conservation of the dangerous ones.
Men are designed for the principles to be principled.
The flexibility of the organic life is what that lead them to the peak of evolution.
Men always choose the organic world for competition though the artificial intelligence are becoming reality.
Glory is with aggression because it is always stand on bravery.
Heartily encouragement and discouragement is what men deceive most for.
Logical encouragement and discouragement could never be uprooted from the soft soils of the emotions.
Massive applications make slight differences to major differences.
Mass attacks and mass defense is the sole source of the glory that men for always known as unity.
The limits of oneself is only he himself.
Truth is crossed on needs.
The mass compromises is the result of the individual compromises for saving their individual earnings.
The poverty is the poison as well as food for the ego. It kills the ego but if survive then nourish it.
Kill the ego, the person will live like dead.
Though ego will find the source for the survival but once it replaced, the person will loose his original identity.
Civilization is the evolution of the responsibilities.
The desires that become passion make reality.
Childhood desires are the nucleus of the mature passions.
Passion is the door of the happiness.
Childhood’s desires are the nucleus of the passions.
Mature desires are most appealing to the passion.
Passion is not changeable but it can be shaped by the changing perceptions.
Society is the organized sharing of the wealth and power but its growth needs regular monitoring that it does not grow wild, as modern societies do.
Capitalist democracy blossom the abilities but for exploitation.
It is the nature’s most precious lesson that roots and braches grow following the sources of the nutrition and energy but all are bounded to a single stem.
I was thirsty…..thirst were squeezing me to the last stages of my tolerance…people were all thirsty…..there were streams of pure water…..calm, shining transparent and cool……people were taking sweet and soft drinks….all were thirsty but were thirsty but were only taking sweet and soft drinks of their tastes in different colors…..these drinks were really appealing to the eyes…….my thirst pressed me out of my temper……I appealed every one to not drink those drinks…..all were just offering me soft drinks to the different colors……all hesitate to go to streams or at least accompany me to the streams…….I become hopeless and slowly and solely walked to a stream……few individuals were following the streams…I asked one of them,” where fall these streams….?”….he smiled and replied,” To an endless ocean, where there is not thirst”……I again asked,” then there will be no taste without thirst….?”….he looked to me in surprise and answered me,” there all tastes unify to a high pure taste to taste the perfection….”….I looked to the streams by which I could break the thirst….?”….He replied me,” just for the moments, because your capacity is small and all around you are sweet items that always appealing to you to attract you…..”….I sit to drink but that moment of single taste had more stronger thirst…..thirst for the ocean of the perfection………………………………………………..”.

The only way of the compromise is the tolerance of the peace.
One’s recognition is not only from his companions but also of his enemies.
If organization is a mean of the power then for sustaining of the power there is need of more and better organizations.
Behaviors are the currency of the relations and the products are hearts.
Men have adopted to be harder than rocks that get out their livelihood out of them.
Fashion evolved the people to love playing with words and tales of the sorrows not to feel the sorrows.
The most uncivilized wars are in between the so called “civilized nations”.
They put their hands on the holy book and water their commitment by their blood and there are people who put their hands on the holy book to water their wishes by their blood.
We are always in war with wolves, weather they come from mountains by four legs or come from plains by two legs.
Question itself is part of knowledge as without some knowledge there will be no questionable question.
Yes! Behind of every feeling there are reason but reasons are hypothesis not laws.
In real life, the wrong answers not only remove the marks but also have negative markings through negative remarks.
Logic is the shepherd of the herds of feelings.
Yes! Ignoring or avoiding the failures is unjust and is the sign of ignorance but expecting zero failure is also the sign of the ignorance as our tools are evolving.
Wounds to a great ego makes alive the spirits to his strong beliefs.
Memory is the fairy where the fairy’s beauty and innocence are washed by sorrows.
Memories are weaved by sorrows.
Sensation burns the candle of creativity.
Sorrows are the echoes of the mortality.
The modern generosity is to give charity poisoned by conspiracies.
The strange fear is the fear of an armed big man from the stick of a determined child.
Grow big and bigger but be careful of maintaining balance to not slide.
Sorrows are the deep stuff for the creativity to make ways of inspiration to triumphs.
Compassion is a strong tool but it can’t judge the truth as justice.
One who knows the aesthetic of logic and looks to logic aesthetically to shape and design his virtues really makes himself strange as people speak about all of them but not coordinate them as nourishing from same roots.
Whatever activities that make one habitual of neglecting small details or visualize small details un important is uprooting himself.
The number of people broken down of main streams show the mesh size of a society’s sensation weaving.
Psychological addictions are what men always neglected though they observe broken down people all round them.
Every time and every situation has raw material for creation that creativity seeks.
Management is what men drain their weaknesses.
People in ancient times were happy and today still happiness didn’t extinct so there is not technological advances but attention that matter to happiness.
The freedom in democracy is a conspire mask as liberty is gift of technological advancement and compulsion of governments.
Sorrows are aesthetic because their roots are in truth, justice and facts.
The thick and dark air pollution that one sees in the air over a city is more thickly and darkly polluted by dead dreams of hundreds of thousands of people.
Creative awareness is a fire that burn conspiracies with all its complex camouflages.
Position are more related to hard works rather than to intelligence.
Until one is able to shape the forms of his sorrows and joys as raw materials for life he lives lively and when he becomes pressed under burden of sorrows and joys then he lives a life filled with mess of sorrows and mess of joys.
I sleep to awake my imaginations and imagine to creative my awareness.
Favor and loyalty are the fulcrum of equation in society.
Dreams are investments in emotions.
Coordination are what organizations rely on.
Coordination is the simplest and meaningful way of decreasing risks.
The controlling and egoistic power of men is reason, so the worst kind of conspiracy is to make reasoning confuse to compel people easily mold into handling hands.
Inaction by name of relaxation is key to disable the reasoning so appetizers for luxury and ostentations are the main social tools for mass weakening of the reasoning.
When imagination are too much evolved than learned words or available words then there are mess of attentions.
Look to saying then say to look.
Counseling at different levels of social life is what drains out mess of conscious disorders.
One explores more himself when he expects on what expected of him rather than expectations.
The truth can seek the truth, so I made equation as cleansing agent to cleans out all low angle and high angle misconceptions to make my passion clear crystal to reflect originality from all true angles.
It is neglecting imaginations than limiting imaginations if we can’t use the limits of technology.
Appeal for activation is always a new method for every era.
The highest explosive in hand of conspiracy is money.
Whether bullet or ballet, it depends how one deals and represent matters.
One shakes to shocks get heard.
Labor governs and intelligence leads.
Labor is more independent than intelligence as it is labor that develop intelligence into skills and arts.
How strange is it that logicians concluded equation as beauty and naturalist discovered beauty as an equation but none found equation in their thoughts.
The most and simple and effective king of understandings is order.
Living in facts and living factual is what make differences in aims.
Creative justice never confused of forms but size really matters to it as large problem requires larger powers to be just.
Immortality is hidden in mortality as immortality is the spirit of mortality.
The fool perceptions, approaches and struggles for the utility of needs can’t be a factual way of life.
Creation is the language of solitude which only creative can understand.
Living just for survival is neither natural nor logical.
Love is occupied by emotions and logic is occupied by reasoning and what equalize both is justice.
Love is contamination with prejudices and same is with logic and justice is a liberal guide to both logic and emotions.
Justice is a purification detergent.
Avoidance is the expression of prejudice whether by logic or emotionally.
A factual behavior is to create facts out deviate.
Directions and ways determine how much of one’s capacities and potentials must have purposeful results if the guidance does not deviate.
Creativity and invention is men’s instinct but instinct could be suppressed by appetites.
What is known is the raw material for creativity as well as for invention.
Just as the quest is foundation of discovery, similarly discovery is the foundation for inventions and creativities.
Utility does not mean purposeful results.
Waiting requires investments of spirit, mind, sweat and blood.
All escape. One escapes from joys to triumphs and another one escapes from triumphs to joys.
Pure reasoning and pure logic is very reactive that they break all bonds of society by its high reactivity.
A way earns the dignity by losses.
The best way of social security is the obvious positions of social organizations. It makes easy to handle and drain out social germs. Societies are organic entities and as all organisms have distinct organelles and organs and a particular system of draining out germs and harmful products so societies must be organized so to make evolution a factual process.
The simplest definition of revolution is the change of way.
Self reliance is the real spirit of believing in progress.
Most of the people in struggle to escape from mess makes more mess.
Justice is the sole way of seeking truth while men have made confused themselves by seeking truth through logic, nature and emotions.
Sorrows absorb all the colors of life and peace is there where all colors of life are reflected.
Politics is to burn the dead emotions to confuse alive.
Philosophy is the struggle to seek the truth by limited and shallow tool of knowledge into the infinity and depths of ignorance.
We are dependent because we know less and need more.
Everyone has a thick two fold ignorance. One large ignorance as a whole about the unknown we live in and second is our individual ignorance in what is known.
Opinion is the tool to assess the opinions.
The economic loss that can earn the political solidarity is an investment.
The real compassion to weak is to make him able to come into line of struggle and compassion for stronger is to perfection but to greatness.
Mind can’t reach to perfection but to greatness.
Rationalism and existentialism are extreme thoughts under shelter of prejudices as how rationality can’t exist in being and how existence of being can’t be rational.
Meaninglessness is the climax of abstraction.
Without a moral foundation a criticism is irrational and emotionless.
Objectivity is what defines a being in his essence.
Pray is the safest and purist absorber of anxiety and expression of self healing and maintaining potentials.
The threats and hatreds has more role in activation than common beliefs.
Consistency is more factual than our perceptions.
Black is the grave yard of the colors.
The objectivity takes energy of flesh to grow the mind and abstraction takes energy of mind to grow the flesh.
In struggle for survival the monitoring of changes is invertible as one live to comes fit in their adaptations.
Passion is the source of styles not techniques. Techniques make easy and more correct but not more passionate and creative.
Principles become dangerous when the opportunists use them under shadow of their duties.
Creating opportunities to make busy people in constructive activities is easy than to cut opportunities to make busy people with attractive activities of destruction, but greed always make it look hard.
Optimism and pessimism are the consciousness of the positions of struggles in equation.
Sorrows are tools of tragedies and fooleries are the tools of funs.
One never laughs if he is totally empty of foolery.
In modern culture the advises are interference while the persuasions are arts and there is appraisal for shallowness as courage and fears from deep expressions.
Liberalism is the dreams of the men who do not have their ways tested.
Most proud on what they don’t posses.
How strange is to call a set of ideas your culture that you can’t understand or never tried to understand them.
Easiness empties the place for more hardship to come in.
What all know is that they know less in what is known.
Fame is the fume of foreseeing.
Life is a truth that alive can’t understand.
From the directions of struggles and behaviors it seems that majority of people have keenly practice the pleasure as real guide to realities and facts.
Activities make news and creative make views.
The love of technology has that much dismantled modern men that they praise more skills than use of skills for good.
The strength and importance of role of morality become more evident from observation that relatives, friends and good natured men take the responsibility to grow and help but don’t take the responsibility for their immoral acts and sins.
The handling of events are investments in principles.
Sociology is the foundation of the politics and economics.
One with clear messages does not die if his single fortune is alive except all his fortunes die out.
A single sword of mine can defends me more than a thousands swords of others.
Inductions and deductions are two faces of the same coin. Inductions raise the understandings and deductions deepen the understandings.
The passion to serve is the real guide to everyone, everywhere and in every situation.
Abstraction is the raw material for creativity not creative expression of liberty.
When a high culture dissolves then all proud as cultured and civilized men by sticking to them.
Imaginations create symbols that unconscious can read and speak to.
Streets on experimentalism without intuitions making men more limited than his limits.
Evolution is ultimate. It is a reality that could be based on our quests.
Brain wash is a two ways process, making rational people too much rational and idealistic people more idealist.
The best way of appreciation is guidance.
An economic system that based on self reliance has the capacity to generate genuine culture.
The second worst disability after mental disorder is the disorder of economy.
When all energies are utilized to satisfy passion it makes one horribly expose to attacks.
In era of meaninglessness the destiny is really great treasure.
In the following a clear destiny one learns that believing in himself is more crucial than believing in others.
Dreams dwell in between destiny and passion.
The lyrics of poets make deeper the imaginative dreams.
It is not the magnitude of facts which matters but depths of understandings and approaches.
Nothing can be more aesthetic than dreams that fill between passion and destiny.
We struggle hard because the life is mysterious.
The mystery of life is hidden behind veils of future and past.
By passing times the mystery of silence increase to depths of soul.
Every winning has a value. A single win may bow down series of winnings.
Cleansing is a consistent struggle as the pollution also evolve and every move of evolution has waste materials also to be cleansed.
The other’s mistakes is a source of external experience and other’s wise achievements are the source of external intuition.
A hand which holds control has two choices to slap or put it on heads to encourage. Slap for those who destruct and encouragement for those who construct.
Politics became a twenty four hour non stop film that swallows a large part of national income for this non profit production.
Does profits would lead to perfection and quality or just producing attractions of hallucination for more profits.
Profit does not leads to excellence. Excellence looks like a dream and ideal that is not practical because the systems are based on profits.
Profits and excellence can work mutually when the profits are restricted to excellence of basic needs and values.
Natural joys can’t be the source of large profits so these are suppressed under fashions and life styles to replace them by synthetic joys to grow the consumerism and mass selective productions.
Natural joys have been replaced by false ostentations that are as much hollow as much minds of modern men.
Though economic strategies are change regularly but there would nothing more than chaos if the mechanism is not based on welfare and excellence of all.
Increasing appetite and limiting productivity of masses is the mechanism of economic selection that certify minority as fittest to survive.
Abstraction prevails in ignorance and creativity is struggle to sort out and evolve linking depths of soul and heights of excellence.
When the tears and fears come in all forms through strengths of instability then abstraction prevails in all heights and depths.
Evolution is descend with modification not descend with deviation like abstraction.
Abstraction sees the nature “false” and abstract perceptions and expressions “true”. Nature is false because it is the product of pure creativity and abstraction is true because it makes creative deviations as prominent feature of baseless ness.
Meaninglessness is real unless one does not found a destiny.
Abstraction is presenting the raw material as ripe and mature product of creativity.
The opposition is the main source of recognition of the self because to complete the opposition one has to depend more on self reliance which lead to discoveries of the potentials hidden in one.
A distinction between abstract and concrete is a distinction of approaches to meanings.
Without destiny and purpose all perceptions are abstract.
Destiny extract concreteness out of abstraction.
One loves to discover his potentials of love.
The abstraction is not failure of individuality but is a designed philosophy to fail individuality and deviate it from self reliance excellence.
How strange is that we live in an era that management is on highly demand and is highly paid but we tend to live free from management of our times, values, meanings, purpose,…etc under the life style and slogan of the meaninglessness, non objectivity in post modernity.
The real aesthetic art is the management of life that every one is in great need to pursuit the real life.
The major struggle and minor struggle are becoming the real tools for the survival as the virtual reality becomes more real.
The major struggle is really major as it make one sufficient strong to pace in minor struggle and how is beautiful this sequence that is totally opposite of the common behaviors and attitudes. Normally people tends to go from minor to major or from easier to hard and always ion trouble but it make one sufficient strong that when pacing in minor struggle, he always change and never change to resistances all think wise to be mold and adopt to survive.
When dreams break, reality become more evident from eyes of the sorrows.
One who considers himself at war always remain prepared.
Don’t worry how to buy what to buy.
One may think himself more rich in what he loves and poor in what other love.
When one discover himself in true sense then ambition and courage become hic slaves.
Love is strange like evening and we are ignorant like dark nights.
Earning respect is not a smooth process of serving but also making to serve.
Everyone is in great need of the knowing the personal qualities, source of qualities, ways to get to strengthen themselves enough to shield their way out of the external attacks and these all are part of the major struggle.
The source and reason of the happiness is the discovery of the self.
I can add my feelings and subtract my joys.
Facts are more smart than smarts pretend to be.
In real sense evolution is changes to able than selection of abilities.
All live for what they think worth to live for but life itself is common one to all.
Evolution is a guide to follow but to what aspects, determines one’s position in line.
What one respects is related to what one expects.
Men have purposes to the degree they give worth to their lives.
Ignorance is in heart that makes one mess of foolery.
An illusion that is characteristics of the modern masses is that they are rich in words due to information age and terminologies of technologies and depleted from the wisdom but they proud on their wisdom that they have alluded with terminologies and technologies.
Neither luxury is civilization nor luxurious life is the proof of civilization as those who develop the civilization are always in process of burning their minds and sweats to maintain what has developed and develop what is need to development so there is the need of two factors to be burnt, mind and sweat that is always cleaned in luxury.
Everyone can multiply their emotions but few can divide.
The incidents are the guides to destinies and as they open new doors to challenges.
Most perceive in excellence and act in abstract.
Can abstraction answer to uncertainly with certainty that is key to its function?
Problems are the locked doors of fortunes.
At last when I solved then I revealed the way that I could solve.
Start talking greatly and listen naïve reactions.
Consistency and persistency are the main tools for reason but modern men reason them as non creativity.
The shallowness is prevailed as the youth are more active than old while depth of old men are more suitable to express then shallowness of the youth.
People marry to save more but some really save to loss more.
Specification without passion is limitation of one more than he is limited.
What defies logic is not illogical.
Eyes are not emotion’s ocean but sky of emotions.
Real vampires are our controlled appetites.
The appetites drink blood in a sweat way that makes them most attractive to deny our losses.
Catching matter on time provide better solutions than long run wisdoms.
From science, arts, literature to politics we have different “ism” that looks contradictory to each other. The opposition is a real fact but equalizing oppositions is a task that all can’t dare or do not ability to dare so.
The greatest art of the modern day is deceiving people using every channel.
The countless follow individuality but one can counts few individuals.
One who has gained enough will set the game and rules of game.
Creating, designing, and growing violins to mess up the masses and then replacing them have become a new series of horror movies that are played on global level to make sure keeping maintained riches and poor the source of devils.
The strength of one is the largest weakness of one. The communist broke down because they were communist and the capitalist will break because they are capitalist.
Values, if taken as a way, it distinguishes and selects the truth and false according to its evolutionary trends, without considering the losses and profits. But if the values are taken as the positions to get profits then it can’t distinguish the truth and false. In this stage it is a powerful tool for the distinguishing the profits and losses and it is what modern men mean by post modern values.
When peace is tearing the truth into pieces then war is necessary to sweep up the false.
I f theories are put on to explain, what we want then it slows down the rate evolution as we fail to fulfill the minimum requirements of the natural laws but if we put on the theories to explain the facts then it speeds up the rate of the evolution as we get to know the strengths and the directions of the natural laws.
Peace at the expense of the truth is very expensive to live for or to live in.
Life is neither habit nor it is bound to instincts as creativity as an essence of life breaks them often to make life lively and home for learning and adaptations.
The filled minds are the emptier than empty minds.
The real liberty is in the prison of the knowledge.
High quality evils are attractive but are not comparable to the truth as truth does not require the producers and technicians to keep their quality maintain. Truth leads the changes and does not need to keep eyes on the changes to keep itself comparable with time.
It is the heights of the consciousness that we can see the depths of the unconsciousness.
Mind need to be filled to understand the emptiness.
Perpetual resistance and perpetual struggle is what humanity need to survive.
Those who born out of the perpetual conflicts, how can they think of the perpetual peace.
Modern men are terrified as they didn’t find themselves among the discoveries.
If the world is not ready to make you happy again it is you that can make the world happy.
My heart is the dwell of the God and here love is completed.
Unsuitable selflessness results into unsuitable results.
Non-objectivity is the machine of the problems.
Instead of the wishing, that people act and think as you want it is better that make your position such that people come to you and ask for thinking and action.
there will be a very long list of the don’t +verb unless/until ……….., if you think and observe in around you, it doesn’t matter that you belong to which culture, region, religion, race or country or which time. Just look to the following list and make a list of yours…..
- Do not eat meat until his goat, cow,sheep,cock,hen….etc is sick, so eating ill meat.
- Don’t drink milk, juices or soup until he gets ill himself.
- Don’t meet/visit each other until any close relative or friend dies or get married.
- Don’t study/read until it is required by exam or job.
- Don’t get good dressing until there is a function or ceremony.
- Don’t eat a good meal until there is a function or invitation.
- Don’t gather to discuss until there is a problem.
- Don’t go to journey until it is required by job, business or there is an emergency.
Just look to the above list. You can easily expand it. What do you think how many of these and like these are common all around us. It is called living a compulsory life. When we live habitually then these will become common. When we live consciously through planning, no doubt we will enjoy our every aspect of our life, even the hardships and shortcomings. Quality life is not a habitual luxurious life but a conscious and planned life that every thing is expected and designed to driven.
It is better to be in the mental neighborhood of the enemy rather than to be in the physical neighborhood of the enemy as we can influence the enemy but can’t reduce the enemy. Justice, greatness and resistance are the strongest weapon to reduce the enemy.
One can’t erase to what he has been subjected but he can change the perspectives of the visions and understandings to change the meanings of his experiences.
Ideas and beliefs have only one kind of the death and that is changing thoroughly through the evolution.
Bazaars are the open invitation for all the observers. Everyone can see everyday, those who struggle against the defeat with narrow hopes. Those who pass the life by pride shopping of the hopes and those helplessly selling the hopes.
Post modernism in real sense is the climax of the capitalism and rejection of the individualism with all it s essence. Individualism is the discovery of the self and projection of the self to all its potentials. The post modernism’s approach in its totality is the rejection of the self with all its potentials through meaninglessness and the projection of the profitism. Profit is the only meaning and all other things are meaningless even the self if it is non-profitable.
Individualism seeks to invest capital for the self and the capitalism seeks to invest the self for the capital.
The perpetual conflict of the meanings and reasons do not outlaw the reasoning but make it clear that there is no such thing as meaninglessness.
The main aim behind the concepts “all are correct” and “all are right” if there is profit, is to weaken the judgments. Certainly if all are right, I will choose the most profitable option without any concern. In this case my life would be just a race against the dropping values through struggles for the great and greater profits to maintain my level. Here I can’t be judge through my achievements but only through my earnings. Who can predict my future and value through market economy that run on the mechanism of the gambling. One becomes millionaire in the city of the opportunity and millions see no opportunity in the whole life.
The judgment is mostly based on the intuition and the results are analyzed by reasoning and evidence to find to the level of the intuitions.
Capitalist democracy are designed to maintain the process of sucking the blessing blood of industries and technological advancements healthy enough that people happily let the blood be sucked.
Many judge well but few dare to follow the judgments.
majority’s judgments are weak but they follow well. Following well lessen the need of the judgments.
The highest number of the words is served to the emotions.
Neither extremes are excellence nor excellence is the way and all the clashes in between are confusions while conflicts are normal.
An organization or a nation’s decline is not a theory’s decline as there is always deficiency of absorption in crowds of the consumption.
Marriage is not a social contract but a social bonding.
We have practiced created and invested much in the arts but has not discovered it yet.
Meaninglessness is really meaningless, as it has failed to distinguish the growth of the meanings with confusions.
Without ideologies understandings are smoothes to shallow approaches.
The struggle of mortal life in immortal/perpetual time is called history.
Popular cultures are madness, resulted after failure of recognizing individuals.
Post modernism is to loose all what you have to get from what others haven’t.
Modern men follow more their creations and inventions than inventions and creations follow them.
Mass media made us habitual of feeling what others feel but don’t feel what we ourselves feel.
Post modernity is not atomism of individuality as commonly conceived but fission of individuality.
Arts guide people by knocking at unconsciousness not by deceiving people through messing up of the consciousness.
Modern men are confused because they have networked information but have disconnected the guidance.
A dissimilated person exposed to network of the information would be no more than a goat in the grassland.
Geometry is the art of consciousness and free expression in equilibrium is the art of unconsciousness.
Understanding the art of nature is the key to discovery of the art.
Networking does not mean freedom but more interdependency so more informed one is more dependent. An organized dependency is what liberty mean.
Self reliance means saving individuality in the diversity and interdependency of the more connectivity.
Individuality is to learn about the self strengths to explore the strengths of the others and to learn the self-weaknesses to explore, others weaknesses and hence help himself and others by using suitable use of the potentials at right timings.
In individualism the “self” is key to judge the potentials.
Advices are advised as key to successes but they are key in recognizing the self potentials.
The price of the experience is life and the price of the life is innovations.
Innovations are the arm of the revolutionists, tricks of the capitalists and the consensus of the futuristic hopes.
Defeat is the failure of the judgments.
Judgments has no room in the laziness.
Fear means absence of the judgments.
In poverty the judgments are suppressed by needs and strong feelings and the in riches, it dissolves by carelessness and senselessness.
Robbery to the robbers means skills of the life.
Honesty looks like long and cold nights of the winter.
Wisdom is the tools of the ethics which has roots in the beliefs.
Roots regularly nourish to the mechanisms to re-new the functions.
The terms like “social animal” and “social contracts” are deeply rooted in ignorance and dark ages of the human history. All thoughts and systems are based on terms like these are just leading men into futuristic dark ages where scientific animals would mess up the dark history with their ever-changing unreliable social contracts. How strange is the behavior of the scientific animals that from one side they do extensive research in human psychology and sociology and on other side social contracts and laws that govern these contracts totally ignore these researches and findings? Hence these are no more than contracts based on ignorance and the results are no more than the neo dark ages. Even one with ordinary judgments will laugh on the terms like “civilization” and the “civilized nations”, “human rights”, “liberty”,………………etc for social animals.
Social animals have no more interest in anything except profit. Profit is the sole mechanism for so called, “civilization” and its values, principles etc. Four freedoms and liberty are sound values but in a system, whose mechanism is profitism, these values are no more than tools for more profits and legal tools for helpless exploitations. It really fits the social animals.
Education and technological advancements which would handle under such mechanisms will produce more skilled social animals that will use more sophisticated methods and tools for deeper exploitations. The humanity is really helpless to such social animals and human need to invest more resources to turn these social animals to save the men out of informative advanced dark ages.
Science, creativity, experimentalism, Liberalism….etc are not in their essence, the mechanism for the civilization but are the tools for the civilization. The misconception and misinterpretations of these tools instead of the mechanisms have been confusing men for a long time in terms of the modern periods. Everything is changing rapidly and new concepts and ideas are well come everywhere but here when the all change is ceased and every new idea is resisted firmly and strongly, while this is the basis of the change. Change in mechanism will create a whole new world. If the men failed to change the mechanisms of the post modern era then the modern men will get rotten in the garbage of the post modernisms and the history will experience again a long neo- dark age.
The consistency in the confusions and lack of clear vision and substitute for the current mechanism made modern men tired and they surrendered to their helplessness and weaknesses of the judgments and have adopted, accepting “everything is right in a relative sense”. Hence it introduced the meaninglessness as a sole option and tool of judgment and this tool lead to the profitism as a sole reason and value as mechanism.
Specialization is not the product of the civilization and criteria for the civilized men. Animals are also specialized in certain areas with certain specialized organs, behaviors and skills. The thing distinguishes the civilized men is that they do not contract but they bond. Contract is the sign shortsightedness, which is the product of the confusion. The characteristic of the civilized men are clear vision. Men with clear vision have very clear judgments that help them to decide clearly. Clear visions lead to justice. In just justice one do not need to secure himself by more and more profits and by making insecure others. Hence civilized men bond through their trusts born out of justice and clear judgments.
Understanding is not just temporary interest or enjoyments but is levels of approaches that have evolved. Social bonding really needs strong forces which only could be handled when there are dedications to understand. Hence civilization encourages true creativity, freedoms which are not slaves of the profits but are ways opened by passion of the evolution. Though passion of the evolution is the instinct of the all living organism but in civilized men there is a conscience of this passion and it is enhanced through organized management of it.
Innovative natural educations and enhancements of the technologies, methodologies and mechanisms are used for better understandings and deeper social bonding. One of the key characteristic of a civilization is that, it’s every unit work and recognized as an institution. The aim is exploration of deep and deeper human potentials. Individuals in every position and status are institutions. The recognition of these institutions to this level is possible through recognition of family as a natural institution. Family is key to all innovations and evolutions as family is a concise representation of the society. All the institutions of a civilized society reflects and has effects in the families. Individuals as faculties of the families are trained and required to the basics of the civilizations irrespective of their positions and attitudes.
It is the members that make a family not resources so the resources are used for the members not members are used for the resources. Members are the resources and assets of a family that are basis of all other things. This approach reflects in the society as a whole. In a family every individual is insured and is well recognized. Everyone’s participation are required in all its potentials and essence. The same is with whole society. Everyone is insured, recognized and its full participation with all its essence is required.
Resources are the product of the men and the products must answer the potentials not just needs. Needs could be created and potentials could be explored, so there must be explorations for creativities not creativities which could deviate from explorations.
If we see the contracts are prevailed and men are turning into social animals it is because we have avoided explorations in creativities. We have separated the creativities from discoveries of self by the name of the freedom. We have concentrated that much on the attitudes that we have lost the self and the individuality as a whole. The modern men became wondering free and loose men that are highly networked but alienated and directionless. Men that have ignored themselves and have ignored each other.
In the dark ages of the past men were helpless under suppressions and in the neo-dark age men are helpless under the depressions. Modern men became that much porous that they are incapable of absorbing a few drops while they are washed in the oceans of the information. This is really a new type of the ignorance that ever men have faced throughout their history. This is what we mean by neo-ignorance. For this neo-ignorance we need a neo-knowledge.
This a turning point in the human history. If the men succeed to come out of the neo-dark age that a whole new world would waiting for them. For this we need to clean all the wild growths from our every aspect of the life that have grown by the name of pseudo-liberties.
Just as the neo-ignorance lead to the neo-dark age, in the mean time it can lead us into the potentials of the neo-knowledge. Its deficiencies are guide to us. We have to give considerable concentrations to human psyche that we could recognize the true human potentials. Through knowledge of the human nature we can redesign our all systems from education to political and economical systems. All the educations, political, economical and social institutions that are not based on the human nature are just running the men through rough and loose handling. A human knowledge is necessary for a civilized institution to serve the human.
A society whose all institutions are based on the knowledge of the human nature could be called a civilized nation. Here men can really get benefited from the scientific and technological advancements and can prevent the wasting of the human investments due to ignorance.
Multiple options is the tool of the wisdom to evaluate the potentials of the consistency. It is not contradiction but preparation to resolve the contradictions.
Speculators know more the strengths of the beliefs than believers know the weaknesses of the speculations.
History is the record of highly organized and disciplines perpetual conflicts of the perpetual motions.
Making new lands in the imaginations is what creativity produce.
Faith makes emotions disciplined.
Creativity is a great patience in the perpetual impatience.
In perpetual struggle there is no grief of going a wait in vain as wait means preparations.
Change in the visions about the Self, People and God change the whole world of the one.
The highest price of the knowledge is the sorrows that come from the awareness.
Creativity is the end product of the judgments.
The most rewarding gift of the sorrows that come from knowledge is creativity.
The one who lost forever is man.
One, who succeeds to satisfy his potentials, succeeds to satisfy both Lord and people.
A purified one is a satisfied one.
Satisfaction make judgments strong enough to be wise.
Reasoning with purified mind is wisdom.
Confused minds are the engines of the confusions. The reasoning of these mind are nothing but accepting confusions as facts and get relieved.
Sciences are the sons and the arts are the daughters of the natural processes.
Beauty and aesthetic wouldn’t have imaginary existence if there wouldn’t be calculated discipline in the nature.
Our confusions out the calculations are because we calculate abstractly instead of the disciplined calculations.
There is no uncertainty in the nature but in our attitudes of acquiring and searching.
Constants are the joints of the calculated disciplines.
Individuality is the consciousness of the sharp differences that make one unique.
Those who believe in individuality certainly distinguish between ruling concepts of freedom and liberty that are based on the concept of the social animal and those concepts of the freedom and liberty that are based on the concept social human. Certainly only human have individuality and their societies that they design and struggle to reflect and develop their individualities. The liberties and freedoms that are based on the concept of the social animals, their mechanism relies on the exploitations of potentials and is focused on profitism. As profits are do not coincide with individual’s potentials so it leads to degradation and chaos. Hence except the claims of the liberties and freedom the potentials of the majority waste out for the profits that don’t suit their individualities. The result is nothing else but hollow modern men that struggle hard for the mirage. The chain of the profitism make people slave of the corporate businesses.
The individual’s decisions are the prey of the policy makers.
Those who prepare while are waiting for suitable timing can’t be compared with those who wait and see the situations that suite them.
A comparison of the desires and achievements make evident the successes and failures.
Faith makes senses mature enough to feel in depth the aesthetics. Aesthetics that are based on the faith are too delicate to feel the roots of the natural creativity. These aesthetics matures the love for the nature and humanity. Individuality takes a unique meaning and direction in the mature aesthetics. Here individuality gets a universal meaning and sense.
Sorrow’s sweetness is hidden under delicacy and maturity of the aesthetics.
An artist is only responsible for the humanity.
In perpetual struggle truth has no other alternate.
What leadership really means if liberty means the lawlessness of the laws? Does leading the lives by taste of the market economy means individuality?... Does the freedom of the exploitation of the naïve and helpless people by the clever businessmen mean free trade. Does global oligarchy and monarchy by veto powers means universal human rights?........
Does morality reason for the morality and not to aims and objectives of the life?
It is the healthy and diseased reasoning that distinguish between the morality and immorality.
Errors delay and false vanishes.
My thoughts follow my dreams and my dreams follow my essence.
When thoughts flies between achievements and dreams, the wisdom become visible.
When a new creation gets identity it absorbs all glory.
The main responsibility of the decision makers is to make cultures of the evolution more and more natural.
Without developing a supportive culture, an opinion is just an idea.
Hearts and minds are the components of the self’s nucleus.
definition of the power may change from time to time but the perpetual power is the occupation of the minds.
Creativity flows more freely in the struggles and resistance.
Men of resistance grow to lead the changes out the controlled changes.
Color depicts one nature. It is a very common experience that some feel relax and comfortable in a particular color. Wearing a particular colored cloth or entering a home furnished with a particular color one may feel easy or uneasy. It depicts one’s nature. The more interesting point here is, the love of the colors changes which depicts that the human nature is also changes. Color therapy may be there but much more important is that one can become an artist of his nature by composing the colors.
One of the characteristics of the modern man is his global citizenship. Though this global citizenship has not been recognized by the authorities of the governments worldwide. But practically the men living a global life. People think globally as the information travel globally. This travel of information is administered, designed and utilized for the global opinion making. More and more forces are involved to effect the minds globally. Hence the opinion making became a global process.
The decisions of the authorities, whether governmental, semi governmental or private organization effects the lives globally. The decisions of the businessmen and authorities in the corporations and politicians have direct effects on the lives of the people globally. Thus the two main aspects, opinion making and decision making have passed the all borders and political, social, religious, ethnical, economical…..etc delineations and become a global process.
People of the world are now conscious, vulnerable and concerned about the decision making by any authority in the any corner of the world. Similarly the authorities are now concerned and conscious of the global image and effects while making decision.
Global concerns and global thinking has intruded the daily lives that are affecting individual’s behaviors. Discussions are coming into the faces of the conversations about the authorities and mechanisms through which they are running. People concern about their future. Besides of the many issues, the most hot issue is about the global leadership. The global opinion makers are loyal to authorities and global decisions makers are serving the profits of the powerful forces. Who is representing the people of the world and are serving their desires and needs? No one. Where will be the future of this globalizations, where people has no role and control of the forces deciding about their lives and future.
It is not the question of the mono-polarity, di-polarity or multi-polarity of the world but it is the questions of the controlling these forces and the defending the people of the world against these forces.
One thing is crystal clear that opinion making is key for the global leadership and for a global leadership there is a need of an strong and competent ideology that could serve the whole people of the world. Whether mono-polarity, di-polarity or multi-polarity the basics of the humanity remains same. There is no alternative for the truth and justice. Yes there were always questions and contradictions about the truth and justice but all these were due to floods of the designed confusions about the human principles. The basic human virtues, values and principles are always the same.
History is evident that the ideologies come into being neglected and in avoidance. Weak and suppressed to oppositions but slowly conquering the minds and hearts with force of the truth grow to replace the suppressions.
Unfortunately the men of the authorities are always exploited the ideologies for their own positions and stopped making the truth compose the justice. The failure of the establishing a just composition based on the truth were always to weak positions of the masses.
Now as the opinion making and decision making become a global phenomenon, the position of the masses are becoming stronger and more stronger. The global awareness due to global experiences growing the potentials to accept the truth and let it work to compose the justice globally. Definitely hard times require to be faced and passed and great patience and wisdom require to absorb the bitterness of injustice to reach a competent position but this phenomenon has to happen.
Completion in not in duality but duality is the essence of the completion. The whole nature is made and perfected through combination of the two completing opposites. A famous binding force that leads the human towards the completion of the men between two half of the humanity is known as love. It is most exploited force that men ever has seen as everyone knows its strength and vulnerabilities. A young heart filled with emotions and guided by a shallow mind loves till red line under influence of the deep unconsciousness. He is loving but is unable to give the love a life.
Yes the love a strong medium of the completion and has strong influence on the growth in all levels. Misconceptions and misunderstanding of love breaks one into lust and mistrust. Styles and ostentations humiliate the beauty and the aesthetics of love. Lusts and mistrusts mask the love and love soon like stylish products change values by demand of the time.
Let the fission of nuclear values start the fusion of the relations.
Concentrated confusions and abstractions have to dilute out to make them harmonize with calculated discipline of the nature.
Courage is the arm of the success.
Creativity encourages to be courageous.
The wisdom of the calculated discipline strengthens out to survive out the consumptions.
Quantum mechanics is returning to the world of the imaginations. Creating imaginations by making assumptions on the assumptions.
Instincts, emotions, consciousness, virtual visions and spirituality are the catalysts of the social bonding.
Our desire for immortality and perfection is rooted in our love for perpetual greatness that lies in unity.
Present is the equilibrium between past and future.
Courage plays more vital role than wisdom in the life but courage rely more on the wisdom than on itself.
Nonsense is he foundation of the wisdom as the wisdom is always on work to minimize the nonsense.
Yes it is the impossible may become possible but all possibilities are not truth.
Growth is the sustaining force which heavily dependent on the knowledge and more heavily dependant on newer knowledge.
Art is selfish as art is purely unconscious which knows only self.
Pride hath a fall, fails in case of the knowledge, as knowledge is virtue.
Relations strengthen when originalities replace the ostentations.
Ostentations are the generators of the dissatisfactions and eraser of the relations.
Sweet memories, thirsty dreams and intuitions are the aesthetic forces of the sorrows.
Though cultures are secondary to ideologies but are non-avoidable force of the acceptance or refusal.
Ideologies shape the life and ones life is judged through his expressions.
Aesthetic is purely certainty. What contaminates with doubt it losses the aesthetics.
Everyone has to pass through tests of the life. The hardest test is the test of the liberty.
The worst type of slavery is selling loyalty.
Slavery is loyalty to other things instead of the truth. The people who sell their loyalties are seeds of the divisions in the nations.
If love and hatred influence more than truths and principles then where is one’s individuality….?
Individualities never deviate from natural laws as self totally depend on the nature.
What is one’s price is what determines ones way of life. For what one bows down is his price. If material objects and positions are chosen or adapted as one’s price then he has to bow down again and again as the values changes repeatedly.
Evolution is the revealer of the organization. As much an organism or an object is evolved that much they become organized.
Civilization in definite terms is organization. Level of organization reveal the level of the civilization.
Those who struggle for the change always changing themselves.
Attraction is the unification force and the repulsion is the organizing force of the nature.
Until we can lead our observations to strong evidences of the duality of the nature we can’t bring out ourselves from confusions and misunderstandings. Accepting the duality as a completing characteristic of nature in our economy, sociology and politics will change our behavior to bring us close to nature that we could live comfortably with nature while living with advanced technologies.
If we summarize the evolution, it will be like following points:-
- We started our journey from unification and we are going towards the unification.
- Our journey is known as evolution. In matter of the fact, the evolution is acquiring organization.
- Organization is the simplification of the excellence.
In capitalism the businessman study and recognize the human nature to make human dehumanize to coincide their nature according to their products.
For understanding others we have to understand ourselves and for understanding ourselves we have to understand others.
By the richness of the self one is needless while being the most needy by the nature.
Expressing self is the door to recognizing the self.
When one starts recognizing the self, he starts realizing his uniqueness. Realizations of the differences help one to arrange and manage himself into personality.
Loving yourself with knowledge is selflessness and loving yourself with ignorance is selfishness.
Passion and innovation are the building blocks of the knowledge.
The worst kind of cruelty to the art is to use the art for healing the spiritual infections of the injustice.
Because there is one pattern of the evolution and that is, simple evolve to complex and more complex and at the same time more and more organization and organizational levels. Hence there is the need to visualize a time into levels of the instants that everyone has its own organization and it is more real and practical. The nature is the most obvious and practical demonstration of this concept. We can easily distinguish the levels of the organizations in relation to the levels of the evolutions. Based on the above fact, the most practical and just mechanism would be the multiple levels of the organization according to levels of the complexity.
Yes the profession is important but it is more important that either one is successful in his profession or not. If one has chosen a very praised/ highly rated profession but he is unsuccessful in it then it has no benefit. If one has adopted a profession with very low visibility but is successful in it, he will soon become visible and a model for others.
Read yourself before others read your expressions and make an opinion about you.
The sciences are the exciting games, if one is a player.
The life is an adventure if one is an adventurer.
One with knowledge of the physiology can’t feel the pain to the intensity others feel as his knowledge breaks down the concentrations of the pain through visualizations of the processes going on.
Taking science as games one always remain alert and knowledgeable as he plays the ideas, principles and information as exciting game by creating new situations and accomplishing new missions and achievements.
Change must not always as change as it gets old.
Waiting is the continuous search for the correct or potential time to turn the time.
People listen to stories but writers listen to stories to learn what other stories are going to be born out of these stories.
One who listens more is a favorite to be listened.
As renewing the tools and appliances create excitements and make easy and accurate the works similarly the renewing ideas create excitements and make one’s visions more clear and accurate.
If the face is good, less attention is going towards the inner good and vice versa but it is not principle.
Deletion and avoidance of the organ based signals are an evolutionary adoption of the body to evolve the consciousness.
Though the justice is not limited to the economical justice but it is the foundation of all justice.
Classification of the wisdom is natural just like classification of disciplines but the foundations remains same on the basis of the mechanisms.
Understanding of the men is impossible without service of the men.
The most basic right that is attached with every justice is the dignity or psychological richness of everyone.
More and more detailed information of the members make able an organization to the best management.
A more informative nation about its members is a more organized and a civilized nation.
Social insurances are the tools to shape a nation. Without social insurances the existence of a nation is a compulsory aggregate of compelled people.

Ideas are the birthplace of the pilgrimage of the leaderships.
A love of the wisdom is surely not a parameter of truth but a way to truth. If one is failed to pave a way that doesn’t mean the way is wrong.
Making ideas patterned into a system of thoughts is what known as philosophy.
Levels of expressions in an individual depend on the audience.
An historical era’s effects can’t be judged chronologically, as the history makers of an era may be timeless and hence the era.
Men are not the measure of the history but history is the measure of the men.
New could be described as modern but not as a civilized. It requires a lot of the sweat, blood and tears under the rule of the knowledge and vision to modify modernity into civilization.
Creativity is more spirit than ability. Everyone is able to create but everyone has not the spirit to create.
The problems with the creative people are that, people come to them through their works not through them to their works. Yes it is right that the creative works shape the creative but again it is the creative who create.
Knowledge is not only experiences but understandings of the experiences.
What is most important to me and driving my life is only two main things and these are:- Purpose and Reason. Whatever I am go do to whether for short time span or for a long time span first I search for the purpose. In the planning, at the beginning and in evaluation at the end, I use reasons and purpose as a rating of my activity. Beyond reason and purpose everything is meaningless for me.
Some events are engaging, some exploratory and some are constructive. Collectively, they shape a personality.
Grassy plains can’t be without predators.
People who seek peace and stability in prejudices and seek progress in discriminations neither get neither stability nor progress.
The biggest enemy of a nation is its ignorant people. Ignorance can’t be killed by literacy but by open mindedness.
People who can’t distinguish between spirituality and religious acts, soon be misguided to religious divisions.
Geology is appealing to me as it is an interdisciplinary science and provides a large perspective for observation. It helps observing, imagine and thinking big.
Words lead men and work lead words.
We die when we think that we don’t need to think.
Our understanding lies between our perceptions and imaginations.
When one loss the destination then life will be like a taxi driver who daily serve people reach their destinations but he himself, drive round and round without any destination.
Sorrows and grief have more rich colors in the faces than pleasures and joys.
Knowledgeable sorrows are that much sweet and dreamy that evolves the most evolved sense of the aesthetics.
Paternal wisdom and maternal love is what make one human.
True Happiness is the moments of the equilibrium with nature.
To know things are awareness and to know the reasons of the things are knowledge. To not know something is unawareness about those things but to know the things and their reasons (truth) but again act against them is ignorance.
Time is the measure of the life.
Scientists are philosopher but philosophers are not necessarily scientists.
It is the ideologies that cause the historic events but it is the true ideologies that make history and make able its believers survive the test of the time.
It is very romantic to be in the extremes but lastly people come to the calculated discipline for the relaxation.
Calling for the neo-liberalism is an escape from socialism and capitalism and is still a raw perception. As it matures it will metamorphosis into the calculated discipline.
Though everyone speaks a common language but everyone has a personal language that is partially understandable except one’s ability to communicate them in the common language.
Every image and every word help us to build our imaginations as we prefer. The rich vocabulary and rich images are helpful in creating more rich imaginations.
Pains that born new facts are always remain the sources of one’s pride.
One who takes interest in everyone’s cultures, languages and traditions, etc is actually introducing others to his culture, language and traditions.
Courage is the guide to unknowns.
Hope is the name of expectations from un-expected.
One is beast who has learnt how to use senses but not sensations.
One learns many things from many people but one who teaches how to use what one has learnt is really scarce.
One who succeeds to put reality into facts is the best teacher.
Human evolves more in imaginations than in brain.
Intelligence is the tool of success and wisdom is the way to success.
Both wisdom and foolishness are the name of attitudes towards life.
One who finds how perceptions change senses have got more sensible and advanced senses.
Perceptions change more rapidly than things change.
The facts are short but life shorter to know that.
Evil dwells in fear.
The limit of one’s world is measured by one’s courage.
Everything speaks when you want to speak to them. This is the basic formula that all knowledge is based on.
Everyone is struggling to discover. What one wants to discover is depending on one’s sources of guidance.
One is at the same a guide and a guidance seeker.
Ideas are engine of one’s world.
Simple is inspirational and complex is desirous.
Evil is not simple as good and not complex as beauty.
Attacks on symbols of civilizations indicate change in perceptions of power and governance.
Replacements and rearranging of what are important will change the perspectives and life styles.
What one gives importance, defines ones perspectives and motives.
Though we can’t value the success but we know that knowledge and more familiarities make success cheaper.
It is more important for an opinion to be more impressive and effective than factual as facts born out of effective and impressive ideas.
An opinion with no effects is opinion with no acceptance.
Prior to come in judgment an opinion needs to be brought into acceptance and existence.
If one is not allowed to get in an empire, one should start his own great empire.
One way of thinking greatly is put the souls of great men into one. It could be done by exposing one to lives and thoughts of great men.
Raising the voices and exposing the oppressions is a way to make the world a better place to live in.
There is no fear in virtues.
When virtue rise decorated with beauty it becomes the heart beats of the dreams and desires.
It is not necessary that all what accepted are reasonable and all what accepted are accepted on the basis of good reasons.
Doctor takes fees of your bad treatments of your body.
Knowledge doesn’t die even if it proves to be wrong, because knowing the wrong strengthen the judgments.
Knowledge based leadership has no limit except limit of knowledge.
The most pleasant knowledge are those which familiarize us with ourselves.
Quotations are part of the practical philosophy that helps those who are knowledgeable but need confirmations.
Having issues are common but making them sensible are what make one visible.
Political muscles are made up of issue's tissues.
A fashionable fat one suggested a thin and made her outdated.
It is not the rule over objects that makes one king but rule over objects.
The intensity of both sadness and happiness is related to the intensity of the love.
One who rests in travels is never equal to one who travels in rests.
No one call us. Here we invite ourselves through our choices and selections.
We have to compromise a lot but not compose some.
We can speak with our ideals but how many times we have arranged a conversation between our ideals and companions.
It is cold that is why no molding. It was not cold and it will not remain cold forever.
Everyone is frightened from darkness of nights but except those who have lost some parts of themselves in darkness. They always wander in darkness to search them out.
Who can interpret what I am feeling? An interpreter just explains to convince himself
Feeling is the peak of understanding.
I have never seen a great lover like waiting.
Everyone wait for something but few are there who wait for themselves.
One who tries to understand the poetry is like a person who tries to prove that water has a taste. The poetry can only be felt. If one's feeling blow up with resonance of a poem than he has felt the
We lay down our pens, not because we are satisfied but because it will cause more dissatisfaction.
Sorrows are the masters of the music that sing so deeply.
I heard about a great musician. I listened to his music. It was really fantastic, and then I sit in silence. No! There is no one comparable to silence. Silence is the greatest musician that anyone ever listened to.
One can see many people collapsed under heavy burdens in the struggles of survival but one can rarely see the people broken down of heavy hearts but still standing firm.
How unjust are the expectations that ask us to hide our hearts for others hearts.
Hearts speak but only few know their language.
Eyes are never soft. It is our hearts that malleable.
Who has seen a greater magician then rain that extinguishes the wild fires and make fires of the hearts wilder.
How many tales are there that we don't understand and are telling them and how many untold tales are there that we understand but only telling ourselves.
We can't stop ourselves speaking but some tales are there that we can't share their existence by speaking them.
God have created nature and what would men have created is evidenced in idols, the most perfect imaginations of men for their imagined creator.
When hard working is no more important then distinction between wise and fool is diminished.
Success is in hard working so do hard work and make sure hard working.
If one works hard to ease others then collapse is near but if one works hard to make others work harder then success is ensured.
Joys, grief and memories are salty and we can taste them in tears.
Paper of books will vanish but the ideas remain growing.
Stars write on sky, air on water and sands and events write on memories but only those can read them who are familiar with them.
When fish of the vast ocean adopts the small fresh water ponds then it has to forget the taste of salt.
When fish of a small fresh water body enters vastness of the ocean, it has to bear the salinity of the ocean also.
Rome is build by the swords and ruled by religion.
Ideology is the weapon of the ultimate victory.
The tales of the injustices are never pedestrian tales for a just soul.
Impressions do not lie but one can read them wrongly.
The passionate but helpless individuals are the hidden treasures that are in every society.
Evolution is the sum of the influences so by determining most influential acts we can determine the rate and trends of evolution.
Everyone can influence but it requires the wisdom to know the timing, place and subjects to make influence the most influential.
Do you know how to impress? Then you must know how to influence. If you know how to influence then you can make your vision reality.
Skills are the tools of vision.
Skills based on the knowledge grow just like the snow ball rolling over snow.
One who can see the productive plants in the baby plants can lead the future.
Everyone has something to exchange but they need to be explored and marketed.
Bravery lives half of its life in encouragements.
Life is in every particle but they need to be evolved to exhibits the beauty, strength, intelligence, growth, etc.
If the environment is created then life will migrate there to exhibits itself.
Ideas gives life to the words and ambitions give life to the ideas.
Life flows as grief and joys flow.
Everyone struggles to stand in face of life. Some try to understand it to stand in it and some try to forget to stand in it.
Splendid is not always large. Everything can be splendid, is aimed so.
Every generation need to be revolutionized. The generation that is not revolutionized, is lost.
A revolution will not survive unless in every generation it is regenerated and re-defined.
A generation's capacity to bring revolution is depend on the levels of their exposures to the challenges and leaderships.
Dominance is like a point in the center of the circle, which has a 360 degree, means it is free to all instruments and methods.
Situations are the food of the techniques which make them more appropriate and healthy.
Blanking is a method for deeper mental explorations.
When we gain something, surely we will lose something as its price, so why we should not lose less valuable things for gaining high valuable things. Actually we can have a formula for this as follows: -
Gain something = Lose something
Gain high value = Lose low value
Gain permanent things = Lose temporary things
Objectives make easy both predictions and deductions.
Stimulations are instruments to make new circuits in brain.
Genius is not one who practices the memory games but is one who devises the techniques and methods to solve the problems or visualize the world uniquely.
The real masters are the self made men who make their own ways.
The unique individuals are never alone, as their passions make the universe an alive companion for them.
Genius is one, who thinks for large groups of people and we can compare them to the levels of their thoughts.
Time is related to the positions, so the people migrate to the large and larger cities to progress more rapidly. What is the choice of a genius? Does he changes his position to live with time or changes the time to change the position? Certainly the second is the choice of a genius.
The ugliest act is the efforts to represent a great man as a savage.
If there is a savior, so there are thousands of the hands and moments to ask him.
One who chooses to be instructed greatly will construct greatly either imagery or real.
Greatness is great but when it stretches beyond one's capacity it will strain to lose its shape.
Desires are the masters of the brains.
What will be the level of the success and the quality of actions and
performances are depend on the level of the desires and the beliefs on the desires.
Master of the desires is the desire, we believe on it most.
We are innocent as we have never learnt how to desire.
We have imprisoned our liberties in our desires and are shouting them in slogans and searching them in statues and conversations.
Human desire is like a magnet that attracts what they desire of.
Both our identities and ownerships are challenged by our weaknesses and unawareness.
Imaginations are important but sticking to the thoughts of imaginations are more important.
In whatever time we have born but we have the freedom to live in the time we want, if are envision it.
An active society facilitate to live in future.
The value of time is measured by vision and strategies of the time owner.
Discipline and organization is the mental rest and a source of the psychological strength as it pace with paces of the nature.
The small but highly organized distribution of the strengths is the ultimate way of the survival.
The randomness is a good, with hard back bone method of resistance against disciplined and organized forces but it can't live long.
Measurement of observations, analysis and description is called LOGIC.
Gross thinking of the comparative studies of the symbols/signs is the most appropriate method of logic.
Measurement is the foundation of the knowledge.
How one measures,
why one measures,
what one measures, and
when one measures,
is the measure of one's knowledge. The techniques and accuracy of measurements, direct the directions of the cultures and civilizations.
Engineering means constructions based on the measurements, so we can engineer everything that can measure.
Geometry is the measurements of forms and shapes and letters and symbols are the measurements of the changes of forms. Numbers give meanings to these measurements.
A nation is safe when its people think logically and act passionately.
Unplanned flourishing will result in pseudo-civilization.
The most ignorant part of the human civilization is his total ignorance about the essence. They define everything in terms of their characteristics but they fail to define anything in terms of its essence.
Strength is to turn the weaknesses into strengths.
Though all our attentions are on the enemies out and coming but we are more vulnerable to the enemies in that are constantly attacking us unconsciously and hiding.
"Do you have an enemy?"
"Do you have a lover?"
"That is your enemy?"
"It snatches your life and existence."
The most vulnerable part of the human is their minds. Only logic and beliefs are their guards and their strengths depend on the knowledge and experience.
An inferior man taunts much bitterly than the superior one.
The continuous successes of science made the people believe on it blindly. Based on this credulity of the people, the manufacturing companies are using the names of the experiments and tests to fool the people.
Though a perfect credo is suitable for everyone but its benefit comes when there are nearly perfect understandings of it and its implementations as a whole.
Credence comes from practice. Good and wise practices result to good credence and bad and fool practices result in bad credence.
Very refined cultures are dissolving into the globalized culture. It is due to the rigidness, limitedness and local adaptations of them.
The crabbed memories are though disturbing but they are the sources of the lessons and energy to prepare for the future.
Politics is not to cozen the people but to win the confidence of the people.
A cow boy does not mean a lazy or a neglected one but may be a reserved one that needs to be taken in confidence to make him confident.
If the enlightened men and women of the society are cowering in their offices and businesses then there will be more space for opportunists and adventurists to ruin the basic structures of the society.
Man's mind is covetous and it is fatal for him but it is the alarm systems in the body that makes man limited to the calculated discipline.
The leaders of the tomorrows are those, who are preparing themselves for the covert dangers of the future.
The people who comply with the covenant are either wise or weak.
Silence is the best coup against foolery.
Goodness and badness is counterpart of each other unless the boundaries are not defined. Hence the boundaries must be based on wisdom, knowledge and experiences.
The sense of the beauty differs with the position of one with the equilibrium with nature and the level of one's experiences of the nature's equilibrium.
The gold is not beautiful but it is its value that visualizes the gold a beautiful metal.
The romantic imagination of beauty is more attractive than beauty itself.
Beauty breaks down to provide materials for reality.
Advises knock the doors of minds and services break them down.
Everyone has grieved but few have given their grief an identity. - Grieves have much to say and guide but it requires a heart ready to accept and a mind ready to analyze.
Quotations do not mean wisdom only but love of the wisdom.
Two types of the persons are very attractive, those who have been romanticized and those who have are natural styles.
Those children never remain alone, whose parents make their children, romanticized by expressing their activities uniquely.
Most of the people, watch, see and listen to laugh, some participate to laugh but there are very few who understand to laugh.
The success is evident and it is in what, one has been prepared for.
As I know that preparation is the golden key of success then there will be no question of like and dislike.
I try to prepare myself for what I desire for. I know it is very difficult to prepare in what you don't like but again I keep myself busy with it as I know, once I became familiarize with it then I will no longer dislike it.
Threats are measured by the preparation. A small threat is large for an unprepared while a large threat is small for prepared one.
There are a lot of talks and mysterious myths about the sixth sense, while it is very evident and that is knowledge.
Innovations and adaptations of the new technologies were the blood of the growth and seeds of the dominance.
It is negotiable that a law is true or false, correct or wrong, effective or ineffective but it is not negotiable that a law is obeyed or not.
Freedom, liberty and open mindedness are the characteristics of the progress. The respect for the individualism is also one the basic principles of the progress, as it lead to evolution of the individual. But if the abilities and creativities of the individuals do not serve the nation or people then they are imaginary luxuries and waste of the potentials. The liberty take meaning when one is free to express his abilities and judgments to serve others. Individual's growth must be the seeds of the growth of the society. Society is responsible to defend the liberty and liberty is responsible to strengthen the society. Respect for opinions and resistance against crime is the soul of the individualism. A society is a large organization of the organizations and an individual in itself is an organization. When an individual serve at level of its organizations it need to be organized to serve better. Here what we mean by the organized individualism. As much one is more organized he serves more organizations with more organized level. Liberty is has levels and as much one is more organized that much he is liberal. The same is true for the society. A society's level of liberty can be measured by its level of organization.
Yes the abilities promise the success but it is the team work and organization that work for the success.
Organization not only brings minds together but gathers all abilities and resources also.
One may hardly be heard but it is very hard to not hear the organizations.
How much a nation is prepared to the challenges can be measured by how much they are organized.
It is not the number of the organizations that are decisive but it is the level of the organizations that are determinative. If the number of the organizations that represent the diversity and levels of the organizations are increasing than it is the sign of a living nation that is growing and is able to sustain its growth.
Literature makes immortal the best men of letters, Science makes immortal the best scientists, philosophy makes immortal the best philosophers, etc but it is the religion that promise everyone to be immortal.
There are not only certain chemicals which have narcotic effects but certain mental responses, which have also narcotic effects:- A few are as follows:-
- Sports
- Glamour
- Fame
- Authority
- Wealth
- Opposite Sex
- Love
- Appreciation
- Anger
- Pride
- Benefit
- Loss
- Gambling
These psychological narcotics can work similarly as chemical narcotics, meaning, they can be used as tranquilizers to cure the abnormal or to use as warfare weapons to make abnormal the enemy and defeat them.
Love is for the two groups of the people. One for the innocent people like babies and the other is for the wise men, who can understand, without instructions. Fear is for the ignorant people because they don't want to understand. (Those, who don't know they are unaware but those who are aware but don't practice or they don't want to understand, they are ignorant). Most of the people are in the middle. They are wise in something or love to know them but they are ignorant in something or don't want to know them. Here the Fear and love both work well. Love, when they act wisely and fear when they act ignorantly. This means love should be there but under the arms of the fear.
Maternal love and paternal fear is what make a baby, a wise man. Maternal love makes one more human and normal and paternal fear makes one more competitive and wise. Love is the name of sacrificing a lot of likes for one like. The directions of our love change as we mature to our responsibilities.
Fear and compassion are the two strongest political tools that can used to carve history with.
Fear, is very effective after a defeat.
Most of the proud are based on the fears and promises.
Who can reason in front of fear? The logic? It fails, as a hopeful succeeds and one with strong logics is the one with most fears. One with hopes is the most fearless.
Compassion is the most impressive tool to fool the most intellect people.
Both fear and compassion are the real feelings that men have adopted to come out the unusual situations, where logic fails to guide.
As the compassion and the fear are the sources of the strength of men so are the sources of the weakness. One with cool logic can utilize those with hot logics, warmed by the compassion and fears.
Most genius is come of the massive defeats, when the people are hopeless. Hopelessness of a nation or people nourishes a pure mind to the greatness of genius.
The utmost demand of the hopes is after the defeats. If a nation is fortunate then there will have men with pure minds, observing and feeling the moments of the defeats and are reasoning the causes of the defeats and thinking ways of the success. These are moments when the history is pregnant to the genius and the birth will take place as the people are searching the sources of the hopes.
Hopes and fears are always there, but the one who can see them is not always there. Peace is in normal growth.
Nature is based on the calculated discipline. Uncertainty lies in our knowledge and visions and methodologies.
Nature is peace. What looks hazardous and disastrous to us is our weakness to their adaptations.
Everyone is a believer, but if there is freedom of the expressions then the believers force to believe based on some facts and find reasons for their beliefs.
There are more reasonable beliefs and believers in the free environments.
There must be freedom and tolerance for the expressions but no freedom and tolerance for crimes.
Yes freedom is a natural right and is principled and disciplined just like nature. What is not principled and disciplined is not natural.
If liberty were not the source of the power then it would never exists.
Some societies have adopted to gain power out of liberty so they encourage the liberty and some have adopted to gain power through monarchy so they appreciate monarchy.
Knowledge doesn’t die even if it proves to be wrong, because knowing the wrong strengthen the judgments.
Knowledge based leadership has no limit except limit of knowledge.
The most pleasant knowledge is those which familiarize us with ourselves.
What crisis produce may look priceless but it may take very high prices, when exported.
Men learn even in the violent situations and what one learns will find a way to express.
Until now, what we have achieved out of the evolution is only morphological, structural (comparative studies of the skeletons), physiological, anatomical, phylogenetical, and genomic approaches in the studies of the organisms. These approaches are quiet natural, because our knowledge was primary. Now, as our knowledge is expanding, we are coming out of the Darwinian evolution which was comparative and descriptive. For Darwin, it was natural to solve the problems according to his observation and the level of the understanding in his time of the nature. The ideas of the "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" were the best adaptations to explain the observed facts. But now we are in better level of the understandings and today we know that, everything in the nature is working under the "calculated discipline", whether they are the at medium range of our senses or they are larger or smaller then our senses. There are natural computers in every part of the nature, which are telling us the level of the organizations. It is a mechanism that lies in every object and process in nature.
Intelligence is the measure of the change and ability to response the changes.
Yes! Everyone has affection but few know the expressions.
What scratches the mind is uniqueness and what shake the hearts are affections.
Yes! Changes rush to make life lively but one never finds back the innocence and untouched soul that was gifted by nature.
Change is the essence of the nature. When one chooses to adopt the changes according to the nature, then his soul evolve to feel the innocence with wisdom.
Feeling of the innocence with ignorance is lovely but feeling the innocence with wisdom is lively.
When one knows, what he has to do, then ways and techniques are surrounds him to lead.
Those who can't adopt the growth, you can't help them to sustain the growth except you grow them.
Every goods find customers and every ideology finds followers despite of their quality. Thinking is directly proportional to the expressions.
It was ideologies that put the foundations of the civilizations but it was the thinkers who put the foundations of the ideologies.
Thinking is the base of the creativity. Even a few minutes of the silent thinking boost the expression from a response to a creative expression.
Yes! We don't know the chemical processes of the creativity but we know that, the creativity can explore the chemical compositions.
Deep thinking is the eyes of the future which can see with the light of the pasts.
Deep thinking leaves deep impressions and memories that are always the sources of the aspiration, inspirations and wisdom.
Most of the special people are mediocre people with special tasks or positions.
War is cruel but more cruel is to not take stand against cruelties.
The best descriptions of the depth and purity of human relations are in language of nature.
Black is the beauty of night and yellow is beauty of day but when they meet they wash themselves with whiteness of dawn and when they separate they hide themselves in reddish black of night.
The simplest logic is the logic of growth. We can predict that a seed will grow to a plant.
Mind, heart and body compete for our energy. The distribution of energy between them defines us.
It is not the question of numbers but the question of productivity. A family who can bear a dozen productive sons and daughters are investing in future of their society. A wealthy family which is unable to bear a single productive child, their children is actually addition of more garbage to society.
Things do not get changed overnight but a positive attitude and openness in reporting failings and successes will improve learning and hence make results more desirable.
Living with savage people means to waste a lot of energy and values to make life going smoothly.
What do you call a person who fools himself to show that he is clever?
Rest is the most tiresome act in hopelessness and hard works are the most refreshing.
Might is the elder brother of wisdom through which people recognize it.
A logical stand is the source of strength and identity when followed consistently.
Visibility is the soul of resistance.
Examples are surrounded us which prove again and again the same principles and lessons but despite them most people are surprised by challenges. The reason is simple and that is people don’t want to invest energy to investigate and concentrate.
Until you don’t shoot in and out people are not ready to hear you.
When we know that people changes their behavior as the conditions and situations change so why not we should make wonderful memories in our best times.
It is more factual than fact that when an individual unite himself he becomes a great man. When a family unites they establish an empire and when a nation unites they make a country.
It is not strange that some people are active to make people active but it is really strange that there are people who are active to make people passive.
When it is clear that advices and dialogues have lost their benefits then silence acts are the most beneficial strategy.
History is glue of nations which thickens and makes bonding stronger by passing times.
As time passes a nation may seems scattering out but soon events make them to return to their common roots.
Independence is the most energy consuming process and similarly the most productive. Certainly, productivity requires energy.
Loneliness is the most precious time in life if thought process is involved.
Most of the ignorance and mistakes are embedded in our impatience.
How many times we praised ourselves as wise while they were the fruits of patience.
As Fruits ripens in time. If you pluck before it will not tastes as it must be, same is the results of hard works.
A wise man feels consider himself fool while surrounded in fools who are proud of their wisdom.
The labels like liberal, fundamentalists, etc are now pacing beyond the original use for ideological identities. They have turned into discriminating terms. A political tool foe wiping out your oppositions and make your actions legal and civilized and on contrary make your opposition uncivilized and illegal.
Knowledge is a scale to measure opinions.
When a society degrades then boosting, jokes and become common in social events.
The courage to stand compensates even some parts of stupidity.
Instant creative acts at times of needs get amazing interpretations basis of new definitions that even amazes the participants.
Though democracy has no famine but have large reserves at one place and shortages at another place.
You can have 60 years of democracy but not a nation in those 60 years.
You can have elections and decisions of majority of people for majority’s rule and then majority rule, ruled by minority’s dictation.
The nationalism is practiced by destroying a part of nation by the name of nation.
A blind growth is like cancer that eats up the existing organs.
Growth is not a simply just growing but it is a change that requires changes.
Though it is true that larger the better for becoming safe from external threats but again there is another threat that is growing along with growth and that is internal threats to collapse.
Professionalism is the use of skills in a purposed way.
Specialization is a vital tool to engineer the minds.
Prime time shows, home pages and title pages are influential instruments of mind engineering.
Math ruins good times to earn good times.
Hope is the heart of a nation.
Nations do survive wild as wild plants only as slaves. The independent nations earn and save their sovereignty by burning minds, sweats and bloods.
As a nation’s mistakes and achievements are shared by all its members in relative rates, so it is a natural responsibility of every its members to contribute their shares relatively.
When one betrays his nation, the first slap he receives is from God.
A single quote that inspires is worth more than a book that makes no difference.
What to select from admiration and hatred is more dependent on consciousness than purpose.
Purpose and intention live in hope.
Rulers rule either by terror or promise but people live with hope.
Defeats, mistakes and sorrows could overshadow the paths but brave is one who walks in shadows to end in light.
Might is in control and what controls, is skill.
It is individuals that lead societies in their every aspect, even in sacrifices.
Be afraid of cowards not braves because cowards are opportunists.
There is only one free will and that is nature’s laws.
Whose side is one? Are a matter of purpose for braves and a matter of survival for cowards?
Nature has an experimented and tested selection.
Diversity is stability in rule of justice and hell of conflicts in injustice.

A courageous fool is careless and a coward wise is too much careful.
Chemists peruse magic, logically and logic, magically.
Though power is currency of relations but having ideals are most influential.
Two things are most influential in mass movements and agitations, historical inspirations and futuristic hopes based on a developed mechanism.
Art is your opinion in God’s creation.
Land area is an important factor of policies as source of power equivalent to population.
To men social studies are more natural than natural sciences as men know more about themselves than plants, animals and minerals.
This isn’t unity that you are divided at other days of week and united at Fridays.
Slaves discuss others and talk about themselves while masters discuss and take decisions in both.
Most helpless are those who talk about others discussions.
When courage and determinations of oppressed are bent to knees to dreams of oppressors then they are accepted the real slavery.
Life is more complex and precious to trap ourselves in small matter and too organized to avoid small and simple things.
Politics is relation between “you” and “I”. When “I” focus on “you” I am influential and vice versa.
A successful nation makes their voices heard by their leaders and supports their leaders to raise their voices.
If one wants to judge his attitude just make a comparison of hopes to proportions fears. If hopes dominate fear, it is sign of positive attitude and vice versa.
What leaders of a nation debate show the value of a nation?
The moment leaders of a nation change subjects of their debates, the fate of that nation starts changing.
What leaders of a nation think that their nation deserves, that nation deserve those?
Knowledge is a process of an always change, so a nation basing their cultures, policies and visions on knowledge is in state of constant change.
Wisdom is strongest magic.
It is trust that both leads and mislead. It is why trust should be based on knowledge.
Human created disasters required justice as they are due to miscalculations.
Surely human struggles make stories, but it is the choice of tragedy and success stories that makes matter.
A spiritual person seeks and looks spirituality in cultures and societies and greedy ones looks and seeks poverty.
Hope is the extreme security to insecurity of luxuries.
Reports help us understand the events and making perceptions but what develop judgments are personal experiences.
Wisdom is the search for truth. Based on this definition of wisdom almost everyone is wise to some extent as they search for dome kinds of truth.
If state is poor and people is rich, it is the result of weak governance but if people is poor and state is rich then it is the brutal use of governance. People and state is interdependent, so they should be supportive of each other in equality.
Familiarity is the basis of trust which gives space to traditions and ethics to work in.
It is creativity that inspires to live more lively.
Investing big ideas in small things make things big differences. So it is not big things that make difference but big ideas.
Most of time it is not lack of resources but lack of willingness, openness and creativity that slows down the progress and change.
The strategy of isolation is a breaking back bone strategy but it fails to creativity as creativity does not know any limit and it is there to break any limit and boundary.
He threw me out of house to make me degrade. A few years later I invited him to my home to honor him for making me independent of him and owner of my home.
The quotes can inspire you and even give you sticks to use in your favor but it doesn’t provides you tools of wisdom.
Empires may replace each other but they neither can stop human evolution nor can they reverse them to cave age.
Truth is created, constructed, designed, managed, confused, discovered and rediscovered.
Consensus is step father of truth as it tries to present truth as desires of powerful.
Yes! Truth is expedient but one is true about truth who inquires about truth selflessly and on basis of logic and knowledge.
Truth is the domain of one who inquires it for justice.
Truth is visible only under lens of justice.
A cook is honored well until food is not served.
A miner that mines and hollows the mountain feels difficulty to do dishes at home.
Elephant riders who raise and ride elephants feel difficulty to raise their baby.
War begins when one starts thinking of it and proceeds by preparing for it by training, arming, organizing and feeding people and ends with battles to give way for politics to work in.
If men can’t live without war so why not use our strength against those who are in a constant state of war with us, like ignorance, diseases and poverty.
“What is creativity?”
“Where struggle of mind and body surpasses struggle of survival and reach struggle to evolve, the creativity starts working.”
“How do you delineate between struggle for survival and struggle to evolve?”
“Struggle of survival is a struggle to adopt and all modifications in these struggles are count under instinct, while the struggle to evolve is a conscious struggle to live in guidance of imaginations. Here logic and natural laws are judges to keep the struggles disciplined.”
“What are requirements of struggle for evolution?”
“It is neither bounded to time nor to material enrichments. Neither is it bounded to place nor to race. It is bounded only to conscious understanding of life and shortness of time that one have to live. It is just value of time that one values his thoughts and actions and hence a purpose for life. It is only requirement of struggle for evolution and conditions for birth of creativity”
“Where is creativity?”
“It is in men and the first inspirations come from men. It is only creative men that inspire others spread creativity so for teaching creativity, it is essential that students got exposed to creative men.”
Though love is beautiful and appealing much but it is the handicapped justice that runs and sustains societies.
What makes difference in life is either one has imprisoned and enslaved him by his is desires and wants or made a court of visions where wisdom, courage and justice serve him.
Justice is like water to tree of patriotism.
One is a legal source of authority and leadership whose struggles are based on justice and who struggles for justice.
Justice is the mechanism of sustainable progress.
Justice is the strongest savior of progress, peace and welfare.
Justice is the wisest strategy for dominance, progress and immortality.
Only place where equality matter most is in process of doing justice.
Justice is strongest cement of society and of a nation that unite people.
Mysteries lie in rest and ignorance.
When soul sails, it concerns more to truth than reality.
When there are many sparking stars in sky, it is night and when there is one illuminating star in sky, it is day.
Justice is true love.
Love weakens the bond of love and justice strengthens it.
How many legends are there which are presented as history and how many tales of history are there which legends as they are not written became. Men’s history is records of royal lies and men’s tales contain unaccepted truths.
Power is an idol who asks for sacrifices of blood. There are always people who worship it by prejudices, hate and please him by sacrifices through wars.
Once a struggle find to feed itself it will organize to an organizational success.
When war as a killing machine is killing people then everyone tries to have a position to take their claimed prices.
Organized feeding of organizations will organize people to feed their freedom.
How many wise are there hidden in thick shadows of poverty and how many fools are there who shine by light of wealth.
Men can earn. It is a reality that values more to evolve ourselves through evolving values than wandering for wealth. Surely! What makes life livelier and use of wealth more worthy are values. If values are unnatural, savage and based on injustices then waste of lives, resources and wealth are certain. On contrary, if values are natural and are based on justice, respects and cooperation it makes available wealth more worthy. An environment based on these values will attract wealth and generation of wealth will be not a miserable struggle.
Our wealth and resources attract people to our wealth and resources but our values, culture, tradition and knowledge attract people to ourselves.
Information is like rain. If it rains slowly and steadily, land is healthy. But if it rains fast, it will flood the land. Similarly, if it doesn’t rain there will be drought.
Happiness is not wisdom but happiness is with wisdom.
Happiness has four pillars, namely hard work, content, righteousness, and simplicity.
Whenever one concentrates, he thinks and acts like a professional.
A careless professional is not better than a layman.
Everyone has a fact book but very few keep it to create facts.
Hope reduces the sorrows and helplessness intensifies it.
A professional soldier concentrates on methods of war one who is a soldier by born concentrate to make war as a profession.
If a flower remains hidden in leaves, its fruits make it visible.
Every vastness gets narrower by regular advances except vastness of inner-self.
Constructive information and news propagation are social fabrics that fabricate history
Fear is a psychological equivalent of pain. As pains are indicators of biological disorder, similarly pains are indicators of social disorders.
Silent recording of events and preparation will agitate to change everything.
A happy life needs attention and a successful attention needs concentration.
Sometimes a caption in an image becomes necessary to elaborate the individuality of image. It is necessary to do so because most have lost their individuality by losing observations to watching.
Word is a strong medium than image as words strengthen imaginations which have lost their capabilities to automations and animations.
The best fan of individuality is death as we live together and die alone.
Enslavement of mind is bearable and even a source of pride for most. Only a small fraction of people whose consciousness have evolved to a stage of recognition that rebel against slavery of mind. They labor hard to have their own homeland in the world of thoughts.
It is the shares that we have in each other’s lives that have constructed our societies. To make these shares acceptable and worthy, justice is essential.
Thieves have their shares in governments but if a government openly ignored laws to have more shares then a social disaster is certain.
It is not strange that time provides great opportunities to people who once have had them.
Risks, uncertainty, security and conflicts are parts of organic life that challenge intelligence and creativity.
An evolving society can ensure human freedom, as human freedom is neither in lawless savage life and nor under static rules of tyrants and dictators but in a lawful society where laws are evolved with evolving minds.
Laws are instant constants that keep order in diversifying organic growth of societies.
Sometimes greed leads to foolery as tying one’s goat in jungle.
When animals and men reach puberty, they struggle to make a position in their societies. At this stage their thoughts and actions are aggressive. Most of the youths become violent over possession of things with minimal values. As these youths grow they become more peaceful by accepting their positions and compromising over possessions. The same is true for nations. During early stages of getting a consciousness of nationhood, a nation is violent in their thoughts and actions. They became violent over small possessions and proud over small identities until they get recognition among the nations of the world.
Solitude leads to uniqueness but slows down diversity.
War without objectives and planning destroy a nation but war with an objective construct a nation and reborn a nation with a different face and identity.
If governments are brains of nations then education institutions are sense organs of nations.
Everyone seeks progress but those progress faster who have progressive attitudes.
Both future and past have their spirituality. Past inspires dying spirits and future inspires growing spirits.
What we consider as radical is actually an effort to think or act off tracks but they become normal as soon as they are accepted. Certainly radical efforts in understanding the world led to progress but efforts to apply radical thoughts in lives of people are destructive.
Success is replaceable only by another success.
Education and wealth ensures liberties which human values and knowledge promises.
Composing ideas are highest works of arts.
Education familiarizes with human values, knowledge and promises they make to humanity. Wealth delivers these promises.
Pains of failure are healed by triumphs of success.
Greed deceives a tested experience to be retested.
Greed is more fatal than senselessness.
There is no spirituality in a practice which is based on exploitations.
Spirituality in its essence is returning and communicating to self.
When we express that human is centre of universe, we actually expressing the capability of self to communicate with whole universe.
Struggling for liberty is a way to evolve savages into civilized nations and civilized nations into globalized nation.
Men are shaped to grow with quality.
Curiosity is the road to superiority.
Once, the school owner told me, “You are close to me but money is closer” and next time he told me, “You are a good person. I like you but I love money” and I convinced that he was frank and true both times.
Family is natural association which protects us from economical and political fluctuations.
Life teaches us lessons that we don’t want to get.
Those with promises for good life get soldiers.
A sleeping mind may reveal ideas but ultimately it is the awakening mind which expresses them.
Standing for ideas is only possible by evolving ideas.
Reaching people is reaching one’s self.
History tells to everyone but less understand its language.
It is a historic moment……………… are overused in speeches as history remember few of the declared moments of history.
Courageous moves touch more deeply sentiments of people than wise moves.
It is hearts of people that speaks in demonstrations than minds of people.
Blood are more in reach of hearts than minds.
An uncertain greedy loses to a certain greed.
Uncertainty is part of knowledge not opinions.
Those who learn knowledge are called scholars and those who judge knowledge are called intellectuals.
I can’t remember all I know but I know what I have forgotten.
Free imaginations and controlled emotions compose an artistic self.
Knowing how to legitimize, is knowing how to lead.
Masses are more harmonious than populations.
Resistance requires more wisdom than ruling as it requires making every branch capable of becoming a tree.
Obligations and responsibilities precede rights.
Self reliance is a dream until one walks through it.
One of the serious tests of wisdom is its ability in convincing of angers.
Majority of people construct fictions out of reality but very few are there who create reality out of fictions.
If cosmetic changes can’t stand on individuals faces then how they could stand on society’s faces.
Opportunities are always in travel. One may meet them in bus stop, shop or travelling at next seat. The only language that opportunities understand is one’s preparations and readiness to recognize and accepting them.
One whose hand is on pulses of time change constantly his life styles though it is costly in terms of energy and is time consuming to live up to his potentials. Changes in life styles require learning new one and unlearning old ones.
One who passes through learning and unlearning at same time is in real process of evolving.
Though the desires are appreciable but pretending of concentration does not reveal or bring to knowledgeable conclusions.
Artists and intellectuals of the impoverished nations are forgotten as fools and of dominant nations praised as standards of knowledge and wisdom.
The highest price of political failure is paid in form of invalidity of the intellect.
Every freedom has freedoms which follow the freedom even those who are free of rationality are also free from grieves and sadness as from rationality.
How amazing it is that in crisis normal men and women are also express amazing wise words that makes crisis feels less difficult.
Curse is not shared but propagated.
High purposes and short wishes are appreciable and logical.
By unlearning we don’t mean empty mind but a free mind, free of prejudices and a thirst for truth.
Slave minds haven’t the capacity to accept the truth.
Prejudices are the most tyrant occupiers of mind.
Grieves can’t be washed by makeup.
Beauty is more fragile than art.
Beautiful breaks up frequently to her beauty.
A prisoner of self sees desires more real than self.
Desires are parasites of satisfaction.
Night, fire, silence and self are the most artistic composition I ever saw.
Aesthetics is more conflicts of arts than science of arts.
Men have become able to observe distant stars but lost the capability to observe themselves.
End matters to all but none wants end.
Grave is too shallow for grieves.
What can accommodate both grieves and joys are self.
A broken self is more appropriate for blessings than ignored one.
Beauty is an aspect of freedom.
A defeat that liberates self from ego is winning freedom.
When culture becomes more problematic then it is the responsibility of the intellectuals to come forward to face to face dialogue.
Once the division in a society started deepening it will not only divide individuals but also personalities.
The loose consensus out of conflicting traditions, construct culture.
Traditions are more specific than culture as it relates to families rather than community.
In game, you either win or defeated but out of game you will be only spectator.
If politics is a battle for life then grading is natural as performances are judged.
If grieves were not there, there would be no humanity.
Unplanned urbanization is hatchery of crimes.
A persistent advocacy for a change will get higher audience than loud shouts and chanting for none.
People may recall what I was but they can’t tell what I will be.
Opposition to my causes is natural phenomenon and advocacy for my causes are my natural duty.
It may hurt me that there are people who are against me but it is satisfactory that I respect them as fellow human.
My enemies are planning to destroy me and my nation but I am planning to hold their hands in race for human evolution.
I have declared no one my enemy but some people are there who have declared themselves as my enemies.
It is not the battle of elites that determine society as every elite is a real superman and can get the position they want but it is the ordinary men and women that matters. If ordinary men of a group of people are superior to ordinary people of other group then it has links with culture, law, justice system or opportunities.
Though the pressures from endless conflicts are breaking my consistency in battle for life and intellect but I have already broken the ends by taking initiatives.
Loss doesn’t hurt much than fears of losses.
Our words are light enough that they can’t express our sufferings and our sufferings are heavy enough to prevent us of dispersions.
One who only thinks of himself has limited his capacity to himself.
Breaking relations is like pain killers. They may cause a temporary ease to pains but they can’t cure social diseases that had caused pains.
Though universe is not the result of our imaginations but the interactions of our imaginations to universe make it more attractive and realistic than it seems and appears to us.
Nature is far more generous than our deeds.
Grieves are rooted in deeds.
Personal regrets are more valuable than public regrets.
Though pains and grieves are not desirable but the arts and literature out of pains and grieves have no comparisons.
History is not forgettable though it is filled with mourns and grieves.
Though time heals wounds but it can’t prevent it.
Constant stimulations is necessary to keep the paces equal but internal stimulations is more reliable and efficient.
Defame is a damage that can’t be decompensate except by a total change.
Principles are the strongest shield against defaming by opportunists and ignorant.
Imaginations that stimulate are more real than dried and non stimulating facts.
It is easy to bury pains than prejudices.
The worst stimulation for competition is prejudice.
Opportunities could be ignored but not sufferings. As preparations are necessary for both availing the opportunities and coping suffering so the preparations couldn’t be ignored.
In reaching every peak heart filled with pleasures of accomplishments and mind with plans and concerns for a new beginning and starts.
Liberation has costs which few are prepare to pay.
Injustice loves pints of bloods but unfortunately it never says enough.
One can’t escape his pains by torturing others.
Learned lessons are valuable when are put for more learning.
The real appreciation equalizes eligibility.
Focusing on specifics will result in successful generalized relation.
A scholar with empty hands can serve better than thousands of books without any scholar to represent them.
Democracy can’t decide the false and truth so the role of philosophers remain as key actors of cultures and civilizations.
We have paid for our every learning but not yet have learnt how to expend.
Copying others without realizing the realities are heading on routes to disasters.
Parasites may have successful adaptations and grow indefinitely but victims always struggle to rid of them and the same is true for the parasites of human society therefore becoming impressed of social parasite is normal but taking them as success model may not be wise.
Tactics always change because our perceptions always change due to changing experiences.
When fortunes grow shares get smaller as expectations also grow.
Unfortunate is one who has no one to support and no one to share with.
One who serves in sorrows and joys and gets nothing to share has not shared truly.
I am not in race with historians but with history.
A logical and courageous decision will find favor to resolve the resulted disagreements and conflicts if presented for dialogue.
History has uncountable lessons but it is we who decide what we want to learn out of it.
An experienced man has always secrets to be revealed.
People invite curses by escaping duties and fortunes.
Experience shows both ways to escape and face the threats but courage shows only one way and only one way and that is to face the threats.
Impressions melt. They do not break. It means we can change impressions by slow and regular struggle. It couldn’t be sudden.
A nation creates heroes and heroes create history.
Strength is in believing in not in beliefs.
Hope could be created by being hopeful.
How many times are there when we become sad by end of shows while we are in shows. How sad would be the moment when shows are going on and we have to end our show.
Are we really wise? We work hard to construct houses that we call home but have to leave them. We make and create perceptions that we have to break. Some Men of old wisdom say, “Yes! We are wise because we construct to gift the next generation”
Ownership is a contract with time. As our time ends so our ownership ends.
If it required wisdom and great care to succeed then it requires higher levels of wisdom to contain the zeal of success to a wise level to keep paces of success towards success.
As lessons learnt from failures lead to success so the lessons forgot after success lead to failures.
If blank is an opportunity for creation then rushed has an opportunity to be organized.
Those who welcome challenges become challenge for others.
There is not much distance between facing challenges and becoming challenges.
Big ideas let people have big choices and big struggles.
Weak can have great ideas but not great energy to make them real. The great ideas at last owned by great powers.
A real education is one which makes students able to know and express their identities and able to think logically for wise solutions.
In live nations the imaginations develop into knowledge and in dying nations imaginations develop into pains and wounds.
Those nations have big surprises for world whose politicians are either scholars or audience of the scholars.
For motivated person the worst punishment is forced inactivity.
Yes we make choices but the choices that left to us.
Choosing the choices that left to us is not liberty.
Tissue culture is a way to luxurious life but not a free life.
Luxury can’t compensate the liberty.
Liberty is the choosing of identity.
Majority sells their liberties to luxury but few sell luxuries for liberties.
Society may close the ways to liberties but our wills never accept living with bills and pills of submissions.
Though steal swords are the arms of the battle grounds but the gold swords are in hands in rulers. Gold is symbols of rulers and steals are the tools of the servants.
Those ask for blood that can’t see the blood.
The world we live in is full of the dangers and threats but the satisfaction come only from inner self and the vision for meaning of life.
The worst enemy of wealth is foolery and the worst enemy of health is carelessness.
How miserable is a smart person who works for a person who is not smart.
Being successful in your works but accept other’s failures as yours due to relations is really shocking. One will survive this if he has the high ability of absorbing shocks.
Moral infrastructures are shock absorbing institutions in society which mediate the conflicts and failures.
Providing solutions to problems always attract good businesses.
Servants are too clever to understand the desires of their masters before indications but they aren’t wise enough to stand for their own desires.
What you laugh at as an outspoken person may grab your mind and make you following him.
We may compromise with a paralyzed life and in prison life but life will continue quest for liberty.
A normal mind gets tired and a disturbed mind gets exhausted.
Bad democracy poisons minds and bitter lives.
Late justice rusts trusts so quick justice is more reliable.
Beautiful people and beautiful moments do not guarantee beautiful ends.
Questions do not only represent quests but also stimulating quests.
Deals by weak are a legal opportunity for exploitations by strong and gaining some time for survival to weak.
Yes it is true that we can’t change our fate by dancing with nature but we can change our minds by harmonizing to nature.
If small opportunities dominate minds of people instead of core issues then chaos and opportunism is inventible.
Ownership and nationalism are interwoven with each other like soul and body.
Children play with fire to explore them and adults play with fire to explode them.
We can forget to ease ourselves but we can’t forget to be answerless.
Wars and wounds surround beauties and that is the ugliest parts of life.
People love to ski on snows forgetting the tears that froze in these cold weathers.
The most pitiful are those who are victimized by their positions and personalities.
Fault lines are everywhere but they become curse when are mixed with faultiness.
Though almost all have the capacity to reach news making processes but few have the capacity to reach the news making processes that make history.
Different inspirations, emotions, attitudes and ideology make individuals unique and closer to greatness.
Rebellion with principles are learning and teaching the real way of living.
Justice is only way to avoid war but many times we have to avoid justice to avoid war and it is called the wisdom of weak.
Justice is killed too many times by conspiracies of powerful that kill justice by name of justice.
Claims play more vital roles in politics than reasons.
As hesitation kills balance so too much balance for balance.
Once confusions are crossed one reaches to results rather than certainty.
Sometime time becomes more powerful than power.
Time decides in favor of one who is more familiar with it.
Time can be more fatal than any weapon or strategy.
Core strategy is silence to all stimulants to protect secrecy by making and keeping confusions.
Those who speak to expose their uniqueness also expose things that shouldn’t.
Both solitude and crowd creates confusions and hence they look strange.
What we escape of is categorized as strange.
When money is used to serve culture it results in Cultural Revolution.
Culture survives on devotions.
Solitude of mountains and deserts make men to speak with them and they were the sources of spirituality.
Spirit dwell in self and it will reveal itself when speak to.
Blood, hunger and art dominate the memory of mankind than any other aspects of ancient lives.
More than anything art have enriched the human treasure.
Land is the source of treasure for all even for fools because fool also feels hunger.
Wise are those who stick with new births to benefit from rapid earlier growth.
How strange it is that men buy forgetting.
Escaping could be fun but fun is a tactic of life not life.
Adaptations are chosen preparations but they do no guarantee success. What guarantees success are our preparations to choose.
Love easily melts down but neither I nor you.
Everyone tax each other but some tax for nothing.
Profit is free trade taxation.
It is really hear breaking to know that cultures are destroying dreams because it is the cultures that teach people to dream.
Dreams are too hospitable for fellow dreams.
Every flower makes its place by its color and fragrance.
Certainly life without colors and fragrance is blend but darks colors and sharp fragrances cause headache.
Life is the most real political process.
Those who do not challenge the life, life present greater challenges.
I discovered my closest and most reliable friend in the form of knowledge.
It is the sign of conspirers who favor and praise the dead and oppose the live descendants.
If addicts to drugs die of poisons then addicts to glamour die of poisoning by colors and perfumes.
Addicts to glamour never get happy though they laugh too much.
Trade and wealth starts a civilization and knowledge grow it and end it.
Calling for peace is easy but standing with peace is the real test.
Strength couldn’t be judged neither by war nor by peace but by projections.
Being late is only acceptable if you have times in your hand.
Missing is special but missing time is more special.
If one is concern with opinions than pockets then empty pockets will soon empty opinions also.
Life is not a race of fame. Fame earned on lives couldn’t be raced with.
Those who give society a language to express itself in form of civilization are real leaders of humanity.
Writer’s numbers do not matter but what matter is the ability of writers in the language of their own observations.
Many people dedicate a lot of things but fewer dedicate their lives.
What is special for you hurts you more and more deeply.
Immediate responses of creative people are what they themselves wait for.
Act is attached to image and ideas are attached to personality. Image is could end with ending of actions but personality live with ideas.
Both silence and shouts are life but silence speaks more than shouts.
When ideas attached to life it automatically become philosophize as all love life.
Larger exposure makes more spiritual as individuals feels deeply the high starts and low ends.
Philosophy is romance because it is love of some special kind.
Transporters grow with growing economy but they know less about their role in growth.
Revolutionary ideologies are always attractive evolving with new meanings to new generations.
Though glamour is more attractive but it can’t stand to beauty at test of time.
Glamour without any thought is a parasite of culture.
Where thinking processes depleted, fear, violence, nakedness and glamour dominates and it is what is known as meaninglessness or graveyard of culture.
Sensation without feelings is the basic tool for inhuman culture.
Fear, violence, nakedness and glamour are indicators of depletion of thoughts.
The most difficult enemy to fight with is a self that fight against personality.
An art that come from a liberated self invite society towards a real liberty by creating revolutionary cultures.
Degrading institutions are the real threats to society.
Solutions are not comparable to purpose. Purpose can attract solutions but solutions rarely.
Reforming institutions and making them able to do their responsibilities and delivering efficient social services through accountability is the real way to face the internal threats.
One is compelled to appreciate the good works of his worst enemy and to condemn the bad works of his closest friend.
Hurrying in revenge is like hurrying in destroying yourself and delaying in serving is like delaying your constructions.
Revenge decreases our capacity and servings, increase. Which one is a wise choice?
Welcoming luxury by saying good bye to happiness is a big loss that few feel it to its entirety.
History could be shared by common values or by making common values.
All love liberty but few love to understand it.
Killings could shake people but only great achievements could shake the fundamental believes and thoughts of people.
Both Unity and divisions have followers but it depends on the expressions the dominance of one of them.
Though glorious city like Rome is castled by Alps but it can’t stop determinations like Hannibal to cross it.
Clear mindedness is the sign of wisdom and having a clear position makes one wise by easing decision making.
The weak is more wise than strong as weak think a lot to make sure his survival while strong think less and act a lot.
Frequent acts raise the levels of both risks and opportunities.
Trade is richer than wealth.
Trade is stronger player in creating civilization than wealth.
Trade is more close to idea and knowledge than wealth.
Wealth created by trade is more sustainable than natural wealth as trade is an art of creating wealth.
Wisdom does not lead to richness but to success and achievements.
How one projects his strength and delicacy defines his smartness.
Great men’s biographies are interesting because they have learned how to fascinate.
Revolution is romantic in café discussions and full of hope and miseries in field.
If one admits that money is power then he keeps eyes on finances and measures the successes by financial successes but if one looks beyond the financial successes into the affects of the financial activities also then he understands the real power of money.
Most of opinions are not just because they are mostly based on the exposed realities.
Iran, Rome, Athens and Mongolia are there but not their empires as there are no Emperors. History of men is stories of great men. A period of history ends by ends of their great men.
A freedom that does not bring freedom from evils of society is not a freedom but change of government.
Angels, Genies, Fairies, etc dwell in desire of men.
Responsibility is more sweat and blood than authority and enjoyments.
A tragedy that is not felt is not a tragedy.
If business is a war then betrayal is a normal part of it.
The distance between dream and reality are courage and patience.
Too many time and too many people have expressed the importance of courage and patience but it requires to be expressed more to strengthen believes in their struggles.
Failures are common experiences of life but editing failures is a way of creating opportunities.
Spirits dwells in purpose as anything purposeful become spiritual.
Secular definitions and redefinitions of civilizations and religions emerged during colonization period make this belief strong that west was intentionally struggling to deny earlier civilizations and religions of East to prove Western civilization as an ultimate civilization of humankind. The failure of West to do so proved that civilization and history could be confused but couldn’t be erased.
Shift in wealth is shift of power. As wealth is not static so is the power.
Authority could ignore people but not their power of production, distributions and consumption.
One who understands the structure of distribution may arise as a smart man who knows how to accumulate wealth and power.
Beauty is really costly in maintaining, preserving and achieving so all appreciate it but few dare to have it.
Imaginations have always their prices.
People are interested in imperial life because they are symbol of authority and luxury.
When almost all processes of life are war then fearing enemies is invitation to death.
When thoughts are absent then intellectuals depend writing the events.
Incompatibility is the result of life style.
Institutions that are based on classes rather than merits exploit the society to corrupt it by their corruptions.
If you don’t control what you earn then they will control you.
Population does not rule but wise hard work does.
Seriousness is essential to central personality in shape but too much control stop growth to rigidity.
Trade is the strongest protective layer of a nation.
Those who don’t struggle to rule on themselves other will struggle to rule on them.
Capacity determines one’s position as a friend or enemy. Strong capabilities may turn mind to tolerance of friendship.
Though geography determines fate but knowledge, technology and trade modify fate to trades.
Speaking about nation frequently and wisely to change its fate certainly will change the fate of nation by changing perception about nation as well as changing general opinion of both enemy and fiends.
Democracy is not a policy if it is electing representatives of people. Yes it is a policy if it is designed to make representatives serve their people.
Pride is a matter of survival for king and humbleness is a matter of survival for priests.
Termination is a better expression than end as change is dominant over all processes.
Geography modifies ideologies into local versions.
The worst failure is the failures come out of no tries.
Stories sold are stories told.
Abilities and capabilities make even the enemies acceptable when friends are unable and incapable.
Messing of friends makes the able enemy hero.
Tying self to something creates an identity and tying self to self destroys identity.
Though fear is love of life but only overcoming fear is life.
Trusting on people that creates ideas is trusting on success.
What binds people create power not what divides them.
When nature has adopted diversification as success then how men try to make lives colorless by binding all people into one color either by name of religion or ideology and call it success?
Facts have convincing power but they are hardly accessible so the illusions play more vital role in shaping minds than facts.
How one who loves Allah can hate His creatures?
Democracy is a not a solution to problems but a platform to solve the problems.
Passion, vision and hard work make their ways known.
In hardships, life is a struggle for survival and in liberty and prosperity life is a creative responsibility.
The greatest loser is one who measures life in profits and losses.
Deep sorrows and crowded joys erase the real colors of life.
The most trustworthy emotion is passion.
Waiting is an agent of aging as it erodes senses and temper.
Ideas wait for our calls.
The greatest healer of grieves are struggle.
The larger the doses of struggles the quick is healings.
The healing agents of struggles are achievements.
Capacity of absorbing grieves builds by practice or by experiences. Experiencing grieves increase the capacity to absorb grieves.
The hardest grief to absorb is unexpected losses and shocks.
The foolery that almost all is victim of it, is having no place for unexpected losses and shocks in futuristic plans.
One is frequent victim of grieves who in hope of future forgets the present life.
Stable life is a balanced life in present and future.
Men are more interested in ideas than facts because ideas are more attractive than facts.
No idea can escape out of facts though they have the capability to distort facts.
Love of God is tested by love of men.
Boundaries of liberty are capabilities.
The feelings of poverty and inequality are more dangerous than poverty and inequality themselves.
Dwarfs try to live up with constructions and great men live up with their characters and actions.
Democracy is like sieve mesh which separates compatible people from incompatible but the sieve mesh move very slowly and the process of separation is very slow.
Education changes society. Even a poor quality education has the capability to change society. Poor quality of education changes slowly and high quality education change rapidly.
A slow change that is incompatible with rapid change may not look as change.
Free market economy is only economy that runs smoothly for long periods but its conflicts may become violent when states neglect those who become incompatible in this market system.
Freedom lies in free thinking.
Bribery and commission is modern day slavery. A nation is not free whose institutions could be bribed and run by commissions.
Those who don’t stand against corrupt officials and injustices in society can’t call themselves patriot.
Division is the fate of a country and a nation whose people are more loyal to their tribes than their country.
A clothed man finds himself naked, among naked crowd.
A gentle man finds himself abnormal among crowd of robbers.
Empires never cease to exist. They are replaced.
Prosperity earned out of sweats is sweet and prosperity earned out of blood is bloody.
When men shadow their desires in secrecies, I become afraid of them and when they struggle to achieve them openly I get lessons of greatness out of them.
It is the desires of people which let me feel great or become afraid of them.
It does take time to become brave but time will judge between real bravery and implanted one.
Every nation has produced few individuals who they respect for their leadership and initiatives but fewer nations have produced leaders whose ideologies and leaderships sustained in forms of institutions.
A harsh word is a poison with no antidotes.
If men had not capability of learning and inquiring they were extinct.
Aphorisms are pleasure reading for educated people and thoughtful pauses for learned men.
A nation rises when people think their country more than their lives and fall when people give more importance to their lives then their country.
Numbers are important in democracy and pollution made by population to earth’s health.
Democracy is a polluting agent especially in countries where cultural differences are deep.
Self defense change political reality to ground reality.
Only innocent children can dare to be indifferent of the consequences of their actions.
A story teller is successful who could refresh our childhood’s imaginations and sensations.
The most beautiful conversations that all have felt but few can express are conversations between nature and men’s senses.
Cultures are highly accommodative to changes as cultures are collective judgments that are practiced by individuals.
The worst bad enemy of a nation is silence on its rights and worst enemy is use of blind violence over its rights.
We cannot value our identity without our enemies.
Enemies are not wanted but they are faced.
Smiles are taunting when the defeat of enemy is assured but the same smiles are spoiled sweet when the incapability is assured.
Highly vulnerable are minds of villagers that are neither able to protect their traditions nor can escape of them.
Villagers are delicate source of power that is always exploited.
Women are brave under rule of law and men are coward in chaos and lawlessness.
Increasing creative cultural productions is the only way to survive in cultural wars.
Banning technologies are foolish acts as it makes people more vulnerable to cultural offensives.
Revenge is natural if emotions are not blind.
Success is in hard work and peace and happiness is in truth.
It is easy to rally people for creating an army for physical wars. Even primitive people had the capability of physical wars. But it is really difficult to rally creative people to create popular cultures for cultural wars.
Everyone has the capability to learn reading and writing but few have the capability to write their thoughts and those who have, have responsibility to whole humanity.
Nothing is more thrilling than discovering self.
The greatest suspense of universe is self, it is why we never get bore of ourselves.
The art of killing may evolve into highly sophisticated forms but they never evolve to become able to kill ideas.
Sharp knife is not for sharp minds.
One has to wonder a lot to become wonderful.
One has to respect a lot to become respectful.
Masters do not measure practice time but count times, practiced.
Individuals whose self is respected are always more reliable than organizations, as organizations are run by policies and these individuals are run by egos.
Long wars and conflicts diverge from their original stands, make people’s interests and capacity diluted out and nourish crimes. Hence elongated wars are neither for revolution nor for liberation.
When elders and leaders of a nation and a region does not make serious plans and initiatives then others will plan for them.
End of laws is breaking apart of nations and end of a civilization.
Man is higher than knowledge as men creates knowledge, beside learning and discovering them.
Nonviolence movements is viable in democratic conditions but if tyrants and conspirers used majority as a legal means to exploit minorities then resistance is the only mean to struggle.
In all stories men have to face opponents. It is because men are opposed inside themselves.
Even world of imaginations can’t exist without oppositions.
Skills dilute out sufferings.
The pretending wisdom of politicians that try to impose their ideas on people by intimidations is really laughable if analyzed.
Weak nations are always on loss sitting on table of negotiations.
Negotiations mean giving some authority and power to opponents.
When one becomes enemy of himself, he starts loving himself more deeply.
One knows that majority of his troubles are related to his family and still his struggles focused on his family.
Love is not a reliable measuring tool as its scales is not always the same.
What is controlled is not love.
Reclaiming national identity is always associated with cultural revivals.
Biology speaks the time if we don’t.
Rich get greatest parts of charities.
From charities poor ask for few coins and rich get his balances, balanced.
Rome is threatened by people from valleys and it will be saved by people from valleys.
Beauty is costly to live with and live for.
White beard with white heart is the highest prize that life can offer.
Those who play with peace will never stop migrations.
Certainly! Fear is the promise of beast.
Participation in wars for power with aims of justice ensure making of history.
Politicians have hunger for power that makes them force to worship Lord in public and gold in private.
If our ideas does not resonate our personality then it means we don’t love ourselves.
If your ideas look too big for you then it means you got one of qualities of leadership.
Secret is what we are not prepared for.
The most rewarding labor is thinking.
Consistency reveals the powers that one has never thought of them.
Though taking responsibilities are painful but people never stop taking responsibilities as rewards and opportunities they offer are bigger than pains.
Too much advice and too much planning result nothing.
Travels are romantic and the most passionate romance of a writer is with his observations.
All are concerned but require solutions on their own terms.
The differences between rates of modernizations in different regions have slowed down rates of understandings.
Modernization is a positive process but copying modern elements without passing through modernization processes insulate the minds.
The seculars are in big troubles as they are victims of their racism.
Senses torture souls and imaginations heal them. Fortunate is one whose imaginations are stronger and deeper than their senses.
The most precious commodity is peace as investments in defense increasing every year throughout the world.
Which one is beautiful to live with others happiness or to live with others miseries?
We are product of history and now history is on our mercy.
Our hatreds have deeper impressions on history than our loves.
History is a mirror which is coated by smog.
It is no familiarity but recognition that works in friendship.
Life’s problems are solved but life would be pleasant if people around you are wise and cooperative enough to help you solve the problems.
If life of us get pleasant by cooperation of others then certainly others lives would become pleasant by our cooperation.
Life is not expressed only in progress but there are emotions, relations and observations that are also require expressions.
Life is expressed more deeply in selections than expressions itself.
Even the wisest men can’t escape emotions hence it is better to accept them.
Emotions divide mind and torture the heart but they make mind, imagine and heart to beat.
Facts reveal themselves to imaginations.
Senses do not block but imaginations do.
Helplessness reveals the soul and hopelessness kills it.
Enjoyments insulate the soul to make one senseless.
Black join the white just as darkness join the light.
The deepest love of men is with immortality.
Power has always tow means to gain, first is by abiding law and second is by confronting law.
Blood stain one with defame and earn others honor and strength.
Powerful remain concerned about his goals and weak remain concerned about the consequences.
We are destined by our goals but by measure of leisure in our lives.
Enemies of our fathers never want our wounds heal.
The only thing that our father’s enemies want to grow of us is our pains and grieves.
The tear of enemy is sweet.
Creating ease is creating opportunities and challenges.
Hard workers with narrow visions create a congested world of growth.
It is imaginations that evolve senses into observations.
Learning is a travel from odds to normal while creativity is a travel from normal to odds.
The strongest protection against fear is exposure.
Systems are to liberate people from poverty, submissions and ignorance and every liberation has its prices.
Most characters are adaptations to earn a living.
Pains are not to escape or miss out as pains unlock souls.
It is imaginations that make works and actions, masterpieces.
Arts do not die but are ignored.
One can’t create a story without searching it.
Everyone is victim of his/her creativities.
Rhythms knock everyone’s heart but few open their hearts to rhythms.
A sad smile is highest performance that a soul can give.
An impenetrable soul is the soul of a trader that trades souls of people.
The defensive strategy is the first crack in faulting of power.
It is very easy to forget one as a normal human being and to be infected by pride and self praise when get higher position.
Pondering and learning about lives of great men reveal great lessons but greater than lives of ordinary people surrounded us.
How time will treat you depend on what you read and what you trade.
A society can survive without education but not without trade.
Enemy’s mistakes play as much vital role in one’s success as much as one’s achievements.
War is a common oppressor but always one is defender and other is offender.
A trader’s memory about his business is sharp like a lover’s memory of his sweetheart.
Pursuit of power is like climbing a cliff. Once hold of lost then climber will fall to ground with less chances of survival.
Money is the foundation of power but the art of using money is essential to construct the castle of power over this foundation.
Struggling for rise of a nation that world doesn’t know does not only provide serious challenges but also unthinkable opportunities.
Daring are those who embrace opportunities to get consequences on their own terms.
Does patriotism allow killing freedoms or asking from us to discriminate? Certainly no.
A few days of attractions and tragedies make a few lines of history worth reading.
Government officials are like highly fashioned women who mostly waste not only their own times but also others by considering themselves VIPs.
Wars that oppress people can’t be holy.
Even those who have studied about great men are different from others.
Authority is power but more powerful is connections and relations.
Death is grieved in every culture and religion and still men willingly kill each other.
Blood is never praised to be shed but for liberty and justice.
Leaders are individuals to whom nations are indebted.
Our duties are to God and His created Universe.
Wars have to offer less gain and more losses.
Creativity is the second life of a creative one.
Everyone can dress elegantly but fewer can dress their minds with elegant ideas.
The wounds and grieves that power give can be healed by achievements.
You are in power until you are able to keep your enemy submitted.
Collecting books is not the assurance of reading all of them but certainly it is the assurance of reading some of them.
The best gift is book because it makes both parties to read at least some parts of it.”
Escaping of responsibilities is an act of betrayal.
Hardened heart is to take revenge not power.
When victims become king blood will be of higher prices.
Life has special offerings for those who rely on their personal judgments.
Critical writings are acts of soft revolutions.
The part of history that amazes me most is the ending of an era by killing of an individual.
Arms are vampires that all love to have.
Unfamiliarity may cause late starting but timidity prevents from any starting.
Arts of masses are inseparable from arts of aristocrats as they have inseparable relations.
It is really difficult to measure the emotions and feelings but our judgments have erected aesthetics without measuring them.
If there is no world in self then physical world has no meanings and sensations for living.
Geography has its defenses but not to human creativity and determinations.
Only determination can touch destiny ahead.
The vastness of world is to the vastness of hearts and experiences.
Out of fishing in crimes one will catch only criminals.
What the men want most is immortality.
The finest imaginations come either from history or spirituality and intuitions.
What looks madness to outsiders is politics for locals.
Life is immortal and its knowledge grows to it.
Revenge is not to die for but liberation and purpose is.


“Imaginations have concerts in all seasons but few mediums are evergreen. Aphorisms are music of all times that let the mind to be owned by increasing levels of expressions. Certainly mobbing of words is nothing but noises. Aphorisms are the fragrance of life that imaginations extract from experiences. This book is my struggle in owning my mind. I hope it let new forms of literature arise from wise literary practices in a high tech world where time is shrinking as individual’s worlds are shrinking contrary to expansion of universe.”

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A few words about writer,
Khuda Dad is a doctoral student at State University of New York and a Fulbright scholar. He has worked as a lecturer of Geology at Government Science College, Quetta and also as a Science teacher at A-ONE City Model High School, Quetta. He received his masters in Geology with first position from University of Baluchistan.

“Dedicated to my Parents, who taught me how to live”

Preface to Prophet of Mind

“Hard is real to unlearn the loves that your heart is accustomed to.”
Khuda Dad Azara

Men in every stage of their lives have internal conflicts to resolve. Successful strategies ending in successful resolving of these conflicts grow a personality to a happier, self reliant and confident personality. All these characters make one more ambitious not only in thinking bigger but to stand for them with stronger determinations. Successful strategies that are the foundation of this process require tools to create these templates. Certainly the most effective tool is expression. The individuals who succeed to find their medium of expressions grow quickly to distinguish themselves and easily resolve all internal conflicts on time.
There is an easy puzzle that all know its answer unconsciously but it reveals to few. The puzzle is, if nearly all people communicate each other via speaking, writing, body language or any other form then why a large mass of people fail at some stage of their life to resolve the internal conflict? The answer is really easy and is a matter of general observation. Though they communicate with each other but they hide what they really are? They hide what they really feel and think. Why? because they are afraid of becoming wrong. Due to fear of being wrong they burry a large part of their personality under shades fact images that they try to create and present to world.
The pain and conflict between adopted and imitated image and real hidden personality slow down the growth of one’s personality. The real personality of an individual is his mind. The only way to liberate the hidden personality from deep shades of fake images is to own the mind. To own the ideas, emotions, feelings, imaginations and expressions that one has. Owning of mind requires expression. Unfortunately, mediums of expressions require art, knowledge and have rules to learn and follow. So these requirements make the windows of opportunity fewer and special to those who met these requirements.
But it is not a problem because creativity is always rebellious in its nature and breaks down the rules at ease of its expressions. When I was a school going child, I was constructing stories to amuse my friends but as I grew older I lost the opportunity self expression via storytelling to newly acquiring facts, logics and reasoning that I was acquiring from society and schooling. It was a painful period for me because I was exposed to ocean of knowledge and information through books and teachers but I had no way to express my opinions. My mind was not accepting the world as I was discovering it. The world views that I was exposing to them and they were to convince me to observe the world through their perspectives was not acceptable for me. I wanted to break down those mirrors that were no showing the images as I wanted by creating my own world views. In meanwhile I was curious reading books in different disciplines and also about thoughts and lives of individuals whose thoughts and world views have changed the world. My search to find thoughts or life styles from these great men that were in harmony with those of mine to convince myself that I am not alone were less successful. Besides, literature, philosophy, science, media, business and others had their own giants with their own world views and also there were major events that not only changed the individuals but entire nations. It was unbearable for me to accept that though individuals have to select a discipline as their field of specialty but how they couldn’t have their own opinions about the ideas of the giant of these disciplines that were deciding their fate. But again the same problem that all disciplines have their own specialized mediums that need expertise. It was the time that I was drawing white pigeons flying and sometimes a white pigeon with broken wing.
It was the summer of 1997 that I got admission to college. In our first week while we making new friends, one of these new friends by name of Hassan told me about a little but impressive book about art of speech. I requested him the book but there were others also in waiting list. After two or three weeks I got this little book. From this little book I learnt a few practical points that really changed my life. Though the wordings are not same but the basic points were as follows,
1- Never neglect your ideas as unimportant.
2- Record your ideas by writing them down in your own words and style either it is a sentence, a paragraph or in any other forms at your ease.
3- Always use your own ideas while expressing yourself as originality is more effective and impressive than quoting giants of knowledge.
This methodology liberated me and I started to explore myself my owning my mind. This method or better to say medium enabled me to resolve an internal conflict by expressing me with my own ease. I found no other medium strong and flexible enough to let you express yourself so thoroughly and reveal yourself so deep than aphorisms. I am amazed that why people haven’t yet used the aphorisms as they adopted other forms of literature?
There is nothing to become amazed for as there is one thing that stop people to adopt aphorism and that is the “fear of becoming wrong”. I always say that beauty never can be wrong about itself because beauty is distinguished but not specified. No one has come out with the definition of beauty as beauty is. So letting the imaginations appear in the forms of beauty make you distinguished rather than wrong. In “Prophet of Mind” I haven’t organized the aphorisms under proper subjects but written down as they were born out of nowhere. The main reason was to not harm the chronological order and originality of expressions. Imaginations are random just like dreams of babies and when they become organized they grow into ideas testable to tests and tastes. I let the “prophet of mind” to remain in the form of imaginations so it could serve its purpose to spark imaginations and help readers express themselves and grow liberate their personalities out of shadows they have constructed to vastness of liberty.

Here is a story that is story of all. The story is about becoming “distinguished………..”. How one is going to become distinguished is a problem ahead of all in all stages of their lives to solve. But there is a way for all. All can choose the way and become distinguished. The way is “You can become distinguished simply BY OVERCOMING THE DISABILITIES YOU HAVE”. Helen Keller became distinguished by overcoming the darkness imposed to her by deafness and blindness. Disability doesn’t mean physical disability as in case of Helen Keller because all of us have physical disabilities. Human eye is blind to waves higher to violet color and lower than red colors. Due to these limitations distant stars are invisible to us. Microbial world that we live with is invisible to us. We only become aware of them by symptoms or changes in our foods they cause. Our ear is deaf to all sounds of radio frequencies and ultrasonic sounds so we are unable to hear the sounds that are all around us broadcasted and communicated by fellow human. The same is true for our other senses. Hence in order to overcome these physical disabilities the scientists have created microscopes, telescopes, spectrometry, radios, radars, and thousands of other instruments. Why Scientists are praised and honored? because they have succeeded to overcome a lot of physical disabilities and made themselves distinguished. By overcoming these physical disabilities they introduced human to invisible ancient worlds of earth history, history of life, world of microscopes, galaxies and world of inside of our cells and our heredity genes. By advancements of Science and technologies we are overcoming these physical disabilities that we all have. So it is proved that physical disabilities are common to all human.
Now that we have defined “Disability” and “Distinguished” we can go to define another noun and that is “disease”. Disruption of the ability is called disease. An infection may blind one and cause diarrhea in another. The first one was able to see but lost its ability to see by disease and second one was able to digest but lost temporarily his ability to digest due to disease. From genetic perspectives viruses and bacteria that cause diseases are only doing their duty and that is spreading their genetic material using your body cells. But viruses and bacteria have their limitations. They can’t cause illness to those who have developed immunity against them but damage badly who haven’t developed immunity. Hence people travel in new places are more in danger of local viruses and bacteria and the locals are in danger of viruses and bacteria that the traveler is carrying with himself.
The most essential ability in humans that distinguish it from all other forms of the living organisms is the ability to think and judge well. The thinking ability of men chiefly relies on ideas and information they get. Misinformation and wrong ideas are like viruses and bacteria that use human mind for propagations of their genes and make one disable to think and judge properly. Scientists have developed vaccines that make human immune to particular bacteria but what about IMMUNITY OF HUMAN MIND? Is there is any immune system?
The answer is YES. Strengthening of personal judgments is the best immune system against infectious ideas and information. How to strengthen the personal judgments? It is all “Prophet of mind is all about”. Providing with method as well as well ideas to think through is a real way to start. Sometimes you have ideas to express but are unfamiliar with methods to express it. Your best ideas may die before they develop to maturity to help you have strong opinions and strong judgments on the issues. On other hand you may are familiar with methodology and technology to express yourself but lack ideas to work on or get inspirations to start with. Here the ideas are presented in random just like imaginations. You may go through them and find yourself in conflict with them and got your own ideas. If these aphorisms succeed to make you think and get ideas then they have served their purpose.
The adventure of the overcoming disability never ends because it is a chain reaction. The new facts that come out of invisible worlds will leads to new ways for overcoming more disabilities. Just the fact that genes code for proteins was enough for Scientists to think of new possibilities and to overcome the physical disabilities. Genetic engineering and biotechnology have become the leading sciences of the today. On the other hand just knowing the fact that brain is the main organ to control almost all human functions and behavior is enough for neuroscientists to experiments with brain and brain areas to overcome the functional and behavioral disabilities. It is involved both hope and fear. Hope to overcome the disabilities and fear the knowledge and skill may b used to disable mental abilities.
It is the ideas and inventions of the Michael Faraday on the electromagnetic devices that led to generation of electricity and motor technology that revolutionized the abilities of men. Do you think that your life will be in good shape without electrical appliances and devices in your home, work areas, shopping centers and recreational centers? One really feels disabled without computers to connect with brain of world (World Wide Web).
OK! I have just given you some examples that are known by almost all and are boring to repeat. You may have already gotten bore of repetitions that I made. But it is important to note though after boredom that “Knowing a fact is enough to work for overcoming the disabilities that we have and becoming distinguished”.
Now it is time to come towards a disability that is common to all and it is what this entire book is all about. “IT IS THE DISABILITY TO OWN THE MIND”. All the people from a baby to a scientist that is working on the frontiers of knowledge are wrestling with their minds. The relation of human with their minds was never an easy relation. After spending whole his life wrestling with his mind Descartes declared, “I think therefore I am”. It was the declaration of owning of mind after a lifetime tough relations with his mind. Aristotle was stopping people on streets of Athens and start cross questioning to know how much they own their minds. His life ended by drinking poison rather to leave the ownership of his mind. It is fashionable to quote Einstein in discussions related to mind and brain, so here is a quote from Einstein, “Imaginations is more important than knowledge”. It is really difficult for some people to digest it. Einstein is simply explaining himself by saying that his imaginations about the theory of relativity is more important that theory of relativity itself. How?
There are masses of academics, students and immature who have learnt and worked with theory of relativity but they didn’t became distinguished as Einstein. The reason is simple; they got the knowledge but not the imaginations that generate knowledge. Einstein became distinguished because he developed the imaginations that generated the theory of relativity. HENCE, ignoring imaginations as unimportant or the fear that they may be wrong is an act of killing knowledge at the bud. Besides the imaginations and ideas that are not expressed is lost or in other words, killed. What if an idea proved wrong? It is still a contribution to knowledge as you let people know that this idea is wrong.
One of the ability of humankind that distinguish it from other organisms is the ability of prediction based on the knowledge and reasoning. But because of enormous amounts of researches and creative works the predictions are becoming more and more difficult and uncertain. Every new discovery or invention opens the doors for new possibilities. Every individual had limited capacity of time, energy and resources to invest and expend. Uncertainties sometimes cause loss of crucial time, energy and resources. Again a personal judgment is what that is important in guiding and safeguarding of preventing key losses in key times. People take refuge into different practices in order to save them of uncertainties but there is a guide residing in every skull. How much this guide that is always available for help is reliable depends on how much one relies on it. “Prophet of mind” is not only a name but a message, “Own your mind rather to have it”.

Last words: The following aphorisms are the collections of ideas started from 1997 to 2009. Reading from the first aphorism to the last one you actually travel through my thinking processes and their evolution. Back in 1997, I was a revolutionary young man who wanted to change everything suddenly. Over years of study, discussions and participations I have learnt that sudden changes are catastrophic. It takes two decades that a human child completes the developments of his/her brain and it takes him/her many more decades to become mentally mature. I have just crossed my thirty years of living but still I haven’t completed my education. Learning and teaching is a lifelong process. If an individual requires a long time to change and become more rational and productive then a human society will take longer times. Still I am not discarding the sudden changes and revolutions. My current experiences of shifting to a new place were an experience of sudden change. Everything was change, from subject of study, to educational system to culture, thinking lines, expectations and life styles. In a short amount of time I struggled a lot to organize myself to cope with this new environment and protect my originality of thinking lines while learning and adapting. Sudden change challenges imaginations, logical reasoning and their applications. Though it is hard times but these are the most productive times of the life. Same is true for human societies. Human society requires enough time of gradual changes to develop positive attitudes but then time will reach that sudden change becomes necessary to save a society from dying out. These times are hard and full of pains but they are best times of a society to come out of pessimistic culturists to active revolutionists.
So when you read through lines you will find the shift in ideas, levels of expressions and approaches. I have not tried to modify them contrary to literary practices because I thought it would be dishonesty to my intellectual evolutions and personal history.


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